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Last update: 12.01.2021

We don't just make websites work. We make them work for YOU!

Company: Suite 900 Group, Inc.
Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
The rates indicated are per our Standard Service Suite for a Full-time Front-end Developer. We have different rates for intensive front-end development and back-end development. We are also interested to engage in white-label and project-based agreements
Languages: English (Full Professional)




A. Who We Are
Suite 900 Group, Inc. is an American-owned solutions provider that addresses the web needs and requirements of clients globally. We provide a broad range of services including responsive website design, web development, system programming, content creation and development, social media management, and strategic web marketing/SEO. We work together with recognized brands, software, services, and the latest technologies to provide complete web solutions.

B. What We Do
Our broad range of services is concentrated in web application development and responsive website design. We work together with recognized brands, software, services, and the latest technologies to provide complete web solutions. We use licensed Adobe and Microsoft products, and work with a variety of scripting languages, frameworks, and databases. We work primarily with Magento, WordPress, NetSuite, Drupal, Joomla, as well as other CRM and CMS platforms.

C. Skills/Expertise
Web Development, Web Programming, Systems Development, Netsuite Assistance, Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Web Logos, Web Banners, Content Creation, Social Media Management, On-site/off-site SEO, Link Building, Article Syndication, Email Marketing, and more…

Please see below for language and technology that we use:

Please see below for language and technology that we use:
Primary Languages: * HTML5 * CSS3 * JavaScript * jQuery * PHP? LESS * others
Frameworks: * Laravel * CodeIgniter * CakePHP * Bootstrap * Foundation * others
Databases: * MySQL * PostgreSQL * MS SQL
Platforms (CRM/CMS): * NetSuite * WordPress * Joomla * Drupal * others
e-Commerce: * Magento * WooCommerce * Shopify * Genesis * BigCommerce * others
Design: * Adobe Photoshop * Illustrator * Acrobat * InDesign

D. Certification
- International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)
- U.S. Chamber of Commerce

E. Main and Satellite Offices
- 56B 5th Street, Cebu City, Philippines 6000 (Main)
- 539 16 St., Miami Beach FL 33139 (Satellite)

F. Portfolio

The only Web team leasing company you need.

Developing and marketing your online brand doesn\'t have to be such a headache. With Suite 900, you can sit back and relax, as we do all of the heavy lifting, all without the hassles of unnecessary add-on costs. It just doesn\'t get any sweeter than that.

We don\'t just make websites work. We make them work for YOU!

We provide a much more \"complete\" solution that is geared up to help grow your business, whether its getting more sales, more customers or promoting your products & services more effectively.

We work with businesses across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

See what some of our happy clients said...
“I do like the site, and I congratulate you and the team for getting it published” - E. Alexander

“Once again, you guys, are the best.” - D. Resnick

“I have been very satisfied with the work done to the site so far!!! And all the other efforts as well.... Thank you very much Joe and April and the rest of the team at Suite 900. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and your team; you have been very professional and helpful. Use me as a reference if you wish and I will also recommend you.” - M. Maluf

“It has been a great experience working with Cyrus, Aisser, Racheil, Joan and the rest of the team. I have been extremely happy with their performance. I would love to work with the same team in the future.  You have been great at communicating and making it easy on my end. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and expertise. Everyone has been accommodating and professional.

I\'ve been extremely impressed with their problem solving skills, their communication, their professionalism, and their skills. I anticipate work starting on version 2.0 in May after the founding members have had a few weeks to use the software, evaluate it, and start to provide feedback. Would it be possible to work the schedule so the current team is available again in May?”
- S. Berkey

“April and her team are awesome. I have worked with dozens of workers in foreign countries and they are the best developers and designers I have worked with overseas. They are very helpful and very talented. If you have any questions just ask them and they come back with great answers...I trust them completely. They have all my login info for everything on the web.” - G. Weikert
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Contact Us
Suite 900 Group Incorporated
USA Toll-free: 888-501-0389 extension 101
USA DID: 786-681-0740
Australia DID: (02) 8005 7461

Project history

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Time and spatial flexibility

We work remotely for our clients. Our team is working in modern residential unit located in Cebu.


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