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Vasileios Petrou


Last update: 31.03.2015

Computer Programmer and System Analyst

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Native or Bilingual)


Computer Programmer and System Analyst with 10 years of experience with Microsoft Operating
Systems and Client / Server Applications,  with a strong focus :
  • on ERP and CRM development,
  • on Data Migration Strategies organising Back Office Tools for Bookkeepers 
  • on Food Traceability Analysis, creating a dedicated Environment for Food Industries
  • on Fast Sales TouchScreen Application connecting with scales, barcodes, etc...
Specialties: System Analysis, Programming Windows Applications with IDE Microfocus Acubench and
Microsoft Visual Studio, Data Migration and System Integration.

Project history

Nazareth ERP  : A custom ERP program designed by me and analysed and developed by me and 2 other programmers.
                         This application has dozen of characteristics due to any special need of any customer. For example :
                         S/N management, Contract Management, Logistics, DOT management, Hotel BackOffice, Restaurant BackOffice
                         Apple Iorder  Bridge Application, Import - Export Data with CSV, XML, ODBC, ASCII, Fast Sales Touch Screen 
                         Application, Members Discount Cards with Points System management, Connection with Scales for Food Industries
                         Automatic mass exhaustion recipe e.t.c.
Nazareth Cloud : Windows Tablet Touch Application, for Outdoor Salesmen and Managers, with Results, Reports and Order Form.
Nazareth CRM : A custom CRM environment.
Nautilus : A custom application for Port Of Thessaloniki (Ship Arrivals, Departments)

Programming Tools : AcuCobol, AcuBench, AcuSQL, U/Sql, AcuConnect, AcuServer, VB.NET, MySQL, Delphi

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Greece
I am interested in part time Job from distance (freelance),
contacting by email, phone and Skype.
If there is a specific need I could create a demo result as a
proof of my abilities and Knowledge.

Youtube - Video

Food Traceability Analysis. A program I \\\'ve created for Food Industries

Profileimage by Vasileios Petrou Computer Programmer and System Analyst from ThessalonikiGreece Computer Programmer and System Analyst