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FullStack Web Developer / Java Architect

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Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


  1. Gisela Medina Ramírez
Mobile: 0445521173039
Local Phone: 56174396
    1. PROFILE:
  • Technically sophisticated in development of systems inside small, medium and big projects during 12 years of experience working for consulting companies. Valuable depth of programming experience with skills in analysis and design of systems (Web and standalone) and developing with Java and Microsoft technology.
  • About 9 years working for consulting companies in critical mission projects with duration of 1.5 to 2 years focus on financial and enterprise Web solutions. Using Java as main language and J2EE as main platform. Working in big development teams, well organized and structured, allowing release on time of products for production. Focus on analyzing, designing and developing applications using UML language and RUP methodology.
  • Easy to learn new technologies related to Java, .Net, Web 2.0, development tools, methodologies.
  • Interested in artificial intelligence researching, applying techniques and algorithms for the development of new technologies, tools, products because there is also a few companies using these techniques to improve their business processes. As developer is a challenge to continue researching, discovering and inventing new intelligent software.

Softtek Mx – SAT MexicoSolutions ArchitectFeb 12     Now
  • Design Java architectures for SAT new projects using Spring, SpringJDBC, SpringMVC and Websphere Application Server. Participate in the development process definition for SAT projects. Instructor for Java courses for new programmers participating in the project. Detecting issues, designing solutions and delegating the implementation to programmers. Implementing Continuous Integration. Implementing and using SOA architectures.

Functional Experience:Websphere Application Server, Spring Framework, SpringMVC, SpringJDBC, iBatis, Hibernate, JBoss, SOA, Struts, JPA, Maven, Ant, Jenkins CI, Sonar, Nexus
Tools:Eclipse Indigo, Oracle, IBM products, Process Server, Broker Server, DB2, SQL Server
Methodologies:RUP, CMMI, TSP/PSP, Scrum, Agile
Softtek Mx – Ford MexicoSoftware EngineerAgo 11      Oct 11
  • Development of improvements in Company Cars application using Java technology and Websphere platform. Packaging and deployment tasks using Ford tools.

Functional Experience:Websphere Application Server, Ford Framework, MS SQL Server, Struts, Java Security
Tools:Rational Architect Development, SQL Management Studio
Methodologies:Ford methodology (RUP)
Softtek Mx – Nextel Corp MexicoDevelopment LeaderMarch 09      Ago 11
  • Managing a development team (with 5 members) in AMS project using ITIL methodology. Tracking of RFC in Morpheus and tickets in Peregrine. Implementing RFC´s in Production environment. Support to critical mission projects. Continues integration of fixes, RFCs and improvements.
  • Support to enterprise applications based on Weblogic, Oracle and open source technologies as Spring,
Hibernate, Ajax, Struts and technologies as Java, J2EE, EJB3. Main activities are developing and
testing current applications. Deployment tasks for Weblogic Server and Workshop. Shell programming.
Functional Experience:Weblogic 8.1 and 10, Oracle 9i and 10i, Struts, Ajax, Hibernate, Spring, Shell Programming, JSF
Tools:Eclipse, Workshop, TOAD, Erwin, Netbeans, Cygwin, Putty, SVN, Tortoise, PVCS, StartTeam, JDeveloper
Methodologies:ITIL, HP EDGE methodology
Softtek Mty – VF Corp Monterrey, MexicoSoftware EngineerFrom Sept 07Oct 08
  • Project based on requirements working for a company from USA, VF Corporation. Technical support to Webshere Commerce applications, bugs solving, new Java development, in AIX servers and DB2 databases. Customizing code to add new changes in Websphere Commerce applications. Support to clothes virtual stores for development stages.  

Functional Experience:Websphere Commerce Junior Software Engineer
Tools:Eclipse, RAD, DB2, Virtual Machines (VMWare), Websphere App server v6.0, Websphere Commerce v5,6 and v6.0, Omnifind Discovery Edition v8.4, AIX systems, Java/J2EE development in Commerce architecture, EJBs, Servlets, Jsp, AccessBeans, JavaBeans, DataBeans. Websphere Commerce Administration and Development. Omnifind Discovery Administration and Development.
Quasar Soluciones – Cemex Monterrey, MexicoJava Developer SeniorFrom Dec 05To Feb 06
  • Coordination of project activities and assignment of tasks in a small work team. Analysis of requirements, design of the system according to design patterns, architecture of applications and UML modeling. Installation and administration of Websphere and DB2 servers. Testing and quality assurance of the system according to functional and technical requirements

Functional Experience:Java Developer Senior
Tools:Development of the system using Java/J2EE, Struts framework, Hibernate framework, Websphere application server, DB2 database, Web technology (JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans), EJB’s. Using Eclipse and Netbeans as IDE.
eSiglo – BanorteMonterrey, MexicoJava Developer SeniorFrom Aug 05
        1. To Nov 05
  • Analyst and programmer using UML modeling (using Rational Rose) and Java technology respectively. Working in big teams following methodologies like RUP.

Functional Experience:Java Developer Senior
Tools:Development of the system using Java language, Struts framework, Hibernate framework, Spring framework, Weblogic Platform 8, Oracle 9i, Web technology (JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans), EJB’s, CVS as control version server. Using Eclipse and Netbeans as IDE.
GCIT Consulting – HSBC
  1. Mexico City, MX
Project ManagementFrom Dec 04To May 05
  • Administration and coordination of a small project of 6 months for a banking institution using reduced version of RUP as methodology. Management of small work team (analysts, programmers and testers). Installation and administration of WebSphere, DB2, Control Versioning and Bugs Control servers. Working in the project since beginning, recollecting and analyzing  requirements, coordinating developing and testing phases, using UML for modeling and Rational Rose as modeling tool. Using Eclipse and Netbeans as IDE. Architecture of whole system using enterprise design patterns and UML.  Development of common components using Java language. Design of relational database.  Management of versions using CVS (Control Version System) and Visual Source Safe. Management of deployment into WebSphere application server and DB2 databases.

Functional Experience:Project Management
Tools:Developing of the system using Java technology for Web applications (JSP, Servlets, EJB, JavaBeans) and frameworks (Struts, Hibernate, Spring).  Websphere App Server 6.0. DB2 7.2. UML, RUP. Rational Rose 2000.
Emerk2 – ElektraMexico City, MXJava Developer SeniorFrom Aug 04To Dec 04
  • Developer for a banking application using Java technology and development frameworks. Development essentially for Web tier (presentation). Developing using UML diagrams (sequence and class diagrams).  Implementing server authentication using WebSphere and LDAP.

Functional Experience:Java Developer Senior
Tools:JSP, Servlets, EJB, JavaBeans, Struts, Spring and Hibernate. Deployment into WebSphere application server, DB2 database and LDAP server.
KIP Solutions, TelefonicaMexico City, MXFreelance Java SeniorFrom Jul 04To Aug 04
  • Developing as a freelance resource. Implementation of an application to generate PDF documents using Java technology, Web frameworks, design patterns and libraries of Jakarta project. Small application for Telefonica company with duration of 2 months.

Functional Experience:Java Senior
Tools:HTML, JSP, Servlets and EJB, Struts, JBoss Application Sever, Oracle DB Server 8i, Eclipse, Netbeans.
eSigloMexico City, MXJava/J2EE SeniorFrom Jul 01To Jun 04
  • Working in several big projects using Java technology (projects of 1 or 2 years) as analyst, programmer, leader of a functional module and designer of applications.
  • Leader of a component development team using several technologies to implement common components.
  • Growing of skills in developing standalone client-server applications (AWT, Swing).
  • Growing of skills in developing financial systems into big development teams.
  • Working with RUP methodology for all projects. UML  as common language in design phase.
  • Analysis of requirements and design of the modules of the whole system.
  • Installation of servers, specifically Websphere, Bea Weblogic, JBoss, Oracle DB, Oracle iAS, DB2. High level management of these servers for deployment and testing.

Functional Experience:Technical Development
Tools:Java, J2EE, Struts, .Net, Visio, MS Project, different performance tools (JProbe), WebSphere App Server (ver 4, 5,6), Weblogic Platform (6,7,8), Oracle 9i and 8i DB, Oracle iAS, DB2 7.2, Apache opensource libraries,  HTML, Swing, AWT, Visual Interdev, Macromedia Suite, ASP, VBScript, MTS, SQL Server 7, IIS 4, Erwin, Rational Rose
TecmarketingMexico City, MXProgrammerFrom Jul 00To Jun 01
  • Developer for Web applications using Microsoft technology. Visual Interdev, HTML, ASP, IIS server, SQL server. Developer for client-server applications using Microsoft technology: Visual Basic.

Functional Experience:Development
Tools:Java, J2EE, Struts, .Net, Visio, MS Project, different performance tools (JProbe), WebSphere App Server (ver 4, 5,6), Weblogic Platform (6,7,8), Oracle 9i and 8i DB, Oracle iAS, DB2 7.2, Apache opensource libraries,  HTML, Swing, AWT, Visual Interdev, Macromedia Suite, ASP, VBScript, MTS, SQL Server 7, IIS 4, Erwin, Rational Rose
ITESMMonterrey, N.L.2006-2008
Master in Computer Science in Intelligent Systems

      1. Escuela Superior de Cómputo I.P.N.
México, D.F.1995-1999
Engineer in Computational Systems

Full Scholarship for studying a Master Degree at ITESM Campus Monterrey
Software EngineerSofttek Mty2007-current
Java Developer SeniorQuasar Soluciones2005-2006
Java Developer SenioreSiglo2004-2005
Project LeaderGCIT2004
Java Developer SeniorEmerk22004
Freelance Java SeniorKIP Solutions2004
Java/J2EE SenioreSiglo2001-2004
Spanish native, English very good
Primary Profile:Consultant Senior / Technical Architect
Secondary Profile:Project Management / Leadership.  Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Operating Systems:Windows, UNIX, LINUX
Programming Languages:Java, .NET (C#, Visual Basic), JavaScript, VBScript,  HTML, XML, Ajax, C++, C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, Python
Artificial Intelligence languages (Clips, Lisp, Prolog, Scheme)
Databases:Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostreSQL, Hipersonic (several opensource DB)
Other:MS Project, MS Office, Visio, Rational Rose, MS Outlook, PVCS, StartTeam, SVN, CVS
WebSphere App Server, Weblogic Platform, Workshop, JBoss, Oracle iAS
Websphere Commerce, Omnifind Discovery Edition
Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JDO, JSF, AOP, Shell Programming
ITIL methodology, TSP/PSP, PMI
Process Server, Broker Server, Bizagi, StarUML

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