PHP back-end Developer available

PHP back-end Developer

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  • 3011ZX Rotterdam Freelancer in Netherlands
  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 110.00 €/hour 700.00 €/day
    Negotiable according to our both requirements
  • Languages: German (first language) | English (business fluent) | Dutch (good)
  • Last update: 28.12.2016
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I am a well experienced web application developer. Over the last about 15 years I build many different web applications or participated within great teams of developers to achieve employers needs. I still have much fun working on complex and useful web applications.

Within the years I developed myself up to a kind of full stack LAMP developer focused on using PHP and relational databases for building object oriented and business related back-end/front-end functionalities/libraries. Most of the time my daily business contains creating RESTapi based systems (inclusive back-end based OOP) as well as consuming API’s - such as Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, … - to integrate them into or on top of web applications. This part includes analysis, planning, documentation as well as CI and deployment.

Giving the term “full stack” it’s eligibility: Next to web application development, LAMP related system administration tasks are part of my daily work. Think here about keywords like apache2, nginx, mysql, postgres, cron jobs, shell scripting, ubuntu, debian.

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Project: Salesboard: Higher Sales, Lower Costs and a Better Service
Company: Sharewire, Den Haag
Started at: January 2010
Salesboard, a Sharewire Application

Salesboard is a costum made Application that runs on all types of tablets (iOs + Android). The Application works online and offline. Salesboard can be adjusted for any Salesteam in any branche in any country and hepls companies to achieve stunning results:

1. Lower costs --> No paper, printing and administration needed thanks to Salesboard
2. Higher Sales --> Our clients experience up to 25% more revenue thanks to Salesboard
3. Better service --> Clients give a higher mark for service comparing to the traditional way of working thanks to Salesboard

Salesboard enriches Salesteams: With Salesboard, Salesteams now have a costum made dashboard with all relevant information. Not only because of the connection to the CRM system and relevant data but they are also capable of showing clients the latest presentations, prices and product-information. Besides that all type of contracts can be signed right there and then. Currently hundreds of representatives working in big corporates use Salesboard succesfully.

For management Salesboard gives increadible insights what the Salesteam and individual representatives are showing your costumers. Due to this reporting part in the back end of Salesboard, training and improving gets much easyer combined with more fun.

If you are interested to see what Salesboard can do for your Company and Salesdivision, don't hesitate to contact us.

Project: Salesboard: Higher Sales, Lower Costs and a Better Service
Company: Sharewire, Den Haag
Started at: March 2011
With the Salesboard Tablet, your sales team can give captivating presentations, browse the product catalog and interactively create a quote together with your clients. 
Combine your existing CRM, Tablets, HTML5 and the sales guys you already have, and give them a tablet with salesboard to immediately improve their performance!

Project: TweetEraser - Keep your time-line clean. TweetEraser is a simple web based tool, designed to help you filter and delete your bulk Tweets on an easy way.
Company: Owner
Started at: November 2010
Last new version rollout: December 2012
You have some unwanted maybe ugly Tweets in your timeline and you want to get rid of them? TweetEraser is your tool doing that. TweetEraser is trying to make your Twitter life a bit more easier. Instead of digging through your Tweets to find that bunch of Tweets you want to delete - just try TweetEraser. Load/Import your Tweets, even your whole archive, filter them and delete the results with almost one click.
You have some nice pictures of your last party but you don't want to see them by your employer or family? Log into TweetEraser, search your timeline by "contains media" and maybe a search term. Select that entries you want to delete and delete them. Life can be that easy.



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