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Senior software developer, back-end Java SE / EE, web apps, spring framework, nodejs, microservices

Graduation: Computer Engeneering
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Senior software engineer with over 20 years building systems for distinctive industries like
telecom and financial, as a full stack developer and occasionally leading technical teams,
mentoring, coordinating and stablishing guidelines, with a range of methodologies passing
through waterfall and agile, emphasizing in SCRUM, having worked in US and with
international teams in Brazil. Extensive experience in the Java platform and web applications,
specially using Spring Framework, working mostly in Back-end, also having good proficiency
in JavaScript (NodeJS), and not so expressive experience in Python. In recent years working
mostly with Serverless architecture, infrastructure as code and microservices, with a good
experience with AWS, modeling data and implementing for relational and NoSQL persistence

Project history

Bachelor: Computer Engineering, São Francisco University (Brazil) – 1996 to 2001
Certification: Sun Certified Programmer for java 2 platform 1.4, since 2004.

Name               : TIVIT
Role                 : Java Senior Developer
Starting           : 8/2017 – Currently working
Technology     : Java 8 web application, Spring Framework,
Description      : ECM project for the TIVIT clients, development of new products on TIVIT Cloud.

Name               : IRIS BOT Partner
Role                 : Developer
Starting           : 6/2017
Technology     : Java 8, Spring Framework, AWS and Bluemix devops
Description      : Develop and support for java applications, not an specific project.

Name               : Denver Backup
Role                 : Developer
Starting           : 8/2016
Technology     : Java 8, Spring Framework, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Cognito, CodeCommit, DynamoDB, Route53, SQS, Eclipse, NetBeans, JavaFx 8, Google Cloud Platform, cloud storage.
Description      : DenverBackup ( is a backup in the cloud application currently under development, bringing together features from a classic backup application and cloud drive to automate personal files backup. Developing, as well, its home web site with user account management, accessing logs and sales page.

Name               : Lecom ECM for BPM Suite (Independent Contractor)
Duration          : 2 and ½ years
Role                 : Architect and Developer
Technology     : Eclipse, Tomcat, Spring Framework (including Spring Data JPA and Spring Remoting), Hibernate, Apache Lucene, Quartz, Apache POI, iText, PDFBox, OpenCMIS, Integration with OpenOffice.
Starting           : 2/2014
Description      : Development of an Enterprise Content Management System and integrate it with existing BPM platform. Also have this application running on Amazon EC2 to deliver SaaS. Using GIT, Atlassian SourceTree, Jira, and Agile methodology. This project was initially made with Java 7, but we developed a version with Java 8 with main routines adapted to Stream API, which gave it a performance improvement.

Name               : Motiva Contact Center
Duration          : 2 and ½ years
Role                 : Architect, Project Management, Developer
Technology     : NetBeans 7.1.2, Glassfish v3x, MySQL, Asterisk Manager, jQuery, ajax comet
Starting           : 6/2011
Description      : Creation of a contact center system and billing module from scratch, working with Scrum, Subversion, Bugzilla, EJB v3 with Glassfish v3.x, communication using Asterisk API and Asterisk Manager module.

Name               : Lecom
Client               : BMW Brazil, Marfrig, Atlas Schindler, Dedini, Marcegalia, TUPI Cimento, (among others)
Duration          : 1 year
Role                 : Architect, tech lead and developer
Technology     : Eclipse EE, STS, Tomcat, Servlets 3.0, OSGi Server side, Spring, Hibernate, SOA
Starting           : 4/2010
Description      :  Mainly work as a tech lead for java project teams, acting as Architect on web applications and SOA. Creation of modularized architecture pattern for the existing and new products, considering new approaches like OSGi on web applications. Creation of corporate architecture documentation and java programming style guidelines. Experience in Notes API for accessing Notes / Domino database. Experience in implementing annotation scan algorithms with javassist and Reflection API. Experience configuring virtual machines for testing with VMWare ESXi and VirtualBox servers.
Design and implementation of a SSO (single sign on) application using Spring framework.

Name               : Sprint IVR Portal
Client               : Sprint (IBM)
Duration          :  9 months
Role                 : Design, programming, tests/bug-fix
Technology     : WebSphere Portal Server 6.1, RAD – Rational Application Developer, Voxeo Prophecy, Struts portlets 1.1
Starting           : 5/2009
Description      : Developing using RAD (eclipse based IDE), on a framework for the existing Sprint IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications based on portlets and struts. Working on Visio requisite diagrams, to create CFDDs (Call Flow Design Document), tests, and update documentation. Based on Java 1.5, VXML e web services. Working with international team, daily conference call meetings.

Name               : New Services on Service Request Center
Client               : Ameriprise Financial (IBM)
Duration          : 6 months
Role                 : Specific services development
Technology     : NewScale SRS, javascript
Starting           : 10/2008
Description      : Development of new services and support to existing ones using the NewScale SRS system, implementing workflows and javascript behaviors for the online service form. Interaction with international team, discuss business rules, create Test Cases and run test cycles

Name               : WAPS – WebSphere Application Provisioning System
Client               : American Express (IBM)
Duration          : 1 and a half year
Role                 : Design, programming and support
Technology     : WebSphere 5.1, RSA, Java, javascript, CSS, DB/2, ClearCase
Starting           : 2/2007
Description      : Application designed and implemented with the team in Phoenix, and supported in Brazil. It’s part of the J2EE Servers Provisioning solution for American Express as an automation of J2EE application provisioning for WebSphere servers. The application is a customization of SRS since the automation starts with an online form like SR. Technologies used are SAX, DOM, communication with MQ servers through Message Driven Beans, communication with Tivoli adaptor. Database used was DB/2. The application is running on WebSphere servers and implemented using RSA and ClearCase.

Name               : AWSS – Automated Web Site System
Client               : Fundação Educacional Dr Raul Bauab (as Independent Contractor)
Duration          : 1 and a half year
Role                 : Design, programming and support
Technology     : Eclipse, Java 1.5, Javascript – ajax, jQuery, Flot, CSS, Web design, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Tomcat, MySQL, Linux
Starting           : 7/2006
Description      : Java WCMS (Web Content Management System) to create a manage content and resources of web site. Includes statistics using Flot (JavaScript API for charts) and a Tree View component based in ajax that performs updates on demand.

Name               : “Sistema de Gerenciamento de Numeros Especiais”
Client               : Brasil Telecom (CPqD -
Duration          : 6 months
Role                 : Design, programming and support
Technology     : Eclipse, Java 1.4, javascript, CSS, Struts, Tomcat, WebSphere, SQL, DB/2, ClearCase
Starting           : 5/2006
Description      : This project was developed to interact with Ericsson Parley Gateway (NRG) through WebSphere parlay API. Brazil Telecom wanted to manage, what they call “special” numbers, for their NGN platform.

Name               : VozOSS – Voice Portal for Operational Support Services
Client               : Brasil Telecom (CPqD -
Duration          : 2 years
Role                 : Design, programming and support
Technology     : Eclipse, Java 1.4, JavaScript, Struts, CSS, Tomcat, Bea WebLogic, SIP Server, SQL, Oracle, CPqD Workforce, CPqD TextoFala, IIS, aTelo Media Server, Solaris, ClearCase
Starting           : 10/2004
Description      :  Designing using Rose (Old Rational), programming in java 1.4 using eclipse, tomcat, Bea WebLogic SIP Server, Tora, Oracle, CPqD Workforce, CPqD Texto-fala, IIS, aTelo Media Server, deployment on Sun Solaris Bea Weblogic SIP Server, VXML. Implementation of reliable threads and synchronization with other systems. The client had an old platform for their OSS (Operational Support Services) based on URAs and PSTN Network. They needed a solution for NGN, with the business core lying over an application server. VozOSS is a voice portal using SIP API from WebLogic SIP Server and integrated with CPqD Workforce and CPqD Texto-fala (text-to-speech).

Name               : Synthesis
Client               : Telefônica and Telemar (CPqD -
Duration          : 1 year
Role                 : Programming
Technology     : Eclipse, Java 1.4, JavaScript, CSS, Struts, SQL, Oracle, ClearCase, Jasper Reports, Dreamweaver, JBoss, Photoshop
Starting           : 07/2003
Description      : Programming application business, JavaScript, web-design with Dreamweaver and Photoshop

Name               : Interconnection
Client               : ANATEL – Brazilian Telecommunications Government Agency and CPqD
Duration          : 1 year
Role                 : Programming
Technology     : Eclipse, Java 1.4, JavaScript, CSS, Struts, SQL, Oracle, ClearCase, Jasper Reports, Dreamweaver, Tomcat, Photoshop
Starting           : 01/2002
Description      : Manage interconnection between telecom operators, with different phone call prices and rates, calculating exchanging prices for cross-operators phone calls.

Name               : Centurion
Client               : Telemar (CPqD -
Duration          : 1 year
Role                 : Programming and support
Technology     : Visual C++
Starting           : 01/2001
Description      : TCP/IP communication with proprietary protocol (ASGA Optical modems).

Name               : LICIT – Bidding Database
Client               : Jau´s town hall
Duration          : 6 months
Role                 : Programming and support
Technology     : MS Access
Starting           : 01/1994
Description      : Build a data base and forms for the tender proces

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