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Full-stack, Web, Middleware and Big Data developer

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Profileimage by Alejandro Villamarin Full-stack, Web, Middleware and Big Data developer from CastroUrdiales

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I love solving complex, real people problems using technology.
Need a new service with complex business logic or bulding a
new app with lots of user interaction? Get in touch, I\'d love to
hear about it.

I have over 10 years experience that started building simple
applications, moved forward in the R&D industry for quite some
time, participating in a myriad of European projects to
eventually co-found a start-up to create applications that help
nautical companies in their daily working practise.
I strive to get stuff done, love digging down into coding, but
also enjoy planning, discussing and the joys of project
management. I like to think people that work with me feel
comfortable and always willing to provide their best ideas when
they\'re needed. I truly believe that working should be fun, and I
try to keep this spirit in my work and with those that work with
me (telling jokes helps too).

For the last two years I\'ve been building from the ground up a
solution that will help nautical companies (watersports schools,
marinas, etc) in their not so easy everyday problems (planning,
resource management, customer communication, loyalty
programs and marketing).

Currently, my role involves project management tasks (Scrum
master, technical leadership, planning, KPIs, etc) as well as
more technical intensive tasks (which I love, coding is great)
such as aiding in the development process, acting as an
occasional devOps, or whatever is required at the moment. I\'m a
team player, if anybody comes with a better solution, I\'m always
eager to adopt it, leading does not mean you\'re the smartest
person in the team.

Just to summarize, I have a passion for using technology to
solve problems, whether is using this technology myself writing
code, or having a bigger picture approach, planning ahead and
dealing with all those micro-issues inherent to the development
process. Either of those, that\'s what I do best and will like to
keep doing so as much as possible.
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