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Last update: 06.06.2015

Software architect & developer

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)


-C#,, MVC(3,4,5,+)
-HTML5, JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, jQuery.
-Node, Express, Mongodb, Elastic search, lucene API, Hogan, Mustache, React.js
-PHP OOP and design patterns best practices.
-Java Swing, servlets, spring MVC.
-SharePoint 2010/2013 development.
-SqlServer Database development and design.   

Main Projects

Since 2008
  • Mini ERP: Process management & invoicing web application for managing the manufacturing of a multi branches clothes manufactory using forms.
  • Advanced social network portal (Facebook like) using C#, jQuery, Ajax, and MVC.
  • Competition portal for SABIC client using MVC.
  • Gas Station management portal using MVC.
  • E-Commerce multi merchant site:
  • E-Commerce site using dash-commerce:
  • website backend & custom made cms for managing content based on webpages pattern.
  • Web app for snickers football competition:
  • web site for Safra client: content sections being inserted into rich interactive site:
  • Platforms used to build web sites:
Users Management Platform: manage users, their rights, roles and groups.
Content Engine and Communication Platform.
  • Real time ticketing & Payment platform: Developed ticketing platform for timeout Beirut ticketing and Payment proxy platform between OMT and Timeout Beirut.
  • Geo-Location Facebook app:
  • Internal document library for QNB bank.
  • Web applications using Umbraco for retail, real estate, and health care clients.

SharePoint 2010/2013:
  • GASCO Intranet:
-Installation and configuration of SharePoint 2010 Intranet application for intranet department.
-Migration of SharePoint 2007 site collections into one SharePoint 2010 web application.
  • KAYAN complex reporting system:
-Installation and configuration of SharePoint 2013 Intranet application for intranet department.
-Custom manual entry forms using Business data connectivity services: Developed SharePoint BCS C# dll as data source for SharePoint lists and views.
-Custom web part development.
-BI solution.
  • SEC (Saudi Electric Company) Intranet:
-Installation and configuration of SharePoint 2010/2013 Intranet application for intranet department.
-OSI SOFT WebPart integration, customization of reporting pages.

Node.js, Express.js, Redis, Socket. Io, BackBoneJS:
  • Project similar to
Windows form Applications in c#, SQL Server, crystal reports:
  • Managing activities, groups, members of scout of Lebanon.
Ventuz c#
  • Ventuz graphics generator applied on TV and driven by c#.

Flash AS3.0 + c#:
  • Tile based game core for an entrepreneur based in UK (walking engine, multiplayer, chatting): I did the core of this game in AS3.0, C#.
  • Data/web service integration of games written in Action Script 2.0 to be viewable on TV.
  • Interfaces between flash and mssql2005.


  • Oracle forms: Electronic “Courier” system.
  • Robot learning algorithm using C++.
  • Modeling UMTS cellular network on networksimulator2 software using programming languages like(C, TCL, JAVA, and MATLAB).
  • Embedded systems.
  • Mathematical modeling, Statistical computation, Numerical analysis for signal processing, Digital image processing, communication systems.
  • Chatting room application using JAVA modeled in UML.
C# windows forms
  • Managing university student registration and academic workflow using .Net forms and crystal reports.


Project history


KnoeldegeView (UK)
Engineering and marketing international
MMG(MAC Mena Group)

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