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  • ecommerce 
  • html 
  • html5
  • inventory management
  • ios
  • it consulting
  • linux
  • magento
  • management
  • microsoft sql ce
  • mobile
  • mysql
  • php
  • php 5
  • product engineering
  • project management
  • real time
  • seo
  • web development
  • windows ser
  • wordpress
Sanina Gallo
Innovation is key. Rolling stones gather no moss. At iDeveloper Square, we believe in constant learning and evolution of our talents and abilities.

iDeveloperSquare is a small part of the iWeb Square Web development company that focuses on open source eCommerce platforms. We specialize in developing Custom online retail stores.

We’ve been in business since the turn of the millennium- that’s over 15 years, evolving with each new project. Today, we can proudly say that our developers are experts in what they do, guaranteed to give you the best result for your online business.

We have always been very result-oriented and to get good results, a solid process is a must. Over years of developing websites and aiding businesses, we have perfected our process of giving you amazing results. Check out our website development process here.

Founded: 1999
Work Terms
We're a strong family of 106 and growing

We have an amazing work environment and we are very proud of that. Our office at Boston homes a dynamic and skilled team of professional experts who are the source of our performance and energy. We fuel our team with yummy food, awesome music and loads of herbal tea to stimulate their creative juices with ongoing challenges. Want be a part of our family?
We value our client which makes us provide 24x7 support system using different personalize communicating system developed by us.