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Paulo Abreu


Last update: 08.10.2017

Analista de Sistemas - Desenvolvedor

Company: Pesabreu WMS
Graduation: Analista de Sistemas
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Languages: English (Elementary) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Elementary)




I am a Systems Analyst, Programmer, Developer for more than 35 years, I worked for more than 20 years in a large environment (Mainframe) with COBOL, Natural, ADABAS, DB2, JCL, CICS and several related tools.
I have professional experience with Clipper, MS Visual Basic 4/5/6 and I have already participated in some migration projects from mainframe systems to client / server environment, mainly MS VB6 and MS SQL Server.
Currently working with Web Development, mainly PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter 3, Bootstrap, Jquery. I participated in systems migration projects from Mainframe and Client / Direct Web Server environments, with the technologies mentioned above and I am currently developing a Chat application with PHP 7, Node.js, and MongoDB for customer service.

I have experience with migration of applications in mainframe environment, COBOL, Natural, DB2, JCL for Web environment.

Project history

Câmara Municipal de Cidade Ocidental -,

União dos Vereadores de Goiás - UVG -,

Grupo Consultar - Analista de Sistemas e Desenvolvedor Web,

Avant Corretoras de Seguros - http:/ - projeto descontinuado,

Pesabreu WebMasters e Sistemas - http:/,

Indra do Brasil -,

IBM do Brasil -,

ATP - Asbace Tecnolgia e Produtos -

Time and spatial flexibility

I currently live in the city of Goiás, Goiás - Brazil, but I can easily move to any city with an airport. I am interested in working in other countries and even moving to another country, I depend only on a good proposal that will make it easier for me to take my family along with my wife and 3 children.


I am very interested in continuing to work in home office, I do not distinguish technologies to work, I have experience in both Mainframe and Client-Server and Web environment. I feel at ease in any of these environments.


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