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Last update: 24.01.2016

Embedded Systems Developer

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional)


Develop/Design/Consultation/Assistance/Review in the areas:

General area:

- HW + FW Systems Arhitecture
- HDL core (FPGA)

Secondary area:

- Firmware/software (C & Assembler)
- digital circuit

There is also strong background and experiences in embedded systems and modern electronics, many not mentioned to not discourage.


Project history

After week without one bid, I decide to make zero price offer to get references.

Simple projects (in required time metric) will be done for free of charge, but for reference.
More value companys get more work for free.

Zero pay consultations!

Need new technical idea ?

Get stuck with debugging ?

Just want to test me ?

Want to take new variant of your design for zero price ?

Don't be hesitate! Contact me!


Local Availability

Only available for the countries Swaziland



Main contact is Tox. Emails & site notification checks rarely.

Tox ID: 8825B189CD0542939B49E488B4B1C12858E32BF30F4D70152196A2302F35182BCD2C159DDC23
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