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Last update: 09.02.2015

Experienced freelance C# .NET/WPF developer (£350 per day)

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Project history

July 2014-Present
Position: Director
Employer/Client: Parkings Solutions Limited
Key skills: C# .Net, WPF (MVVM), TAP, LINQ, WindowsRT
From July 2014 until the present I have taken advantage of the opportunity to grow my company, Parkings Solutions Limited, expanding into app development for the windows 8 and windows phone 8 app stores. The initial phase of this expansion was to familiarize myself with the windows runtime SDK and limitations/restrictions of the Metro and WP8 platforms as well as the submission and maintenance processes. To date I have produced a click counter utility app for the windows phone (e-clicker), a multi-person route planning app for the windows store (MeetMap) and a photo editor universal app for adding speech bubbles to photos and sharing them on social media (Bubblr). I plan to continue app development to supplement my company’s turnover whilst I return to full time freelance work.
November 2013-July 2014 (1 contract extension)
Position: Software Developer (Contract)
Employer/Client: Toku-E
Key skills: C# .Net, WPF (MVVM), LINQ, Sockets, TAP, JSON, Scrum, Subversion
Toku-E is a Dutch company that was looking for an experienced front-end developer to design and build a product that would apply functional scripts to historic FOREX data to produce trend predictions. My work was performed remotely with monthly trips out to the Rotterdam office. I was responsible for gathering front-end requirements, designing the client architecture, implementation and testing. The end product was heavily multi-threaded using the TAP methodology and communicated with a distributed server using JSON over sockets. I also created a virtualized candlestick chart control for displaying large volumes of financial data. Throughout this project, future proofing and versatility was a priority as the client wished to maintain the option to re-purpose the product for creating bacterial growth rate and chemical yield predictions.

August 2011-July 2013 (3 contract extensions)
Position: Software Developer (Contract)
Employer/Client: Schlumberger
Key skills: C# .Net, WPF (MVVM), 3D graphics, LINQ, XML, UML, Continuous integration
My initial contract at Schlumberger was to lead a project aimed at building a 3D representation of an existing oil reservoir model. The required map needed to allow for user interaction, manipulation and measurement using localized units along with the display of multiple charts and data visualizations associated with sets of reservoir elements. 
I managed the entire development life-cycle of this feature including requirements analysis, proof of concept, analysis of 3rd-party products, code design, code implementation, unit testing, performance optimisation, memory optimisation and documentation.
Upon successful completion of the initial contract I was offered an extension to work on a plugin for the company’s flagship software, aiding reservoir engineers in finding the optimum placement for equipment within an oil well. The development team for this project was relatively inexperienced so my role involved mentoring the team in both coding standards and approaches to development lifecycles along with taking a leading role in discussions with the product champion to ensure reasonable expectations and reliable estimates.
February 2011 – July 2011
Position: Software Developer (Contract)
Employer/Client: HiTec Laboratories Ltd
Key skills: C# .Net, WPF (MVVM), LINQ, SQL, XML, UML, Scrum, Nunit, Continuous integration, Perforce, DevTrack
I was employed at HiTec Laboratories as part of a 5 man team of contractors brought in fill a resource gap as the latest version of their document management suite approached release and, as such, was expected to integrate and ease the burden of a development team at its most stressed.
My work at HiTec Laboratories included the development of a suite of plugins allowing secure injection of runtime, user-specified logic defined in .Net code or SQL script including full syntax highlighting and scope-aware intellisense along with the framework in which these plugins were configured and executed.
I was also tasked with the development and integration of a fully functional testing suite for complex, document based data structures complete with contextual result highlighting across a range of document types. This involved designing and creating both winforms and WPF GUI components and embedding them into an already feature rich form.
Upon the completion of this contract I was offered a permanent position heading up a client-side customizations team with an annual salary in excess of £60,000
October 2007 – February 2011
Position: Software Developer (Permanent)
Employer/Client: Red Prairie Ltd
Key skills: C# .Net, Java, LINQ, SQL, XML, WPF (MVVM), UML, TDD, Scrum, JUnit, Nunit, Hibernate, Spring, Continuous integration, Perl, Groovy, JIRA
At Red Prairie I was a member of a team of C# .Net and Java developers set up to continue development of a transport management application widely sold in the united states with the specific aim of adapting the product for sale in the European and Asian markets.
My work at Red Prairie was performed on a two-week agile development cycle and involved all aspects of software development including  sprint planning, requirements analysis, design, development and maintenance with a strong emphasis on peer-review requiring presentation to teams in the UK, America and China.  On several occasions I was sent to overseas offices where I was expected to hit the ground running in order to assist the local teams in meeting critical deadlines.
I was responsible for designing and developing a number of winforms applications to be hosted within an established framework for the purposes of server communication and customization. These include maintenance applications for complex models such as transit rating services (including complex multi-dimensional rating structures), time critical order data entry screens, and overview applications designed to provide visibility to large quantities of data within limited screen real-estate. Projects of particular note were a system-wide templating system, built on the MVC model and making heavy use of facade, singleton and factory patterns and a workflow maintenance application providing a drag and drop GUI for writing potentially complex workflow scripts. This workflow editor consisted of a MVVM model incorporating WPF visual elements and c# model and view-model layers along with a bi-directional translator between the model and a domain specific scripting language.
October 2004 – October 2007
Position: IT Consultant (Permanent)
Employer/Client: MVA Consultancy Ltd
Key skills: C# .Net, Delphi, SQL, GIS, XML
Whilst employed at MVA Consultancy I was responsible for designing and developing specialised database and GIS applications for high profile government clients. I was involved in all stages of the development life-cycle including requirements gathering and analysis through on-site meetings with the clients, design, development, maintenance and support.
I played a key part in moving the company forward from developing in Delphi to producing C# .Net winforms applications including large scale front-end layers for multi-user property management databases and a portable mapping application , forming the initial proposal, developing an action plan for the transition and coaching colleagues in the use of the new technology. I also helped host a user conference for over one hundred people and carried out frequent data analysis on a consultancy basis.
June 2001 – October 2004
Position: Tester (Permanent)
Employer: Electronic Arts Ltd
Key skills: Testing
Working for Electronic arts gave me a very sound understanding of testing techniques using a combination of black-box, white-box and stress testing in both scripted and unscripted test scenarios with a strong emphasis on regression testing. I was also responsible for writing test scripts to be used by my fellow team members.

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Profileimage by Graham Parkings Experienced freelance C# .NET/WPF developer (£350 per day) from Aylesbury Experienced freelance C# .NET/WPF developer (£350 per day)