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Nitin Verma

Ruby on Rails JavaScript and AngularJS developer

Profileimage by Nitin Verma Ruby on Rails JavaScript and AngularJS developer from Indore
  • Indore Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Master of computer application
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 12 €/hour 100 €/day
  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 15.04.2016
Profileimage by Nitin Verma Ruby on Rails JavaScript and AngularJS developer from Indore
About my project and Skills
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I am senior Ruby on Rails engineer with 6 years of working experience who have experience in building and maintaining high-quality Ruby on Rails applications and have excellent knowledge of Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Unix, deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, design patterns, and other programming practices and tools.

I am also experienced with front-end frameworks and server-side JavaScript and AngularJS.

I am expert with building large-scale client-facing web applications backed by a service-oriented architecture. I write readable quality, maintainable code and  I try to re-use as much code as possible.

Abilities, why you can choose me:
  • Deep experience as an end-to-end application/web architect responsible for every single part of the project including requirements gathering, project management, system architecture, infrastructure setup, coding, integrating with third parties and documenting and testing.
  • 7 year\'s experience as a software engineer/web developer with recent, applicable focus on database-driven web applications on a Ruby stack.
  • Expert-level, working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; I’ll be implementing, optimizing, troubleshooting, and adding functionality.
  • Ability to build complex ROR applications quickly, efficiently, and under pressure.
  • Just as good with PG/SQL as I am with ROR with ability to write ad-hoc queries for data extracts by hand, optimize tables with 100s of millions of rows, and built new, smart database schemas.
  • Familiarity with CDNs (especially Amazon S3, EC2 and CloudFront) and general web speed optimization design patterns and techniques.
  • Solid knowledge of Linux, Apache, and general infrastructure/server support so I can troubleshoot and optimize as needed with our team.
  • I am a self-starter who can take initiative and run with the ball without having to be told what to do and you love analyzing seemingly intractable problems and devising creative solutions.
  • I am a strong project manager who can scope out technical requirements based on business needs, define deliverables, create a project plan and then execute and deliver upon that plan.
I am from India and I am only available for remote work. I hope you will love to working with me as a Remotely.
I can commit 40 to 50 hours in a week for my work with full time available on Skype, Gmail.

I use the following techniques to produce best quality code:
1. TDD
2. BDD (Using cucumber)
3. Pairing (if there is another developer with me)
4. DRY principles to keep the code clean
5. Continuous Integration to make sure everything passes while the code is being changed
6. Last of all, writing readable code always.

So the benefits that you would get are the following:
1. Good quality code
2. Great communication from me through Skype
3. Manageable code for other developers
4. Well tested code
5. Great support through email and skype

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