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Python/Django developer

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Profileimage by Chandrika Gupta Python/Django developer from NewDelhi
I have more than 3.0 + years of experience in Python, Django, Postgresql and MySql web and console  applications. I am working for Media trading, USA Market research and analysis data. Serve as a key technical member for product Analysis, Design and Client Approvals and do enhancements accordingly.

As web technologies are the best medium for sharing information and social networking proud to be a coder.

Working on performance enhancements and optimizations of web applications.

Skills :

1. EtransPyUtil (an ETL-Extract, Transform, Load)

 Etrans is a leading company in India to implement vehicle tracking system. A GPS based device is implant into the vehicle, which sends data continuously about the location of the vehicle.

This is a console application written in python. It is about extracting, Transforming and loading of meaningful data from the raw data received by Etrans. The data is received in semicolon separated values in text format. This application parse, clean and load the data to postgres database which is further required for vehicle tracking.

2. Conversion of Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) from C#.Net to Python

  DMS ETL is about Extracting, Transposing and Loading of meaningful data from the Raw

Marketing data received by AC Nielsen. The data is received in flat files of different formats –CSV/Tab delimited/Excel/SAV, etc. These files are loaded to the database and are further required by the Data Analyst for market research and analysis and reports generation. This is a standalone win-form application written in

DMS Python Tool    This is a console application written in Python. The main objective of this application is to facilitate easier and faster way to extract, transform and export the raw data in CSV format for further use. The previous DMS application (C#) is more time consuming in the way a round trip to database. This python application removes the intermediate database completely and still giving correct output faster (a file which takes approx 4 hours to load, transform and export in C# application only takes 10 minutes for the final output in this python application).

3. Data Review Automata
Data Review Automata is based on Web based application. This is data analysis application read data from different Excel sheets using R Language and create Chart and display on the front end write final result in excel sheet. This is web application written in Flask framework and R Language. .

4. Poject
This is a web application travel planning and online tour package, hotels and car booking as a tour package. vision is to make it easier for travelers to plan their own itinerary so that they do not have to rely only on tour operators. Travelling to a distant place and spending some quality time there requires meticulous planning and proper arrangement of all the aspects which is a very time consuming process.

5. Poject
Mobile Application/Wap Service Development. Web/Wap/Database Server Management. Service API Development. Web site/ Wap site and Mobile Application advertising management.
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