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Ivan Gunko


Last update: 05.04.2021


Company: OneTeam
Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


I help business owners interpret their wishes and requirements on the Internet, develop real estate projects, CRM / EPR business management automation systems, create websites: business cards, corporate portals, e-commerce, MVP, etc.

We will create, change, optimize:
- frontend development UI Engineering, SPA / RTA
- crm / erp systems business automation
- web based software dashboards / administration panels for websites etc.
- psd to html responsive design / semantic markup / email templates etc.
- development extensions for browsers
- ui / ux design wireframes
- creation of the websites & custom projects business card / corporate / e-commerce / e-learning / MVP etc.
- technical support of existing web projects bugs fixing, updating etc.

As a result, you will receive:
- significant economic effect
- non-standard technological solution
- significant advance of competitors.

Technical skills:
# Front-end
- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4.x and others;
- Sass / Less, Jade (Pug) and others;
- JS (ES6) / TypeScript; Nodejs
- Angular7/8/9/10/11, ngMaterial, ReactJS/Redux;
- jQuery, jQueryUI, lodash, momentJS, mustacheJS;
- NPM / yarn, Bower, Gulp / Grunt / Webpack / Browserify, Yeoman, ESLint / SassLint, ESDoc / JSDoc and other tools;
- Unit testing with Mocha and Chai;

# Back-end
- PHP + MySQL + Smarty / Twig / Blade;
- Laravel 5.x;
- CMS Wordpress

# Other skills:
- Git / SVN;
- SPA / RTA;

Project history


Time and spatial flexibility

Ukraine/GMT +2 


Have experience in the creation of a full-fledged web service, crm-system. If you want to get well done work , you have to hire me. I am a perfectionist so I will do work perfectly. Please contact me, I'll be glad to talk with you about your project!


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