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Razmik Alaverdyan


Last update: 09.12.2016

EDA CAD PDK R&D Engineer

Graduation: Master degree in Electronic Design Automation.
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Depends on job type: on-site or remote
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual) | Armenian (Native or Bilingual)




QA Department: Software Engineer at Instigate CJSC, Armenia:  Apr/11/2016 – Aug/01/2016
Tools QA:
  • EDA tool QA,
  • Test plan / test case development using Python
  • Regression run for developed test cases,
  • Bugs debug, fixed bug validation,
  • Xilinx FPGA design and verification flow, Vivado Design Suite overview

Staff PDK Development Engineer at Symmid Corporation ( Altis Semiconductor ): February 2014 - February 2016
130NM RF, High-Voltage, Low-Power PDK development and support for Altis Semiconductors: . Calibre
code development and support, . Cadence Physical Verification System (PVS) code development and
support, . Physical Verification (PV) QA, testcase generation, QA flow support / automation, . SKILL
PCell development, QA, integration in PDK and support, . Application Extension Language (AEL) PCell
development, QA and support, . PCell development QA flow support, testcase generation automation,
Momentum EM simulation flow support, . Momentum EM simulation of inductor PCell, database generation for inductor finder tool

R&D Engineer, Sr I at Synopsys Armenia CJSC: Feb 2005 - February 2014
Work on Hard IPs release related activities. Work on Hard IPs Release flow improvement / automation. Work
on Mixed-Signal Intellectual Property (MSIP) standardization. Initiation/participation in the discussions
to update/improve Hard IPs development and release checklists to meet latest development and customer
requirements. Work with RnD and CAD teams to improve quality of deliverables submitted to release team,
make suggestion for automating generation of views.

• Maintenance and support of Synopsys EDA tools such us (Cosmos, CustomDesigner, Hercules, Star-RCX,
etc.). • Development and maintenance of CustomDesigner PDK, • Development and support of DRC/LVS/
PEX decks and CosmosLE/CustomDesigner. • Development of scripts in Linux environment: PERL, TCL,
shell languages. Automation of everyday common tasks. • Development, setup and support of automated IC
design and verification environment for following types of projects (USB2 PHY, HSIC PHY, PICO PHY,
USB3 PHY, IO LIBRARY, SC LIBRARY, DDR). Includes netlist generation, IC physical verification,
database automated analysis and modification.

Skills & Expertise
TCL, EDA, Perl, Physical Verification, Linux, Shell Scripting, IC, Integrated Circuit Design, DRC, VLSI, Mixed Signal, LVS, Scripting, Unix Shell Scripting, ASIC, Physical Design, Unix, CMOS, C++, Csh, Analog Circuit Design, Perforce, Hercules, Release Engineering, Cadence Virtuoso, Cadence Skill, Calibre, Version Control Tools, Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor, Cadence Virtuoso XL, Tortoise SVN, Subversion, Electromagnetic Simulation, Inductors, Synopsys Lynx Design System, FMEA, ISO, Cadence Physical Verification System (PVS), Agilent ADS, Momentum (EM simulator), Application Extension Language (AEL), Cadence, Semiconductors

Summary of qualifications:
  • Semiconductor Technologies: TSMC40-180nm, UMC45-130nm, SMIC65-130nm, Altis130RF,HV,S2
  • EDA and Verification tools: Mentor Graphics tools: Calibre; Synopsys tools: CosmosSE, CosmosLE, Custom Designer, Hercules, Star-RCXT, HSPICE, Lynx Design System; Cadence tools: Virtuoso, PVS(Physical Verification System); Agilent tools: Advanced Design System (ADS), Momentum (electromagnetic simulator), Vivado Design Suite (for Xilinx FPGA design and verification)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/2003, Linux 9.0/RHL4.0/5.0, Unix
  • Scripting Languages: csh, bash, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python, skill.
  • Programming Languages:  Pascal, C/C++.
  • EDA languages/formats: SPICE, LEF, LIB.
  • Windows Applications: MS Office 2003/2007, Adobe Acrobat 10.0, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Web Browser, Thunderbird email client.
  • Linux Applications: Open Office 1.1, Acrobat Reader, Kmail, Mozilla email & Web Browser, Thunderbird email client.
  • Version and Revision Control Systems: SVN, Perforce
  • Issue & Project Tracking: JIRA

Core competence:
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (Integrated Circuits)
  • VLSI Design
  • Analog / Digital Integrated Circuits
  • IC Devices
  • Microelectronic Circuits and Devices
  • Analog  Mixed-Signal Circuits
  • Scripting Languages: Perl, Tcl, Python, bash, csh, tclsh
  • Programming Languages: C/C++
  • Design data formats: LEF, LIB, GDS, OA

Project history

Some of solved tasks include:
Development of CAD environment for Digital/Analog IC designs (project directory structure, and related automation scripts - physical verification, etc.).
Development of Calibre/Hercules/StarRCXT DRC/LVS/PEX decks.
Development of Calibre/ICV DRC error viewer for CosmosLE and CustomDesigner.
Development cell views (SPICE,LEF,dot_lib) comparison flow.
Development of PDK (process design kit).
Development of Tcl/Python/SKILL/ Application Extension Language (AEL) pcells.
Development of layout automated comparison, modification and tape out scripts using Hercules.
Momentum EM simulation and database generation for inductor finder tool

Time and spatial flexibility

Open to discuss relocation details.


I would bring a broad range of skills, including:
  •     Good knowledge of C/C++ programming skills (experience: more than 3 years);
  •     Good knowledge of Perl, Tcl, Python, bash, csh, tclsh scripting skills (experience: more than 10 years);
  •     Experience in PDK development (more than 4 years);
  •     Experience in Hard IP release (more than two years);
  •     Experience in development, setup and support of automated IC design and verification environment (more than 7 years);
  •     Experience in maintenance and support of EDA tools (more than 9 years);
  •     Experience in automation of everyday common tasks (more than 10 years);
  •     Ability to analyze complex problems, interpret operational needs and develop integrated and creative solutions;
  •     Experience in working within international organization (more than 10 years);
  •     Well organized, with the ability to manage multiple projects at a time;
  •     Attention to detail and quality;
  •     Ability to work under pressure;
  •     Good negotiator, people-oriented and enthusiastic personality;
  •     Strong inter-cultural communication skills and ability to work independently;
  •     Positive personality;
  •     Fast learner;
  •     Team player.

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