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Last update: 19.08.2018

Mobile & Web Developer

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)


Experienced Mobile and Web Developer
1. Mobile App
   Android, iPhone
   Point of Sales, Cashless based on NFC, Social apps, etc
2. Web
    Google Cloud, AWS, VPS platform
    Angular, Python, HTML, Node.js, Bootstrap, Javascript, Java, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, etc

3. Embedded(ARM, MIPS, DSP, MCU)
 - Open Source based compilers and Linkers
 - Kernel
 - Embedded Linux
 - Bootloaders
 - Microcontrollers ASM, C
 - Android Firmware(customize android firmware on phones, tablets, tv box, etc)
 - OpenWRT(Wifi Routers)

 . Customize OpenWRT and Port to any types of boards, even unbranded boards (only consider cpu)
 . 3G/4G Internet Connection(USB dongles, miniPCI type onboard modules)
 . Social Hotspot Solutions(considers offline)
 . Basic & Stateful Firewall Implementation, Packet Filtering
 . Implement Several Mesh Control Solutions
 . Extend Signal Strength, provide effective signals
 . Multimedia Support for Audio & Video
 . Multimedia Service(Advertisement, Movies, Musics, etc)
 . Bandwidth Recording and thresholding per every user with SQL database
 . Run third party applications - like softethervpn, nodejs - Cross Compile and Porting
 . Onboard storage - Run php and http server for advertisement.
 . iPhone Automatic wifi login when offline
  . Onboard Sata Harddrive management

 - Linux Supported Wifi Modules
 - ARM based board applications  ...
 - Raspberry PI
 - Beaglebone
 - Arduino Boards
 - TMS320xxx Series DSP  Port ImageProcessing Engines, Camera Controllers, etc
 - Linux Applications and Kernel customization
 TCP/IP socket communication related applications, unicast, broadcast, multicast applications, Kernel Driver Development, Kernel Filesystem Encryption, etc...  

4. Programming Skills

Strong Embedded C, C++, ANSI C, SWIFT, Object C, Java, Python, Shell Script, SQL, nodejs, Json, xml

Project history

Point Of Sales app, Report app, Check-In, Check-Out Event based apps, advertisement app,
Google cloud based dynamic balancing, etc

Time and spatial flexibility

I want to work remote, after some time, I can move to work with you.
I can work 8hours/day, 40 hours / week.

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