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Hello, our future client!

I know that you are going through a lot of profiles here so will stay short. My company is focused on completing projects of any complexity in the specific technology stack. We won't be able to help you with everything, but if you need a product build using technology we know - you can be sure it will be done on the highest level.

What we do:

- native iOS and Android development. Kotlin and latest Swift for new apps, but can work with Java and Objective-C for legacy products.
- Cross-Platform development using Flutter. We believe Flutter is the best framework for cross-platform apps and most of the mobile applications can actually be done using it.
- Backend web development. We are good at both API creation and complex web solutions that will fulfill your business needs. PHP(Laravel Framework) is our selection for web related work. One of the best frameworks on the market at the moment.
- Frontend. We use Vue.js. It's fast, it's easy to support. Awesome tool.
- Web and mobile design. Our designers create not only good looking but also very functional design that people will enjoy using.
- Quality Assurance. Without good testing, there is no good product.

What else you can count on:

- Post support. After work is done, we work with you on the next upgrades and minor product changes.
- Involvement. Product research, features analysis, suggestions for improvement - this is a bare minimum of what we do while working on the product. If there is anything that can be done better, you can be sure we will suggest it,
- We grow as you grow. I understand that no one start with 1 Billion/year income. We will support you from the very beginning, growing the team as your business grows.
- We value your money. In most cases Outsource is about saving budget - we work with this in mind. If there is a way to save the budget without losing quality, we would take it.

Sounds interesting and you'd like to know more? Do not hesitate to reach me with any questions - always glad to help.

All the Best,
Co-Founder at GRT

Project history

10/2018 - Present
Complete rework of product frontend
FollowIt (10-50 employees)
Media and Publishers

FollowIt is an awesome service to read and follow blogs or news feeds.

Built with mobile in mind, it allows users to use both on their phone and web browsers.

Currently, FollowIt has almost 2 million users.

Business Need:

The client came to us with the idea to redesign the service completely as well as add new functionality.

Before redesign and rebranding, service already had a decent user base, however, there were a number of fundamental UI problems clients decided to overcome by creating a brand new design.

Our goal was to create a service that will attract new users as well as give new possibilities to the existing community.

How We Resolved It:

As a Frontend technology, we selected Vue.js. A very good framework, lightweight, and easy to use. The client provided designs, and we worked with him to review the designs and suggest changes where we see fit to improve overall user experience.

Besides existing frontend, backend also required some rework and changes. As old code was a bit messy, we created a standalone backend that utilizes parts of the old code but has modern architecture and approach.

The last part of the work was to create a set of extra features and integrations. The client has several other services, part of the work was to integrate FollowIt with his other service, to process payments.

Rework took us about 6 months and we continue working on the product.

01/2019 - 04/2020
Team enchancement for Betting apps
NDA (500-1000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

An intuitive set of apps with pre-match and live betting on all popular sports. This app is intuitive enough for new players and at the same time offers high-end functionality for advanced players. The users can make full, partial, and auto cash out, edit bet, bankers, and a lot of other staff. The app is linked with a canvas app with even more powerful functionality. All bet changes are updated instantly with the help of technology. And you will always be up to date with the help of configurable notifications.

Business Need:

The client reached us to enhance his existing team with several strong mobile developers in order to speed up the process of development and increase overall product quality.

Product is a SaaS for sports betting applications. The client has more than 10 different betting apps, that were originally built from one codebase, but at the moment differs a lot and in most cases could be treated as separate apps.

When the feature is done, it has to be distributed across all apps, which increases the complexity of development taking into account that code was quite different for some modules.

Overall code quality and architecture were poor, one of our goals was to improve these two aspects too.

How We Resolved It:

We started work with code review and codebase improvement, to build new features on a good foundation.

Modern “Clean Architecture” was implemented, to keep code organized and easy to work with. Refactoring was done to remove useless pieces of code and optimize overall app performance and stability.

After initial rework was done, the team focused on feature implementations per client request, while maintaining high coding standards.

Work was done both on iOS and Android, with a total of 4 developers in the team.

In one year, GRT managed to optimize existing development process, make the creation of new Saas products easier, added number of new features and improved overall quality of the product

02/2019 - 03/2020
Team enchancement
NDA (500-1000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Great lottery app with more than 10 games, updated UI and lots of good features. Each user can find his favorite game within the app, check favorites games, scan tickets and much more!

Business Need:

The lottery app we worked on was already present on the market. It has several lottery games and limited functionality.

The goal of cooperation was to strengthen the existing development team with several Senior developers in order to greatly increase application capabilities.

The client considered adding 8 new games, wallet, ability to scan tickets, favorite lotteries, history, and many more features.

Another task was to improve the overall code quality.

How We Resolved It:

Work started with a full review of the existing solution. The team identified weak spots, bottlenecks, and places for improvement. After initial analysis, work was started on functionality, and refactoring was done in parallel.

The first priority was the development of new lottery games, to attract more users to the application. After this was completed, we started to add new features to give users a better overall experience in the application.

The team was managed by Project Manager on the client-side, who set sprint goals, created tasks, etc.

The most challenging part of the job was communication. Often tasks were created without an appropriate description and it required an additional set of clarifications and calls to understand what has to be done. Since the project was long term cooperation, we got used to how project is managed and created our own process for clarifications that helped us to run everything very smoothly.

As a result of 1-year long cooperation, we helped the client to bring his product to an absolutely new level, with a lot of new functionality, a more stable code that is easy to maintain, and renewed product architecture.

04/2019 - 02/2019
Full development of web Solution
TheCultivist (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

TheCultivist is a limited access arts club, providing members of the club a unique opportunity to attend the world’s leading and the most exciting art events.

Platform help clients not only visit the best events and exhibitions but also provide education and personalized service.


Business Need:

Before reaching GRT, the client already had a solution built, but the elite and community-based nature of the service demanded a better version of it.

Cultivist board decided to create a new service from scratch, to provide the best experience to their auditory.

One of the requirements was a seamless work of the service on mobile devices. The product should feel like a mobile app in terms of performance and usability.

How We Resolved It:

Initial requirements

Initially the client provided us very structured documentation, with only a few unclear points. In a set of calls, we clarified all the requirements and helped to complete the technical specification document.

Technologies and approach

To develop this product, we decided to use Laravel backend and Vue.js frontend. These two frameworks are among the best you can currently find on the market.

Work was organized in sprints, with Quality Assurance reviews at the end of each sprint. When new functionality was ready to be tested, it was deployed to staging for the client to review and provide feedback.

The project manager was working very tightly with the client to make sure both sides are on the same page and agree on how functionality should work.

During development, there were several changes we suggested. They were communicated to the client, discussed, and implemented after approval.

Interesting modules

Cultivist as a big project has several very interesting and challenging parts.

First is tight Salesforce integration. Service requires to sync data to Salesforce receive updates from it. Doing seamless integration between these two solutions is always interesting.

Another interesting feature is showing content based on user location. Client needs to see pre-filtered events for his City and have the ability to check other locations.

One more challenge was to create a set of filters. Cultivist has quite a complex filtering functionality, that allows user to filter based on multiple parameters.

And last but not least, Cultivist show content based on the client subscription type. Certain user types can see only a limited amount of information and we had to make sure it works perfectly.

Final Result

As a result of our work, the client received a really great solution that fully satisfies their needs. Product work well in both web browsers and mobile phones is very easy to use and easy to scale.

Time and spatial flexibility

Base location is in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. All our developers are open to business trips to any European country.

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