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Last update: 06.09.2022

Tester - Test consultant - Test manager - Project delivery manager - 0031 6 4414 7171

Company: Steps Quality Services
Graduation: HTS-e
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Languages: German (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)


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20 years experience in testing complex software products.
11 years in leading test positions. Managed up to 25 people.
Coaching of testers.
15 years hands-on test experience.
Agile projects, V-Model, structured testing, creating an out of the box test approach.
Financial: KBC, ABNAmro, BNPParibasfortis, ING, Rabobank, Obvion.
Insurance: Heidelberger Leben, Zwitserleven, Interpolis, Clerical Medical/HBOS.
Technical: Proximus, Testhuis, Sony, TomTom, Vodafone, OCE, D-Reizen.
Automotive: Carsystems.
Agronomic: Yara international.
Healthcare: Atrium Medical Centre, PIE Medical.
Other: Tjip, Atos Origin, Starbucks.
Certification: ISTQB foundation, ISTQB Practitioner, TMap, Prince2, Scrum.

Project history

02/2019 - Present
Test consultancy for Agile testing in a Scrum environment of several teams
CarSystems (10-50 employees)
Automotive and vehicle construction

CarSystems is one of the leading providers of Garage Management Software (GMS) in the Netherlands. The software provides shop owners all activities that can be done in a car shop like: manage work orders, order parts, add and remove accounts, manage vehicles, buy and sell cars.

The size of the GMS grows. The development method chosen is Scrum. Testing/QA proves to be a growing issue, because the teams cannot manage QA properly themselves. My job is to introduce and set up agile testing/quality assurance within the teams.


- Set up functional testing within the teams. Get the load off the PO.

- Manage and monitor the scrum process. Putting responsibilities at the correct roles.

- Steer the teams to become more mature in the scrum process, steer focus.

- Pick up functional QA, Set up feedback loops, get the teams to focus on QA, etc.

- Set up computer aided testing for regression tests and release tests



Cloud based application, Garage Management System (GMS), Jira, several browsers, several devices, Office, Selenium Web driver, Eclipse, Cypress, VS Code



Dev-Test sessions, Stand-up, Planning, Review, Retro, Refinements, RRBT, Heuristic testing, Exploratory testing



Agile/Scrum, Iterative deliveries, ISTQB, V-Model

06/2016 - 04/2019
Test management and execution of several parallel projects
Yara International (1000-5000 employees)
Energy, water and environment

Yara is one of the largest premium fertilizer producers and providers in the world. Yara has several locations in Europe (No, Sw, Dk, Bul, Be, Nl, Fr, Sp, Pol) and South-America.

An agronomical tool is being developed, NMP (Nutrient Management Plan). NMP is a complex calculation module, embedded in a web application. The calculation module advises how much N, P, K, Mg, S and CaO has to be added to the soil for an optimal yield, without impacting the environment.

Since the input variables are almost analogue and the input variables also differ per region, the calculation module exists of a number of algorithms that are interdependent. The tool will first be developed for Germany.


- Setup and managing functional testing.

- Setup and managing automated testing.

- Daily stand-up meetings.

- End to end testing of integrated applications.

- Test execution of the calculation module, the website, legal documentation.

- Regular travel to Brussels, Dulmen, Warsaw, Varna and Paris.



Internet, MyYara, NMP, Shopify, Jira, Confluence, several browsers, several devices, Microsoft ALM Team Services, Office, Selenium Web driver, Eclipse.



Daily call’s, Planning, Risk analysis, Risk requirement based testing, Heuristic testing.



TMap, ISTQB, Agile/Scrum, Iterative development, V-model.

03/2016 - 06/2016
Test preparation and execution of multiple projects
Proximus (>10.000 employees)

Proximus has a customer portal on which customers can log in, monitor and amend their products, pay bills and buy new packs, etc. The platform is updated with new functionalities for the customer.


- Setup and execution of the user acceptance tests.

- Setup and execution of complex test scenarios.

- Creation of test data.

- End to end testing.

- Reporting.



MyAccounts, Perso2 recommendations, MyUsage, MyBilling, Greenbill, Prepaid ID, Loyalty program, etc.



HP Quality Center ALM 11.5, Excel, Sharepoint, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, MyProximus.



Project meetings, Defect meetings, Dataflow, Elementary comparison, Decision tables.



TMap, ISTQB, Scrum on ITT (new OTAP), Waterfall on EDS (old OTAP).

11/2015 - 03/2016
Test management of multiple projects: Phoenix, Glow, R12
Starbucks EMEA

Oracle integration of a third-party supplier in the Oracle EBS of Starbucks.


- Managing testers offshore, onshore, the supplier and the Starbucks team.

- Managing interface testing.

- Creation of test plans.

- Team: 3 offshore, 2 onshore, supplier.



Oracle EBS, HP Quality Center ALM, Excel, Sharepoint.



Daily call’s, Planning, Risk analysis.



TMap, ISTQB, Waterfall, Daily calls, Reporting

04/2014 - 07/2015
Management of all testing and development within the CMI IT department
Heidelberger Leben Service Management

Clerical Medical and Heidelberger Leben have become Heidelberger Leben Service Management (HLSM). HLSM services life insurance companies in updating and managing their life policy systems.


The task is the organization, administration, and supervision of the people, processes, and technologies, which when combined into a comprehensive plan, provides the business and technical functions needed to successfully achieve what a client expects to receive.

In bullet points:

- Test and development SME (test management, development management).

- Analysing the structure of development and testing.

- Improving the development and testing structures and procedures.

- Improving the development and testing processes (process management).

- Off-shore partner management of testing and development (HCL).

- Resource coordination.

- Release coordination.

- Governance control.

- Change control board.

- Project planning.

- Team: 15 offshore, 5 onshore, 2 PM’s and the release team.



HP Quality Centre, MS Project, Sharepoint, Excel, Powerpoint, Life400 / Class, Titan, eVals.



Auditing, Project planning, DFT, EVT, Risk analysis.



TMap, ISTQB, V-Model, Waterfall, Test process improvement, Gantt planning, Review sessions, Early test plans, Early test case designs, Daily calls, Test- and development reporting.

09/2013 - 03/2014
Setting up and executing business test cases in an agile project ‘Touch’ for multiple browsers, devices and OSs in a team of on-shore and off-shore testers.
KBC bank (>10.000 employees)
Banks and financial services

Setting up and executing business test cases in an agile project ‘Touch’ for multiple browsers, devices and OSs in a team of on-shore and off-shore testers.


- Daily stand-ups, two-weekly sprints, two-weekly retrospectives.

- Confluence for specifications.

- Creation of test scenario’s in Quality Centre ALM.

- Creation of a test process analysis.

- Test execution of the KBC Mobile application.

- Heuristic test approach of mobile application tests.

- Team: 4 off-shore, 4 on-shore.



HP QC ALM, TestFlight, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows phone, Windows 8, Firefox, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10, Safari.



Agile testing, Scrum, Stand-ups, Retrospectives, Heuristic testing, Decision tables, Dataflow, Elementary comparison, Brainstorm sessions, Sparring sessions, Planning poker.



TMap, ISTQB, TPI (Test process improvement).

Local Availability

Available worldwide
I am open for interesting opportunities.
My work area: Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg


I am a TMap, ISTQB foundation and ISTQB Practitioner certified test professional.
I have led several teams up to 25 people in different countries, different cultures and time zones.
In every project I also tested a lot myself. Just to get a feeling and interact better with the team and the customer.
The Agile project methodology holds no secrets to me.
My approach is the ‘keep-it-simple’ approach. I first think things over to get the smarter way of working. Plan Do Check Act are the steps.
I am a people-person in the way I always involve the team and try to have them come up with ideas. Once an idea or an approach is created by a team, they are more eager to pick it up and make the best of it.
Through my career in testing I worked in all sections of the V-Model. I practiced Dev-Test sessions, System testing, Functional acceptance testing, User acceptance testing, End to End testing and the Integration tests within the systems landscape.
I also assisted in automated testing. I am Winrunner and QTP certified myself and I played with Selenium Web driver. This knowledge helps me a lot in steering the automated testers to executing a solid test approach.
I have worked in multiple projects with HP Testdirector, later called HP ALM and Jira. These are tools I really like working with, but they have to be used in a smart way. Otherwise the tool can get in the tester’s way. If used properly, it can serve even very well when specifications change.
Throughout my career I helped several companies to improve their testing, testing methodology and get better results in less time. This often led to situations that companies found out they were losing money by software errors that were in the system for years. Needless to say, after the implementation of my suggested improvements, testing became cheaper and quality improved.

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Profileimage by Hans Steps Tester - Test consultant - Test manager - Project delivery manager - 0031 6 4414 7171 from Elsloo Tester - Test consultant - Test manager - Project delivery manager - 0031 6 4414 7171