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Agile & Scaling, Cloud Computing, CI/CD, DevSecOps, software lifecycle, Open Source, Jira, AWS, Cloud, Scrum, test automation, Terraform, Openshift, Kubernetes, Elastic, S3, RDS, database, MQ (Active MQ, ElasticSearch, AWS IoT, BitBucket, Atlassian Cloud, Conference, OneLogin, single sign-on, Atlassian, Jenkins, Slack, Google Apps, ITIL, MS SQL, Clustering, SQL Server, Oracle, data centre, HP-UX, Windows, Sybase, WebLogic, Informatica, MS SQL Server, Windows 2K cluster, MS SQL Server DBA, Lotus Notes Financial systems, Lotus Notes, Global PeopleSoft, Citrix, IIS, NT, Novell, system administration, Notes, Windows 95, backup, Domino, AS400, Sybase 12, MS Web Server, MS, Linux Redhat, CNA
  • 08/2015 - 11/2018

    • Extron
  • Global Technical Program/Project Manager
  • When Extron, a US based global hardware company (2.5K workforce), acquired Entwine Media AG, a mid-stage Swiss software
    startup of 5, I was hired for 2 main tasks: apply Agile product/software lifecycle principles and best practices to their lecture
    capture and distribution software modules. Secondly, lead and implement on-going cultural, strategic and process shifts to
    create Agile teams and practices.

    * Senior Global Project Manager: Post-Acquisition Project: budget $100m, team size: 300.
    o Provided strategy and planning expertise for post-acquisition business and IT challenges.
    o Maximised team performance and motivation while smoothly and sensitively deploying the new cultural vision.
    o Promoted and coached an agile growth mindset and behaviours
    o Managed the collaboration with Facilities (NLD/USA) to setup the office in Zurich and HR & IT (NLD/USA) to
    integrate the Zurich team into Extron's HR & IT processes.
    o Responsible for talent acquisition for all projects and the Zurich office.
    o Maintain links and ensure code exchange with our Open Source Community (

    * Senior Global Project Manager: Firmwide Agile Transformation Project: budget $20m, team size: 500.
    o Injected agility into the global organisation with secure design-focused, fast fail business/Engineering workflows,
    controls and processes.

    o Built global teams for UX, Engineering, QA, Product and Project Management for a location free, 24/7 resourcing
    pool with a uniformed toolset, working practices and a stable Agile culture. Compiled & communicated RACI & Best
    Practices models for all teams.
    o Promoted the idea of DevSecOps and built a dedicated Ops team, with Security Champions to add security
    standards and robustness to the sSDLC which stabilised our CI/CD effort.
    o Formed a new Professional Services Team dedicated on customer implementations and support.
    o Transitioned teams to Scaled Agile (SAFe) when we grew, adopting an Agile Coach role to guide the newly formed
    autonomous, self-organising product teams to success.
    o Implemented all Jira workflows to reflect the business and software processes.

    * Senior Global Program Manager: Digital Project (on-Premises & AWS Cloud): budget $30m, team size: 200.
    o Roles: Product Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach.
    o Transparently reporting of fact-driven reports (progress, velocity, risks) to teams, stakeholders and management.
    o Maximised team performance and dedication by "being there" for them and check that people were happy, teams
    were strong, and the work environment was healthy.
    o Defined and lead the team to delivering from mvp to customer driven commercially product iterations.
    o Built international, cross-functional design-thinking teams and devised (and continually updated) best practices and
    a RACI matrix for all phases of our sSDLC and product lifecycles. First SCRUM, then, as we grew SAFe.
    o With CI/CD in mind, continuously focused on increasing the quality and reliability of our code/releases/deployments
    and reducing cycle time across our sSDLC. This was achieved by improving security and testing controls, so errors
    were quickly caught and by being disciplined in following the Build-Measure-Learn loops.
    o Produced clear roadmaps; product roadmaps detailing new product features and technical roadmaps reflecting
    technology stack changes for new build, release and upgrades mechanisms, test automation and (later) CI/CD.
    o Developed sprint goals, working with the teams to scope, estimate and size tasks to ensure successful sprints.
    o Tracked sprint and product backlogs and used burndown and velocity metrics to keep team on focus.
    o Removed impediments and risks and promoted SCRUM ceremonies that produced artefacts that gave a clear
    picture of progress and areas where change was needed.
    o Daily involvement driving timely development, release and deployments of quality product increments.
    o Specific to Cloud (Dec 2017 - Nov 2018):
    * Devised operating standards and procedures that formed a strategy for our Cloud Centre of Excellence
    affecting all future Cloud products.
    * Facilitated technical discussions to determine Cloud Architecture, resulting in use of Identity and Access
    Management (IAM) to organise users and groups for authentication, with roles and policies for
    authorisation. Terraform, Openshift and Kubernetes as orchestration tools. AWS Elastic Compute (S2 & S3)
    for dynamic and scalable instances and storage. Cognito for client self-service and licenses. All
    modifications, monitoring and alerting was done via the AWS console and/or portal.
    * The application layer was under planning when I left but was to make use of Amazon's RDS (database), MQ
    (Active MQ bus), ElasticSearch and AV/Media offerings.
    * Also being planned was utilising AWS IoT to create a system that would allow customers to optimise
    operations, productivity and efficiency by Cloud monitoring and control of Extron hardware devices (room
    booking, recording, displays, etc).

    * Senior Global Project Manager and Technical Lead: Tool Revamp Project: budget $1m, team size: 10.
    o Consolidated and migrated all on-premises Jira, Conference & BitBucket instances to Atlassian Cloud.
    o Implemented global administration and security standards for Jira, Conference and BitBucket on Atlassian Cloud.
    o Implemented AD/OneLogin single sign-on for 50+ standalone tools, inc. AWS, Atlassian, Jenkins, Slack, Zoom.

  • 03/2012 - 07/2015

    • Go Native
  • Proprietor
  • Running my own business, dramatically strengthened my business acumen and client focus.
    * Business: Corporate Culture, Inter-cultural Awareness and integration Projects and Executive Business Coaching.
    * Swiss Secondary Schools bilingual Matura program: "Train the Teacher" sessions and workshop for English Immersion staff.
    * Senior IT PM: Desktop Upgrade Project (hardware & software) and Google Apps Project for Zurich International School.

  • 03/2008 - 02/2012

    • GE
  • Senior Technical Project Manager/Lead (Databases) - ITIL Problem Manager - Business Analyst
  • * Senior Technical Project Manager and Technical Lead
    o Business Intelligence Migration. Transfer to new offshore BI environment. Distributed business/IT team of 30.
    o MS SQL Server Clustering: that gave a 60% reduction in hardware, support and licensing costs.
    o Risk Systems: implementation of EMS & decommissioning ARISTION (Risk systems).
    * Business Analyst - Data Dictionary Project: Mapped/documented all data and flows within the banks.
    * Internal & external Security Audits & Compliance for all SQL Server & Oracle instances.
    * Vendor Management: Contract negotiator for all third-party software.
    * ITIL Problem Manager: developed Problem Management to ITIL Maturity Level 4 with a 40% man hour gain for Helpdesk
    Support. Part of task force to setup implement Incident, Change & Release and Deployment Management

  • 01/2003 - 11/2007

    • LGIM
  • Senior Program Manager (Databases)
  • * Technical Program Manager for the UK data centre move (HP-UX, Windows, Oracle, Sybase/SQL Server, WebLogic and
    Informatica), with a cost save of 40% and a multi-disciplined team of 10 engineers and 5 developers.
    * Project Manager and Technical Lead for the migration & consolidation of all 250 MS SQL Server instances to a single
    Windows 2K cluster, with a cost save of 65% and a multi-disciplined team of 10 engineers.
    * Project Manager and Technical Lead for implementation of an electronic Records, Asset, Contact Management Systems
    with a team of 35 IT and business experts.

  • 06/2002 - 12/2002

    • NCR
  • Senior Technical Project Manager
  • A 6-month contract as Technical Project Manager (MS SQL Server DBA) on the SWAN project implementing a new nationwide
    supply chain solution for Sainsbury, a leading UK supermarket.

  • 04/2000 - 05/2002

    • Andersen
  • Senior Technical Project Manager/Technical Lead (EMEIA)
  • Project Manager for the implementation and upgrade of Lotus Notes Financial systems managing a team of 70, across 45
    locations in EMEIA.
    Technology expert for MS SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Global PeopleSoft, Citrix, IIS, NT & Novell.

  • 07/1997 - 04/2000

    • Andersen
  • Infrastructure Project Manager/Technical Lead (UK)
  • Project Manager (UK) and system administration (NT, Novell, Notes) & Windows 95 rollout.
    Maintenance, backup & virus protection management for user servers (6 Domino & 8 Novell).
    Technical support for PC's, applications & bespoke Andersen software internal clients (800 users).

  • 09/1994 - 07/1997

    • Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
  • AS400 Operations & Technical Support Analyst
  • System administration, high availability & disaster recovery for AS400, Novell, Notes.