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Rodrigo Peixoto

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Last update: 05.12.2017

Professional and Certified Java Developer with passion and seriously.

Graduation: Bachelors of Computer Science at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)




  • Have been working professionally with Java technology for 16 years;
  • Have been working as Senior System Architect and Java Developer at Institute   of   Pure   and   Applied   Mathematics  
    (IMPA) for 10 years.
  • Bachelors   in   Computer   Science , ?  Federal   University   of   Rio   de   Janeiro   (UFRJ),   Rio   de  
  • Janeiro, RJ, Brazil;
  • 4 International Certifications (IBM Object­Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Test, Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java EE, Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java EE, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java SE);
  • MBA   in   Business   Intelligence   (Lato   Sensu)   ­   Applying   Artificial   Intelligence   to   the  Business , PUC of Rio de Janeiro,  R?io de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil (2013-2014);
  • UML:   ?Analysis,   creation   and   interpretation   of   use   cases,   activity   diagrams,   state   diagrams,   class  
    diagrams and sequence diagrams;
  • General   Programming:   ?Very   experienced   in   object­oriented,   event­driven   and   aspect   oriented  
    programming,   using   design   patterns   (DAO,   MVC,   IoC,   Abstract   Factory,   Proxy,   Chain   of  
    Responsibility, Composite, etc.);
  • Java   Environment:   ?Java   SE,   Java   EE,   EJB   3,   JPA   1   and   2,   Hibernate,   Spring,   Servlets,   Apache  
    Wicket,   Struts   1.x   &   2.x,   Ant,   Maven   1   &   2   (including   archetype   creation),   Apache   Shiro,   JUnit,  
     Velocity, JSP, Web Services RESTful (Jersey);
  • Other   Programming   Languages:   ?SQL,   C,   C++,   Pascal,   Prolog,   Javascript   (also   by   applying  
    JQuery framework), Ajax, XML, HTML and CSS 3;
  • Databases: ?MySQL, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, SQL Server, Oracle. 
Main Interest:
  • Analysis   and   business   process   modeling   in   UML,   system   architecture,   object­oriented  programming   in   Java (applying   ?Domain   Driven   Design   ?techniques),   automated   code   generation;  computation   intelligence,   genetics  algorithms,   ?Big   Data   ?and   ?Business   Intelligence ?. 


Project history

  • Lucio Ladislao Rodriguez (IMPA researcher) :

Time and spatial flexibility

  •  Working remotely;
  • Strong desire to work in another country with family for living experience purposes.


I love what I do. I love learning new technologies, culture, languages, history. I love meeting nice people.

For further details, please ask for my resume.

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