Ehsan Shirangi not available until 03/01/2022

Ehsan Shirangi

Diploma Web Developer // UX/UI-Designer & Digital Online Project manager

not available until 03/01/2022
Profileimage by Ehsan Shirangi Diploma Web Entwickler // UX/UI-Designer & Digital Online Projektmanager from Koeln
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  • Graduation: Diploma Web-Developer & Communication Designer
  • Hourly-/Daily rates:
  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Persian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 17.09.2021
Profileimage by Ehsan Shirangi Diploma Web Entwickler // UX/UI-Designer & Digital Online Projektmanager from Koeln
  1. Web-design
  2. Frontend Development
  3. UX/UI
  4. Sketch
  5. Invision
  6. Zeplin
  7. Design System Management
  8. Atomic Design
  9. SCRUM Master
  10. Product Owner
  11. Corporate Design
  12. Web-Developer
  13. HTML5
  14. CSS3
  15. JavaScript and Ajax
  16. PHP
  17. TYPO3
  18. jQuery
  19. Bootstrap
  20. LESS
  21. SASS
  22. Atlassian
  23. Bitbucket
  24. Git
  25. Jira
  26. SCRUM
  27. Mobile Support
  28. Jekyll
  29. Grunt
  30. Git
  31. SEO
  32. SEA
  33. Web Server Administration
  34. MySQL Database
  35. Project management
  36. Print
  37. Adobe CSS
  • 06/2021 - 07/2021

    • Daimler TSS
    • 250-500 employees
    • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • Technical Product Owner
    • Quick introduction to the very complex REST API interfaces, relational databases, domains and related dependencies. 
    • Product analysis, elicitation, analysis, specification and validation of requirements, user story mapping " Creation of flowcharts and navigation concept. 
    • Process modeling (BPMN 2.0, sequence diagrams) 
    • Process design & modeling 
    • Design thinking, user experience analysis, wireframing, user interface concept, creation of user stories. 
    • Coordination with backend software developers and coordination of requirements with stakeholders. 
    • SCRUM framework, Agile development environment with Atlassian tools such as: Confluence and Jira

  • 04/2019 - 08/2019

    • BPW Innovation Lab
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • UX / UI Designer & frontend development
  • Bergische Achsen is a global company for suspension systems and trailer axles in the automotive and logistics industry. The Innovation Lab looks after the digitization of BPW and works on innovative ideas for digital freight tracking.

    • Completely new concept and design of web applications
    • Design Thinking, User Experience Analysis, Wireframing in Gliffy, User Interface Concept and Design, User-Stories Preparation
    • Design implementation of the application in Sketch, Zeplin, Atomic Design, Design System Management
    • Frontend development with Bootstrap 4 and React, HTML / CSS3 / SASS
    • Agile development environment with Atlassian tools like:
    • Confluence, Glify and Jira

  • 05/2018 - 01/2019

    • Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • UX / UI Designer
  • Conception and functional design of front-end applications as well as the design of user interfaces and usability

    • Covering the end-to-end funnel:
      • Needs assessment User> Rough conception> Discourse / Evaluation / Adaptation> Refinement with IT counterpart> Final design of the function / functional area> BPM and creation of user stories
    • Design with common tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Zeplin, Craft, DSM (Design System Management> Atomic Design), Invision
    • Immediate collaboration with developers, analytical and systemic thinking
    • Creation of wireframes for the visualization of products and services (Gliffy von Atlassian)
    • Promotion of continuous exchange between departments, development, UX
    • Continuous development of agile methods:
    • Working in a Scrum Team. Tools: Confluence and Jira
    • Design Thinking, framework for customer-oriented product creation process
    • Conception and design of processes of online banking from customer (1) - and bank (2) view
      • 1. Basic Use Cases, Self Services, Innovative Online Banking Modules (PFM, Advisory etc.)
      • 2. Interaction of booking systems, FE applications, services, systemic communication

  • 11/2017 - 03/2018

    • OBI Next
    • >10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Digital Product Owner
  • Agile project management and methods for innovation processes to bring new products and services to market

    • Introduction of Atlassian Products: Jira and Confluence for an Agile Environment
    • Responsible for the Scrum process and its correct implementation
    • Scrum Artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burndown Charts)
    • Planning and moderation of scrum meetings such as sprints, plannings, retrospectives etc. as well as identification and resolution of conflicts
    • Creation of wireframes for the visualization of products and services (Gliffy von Atlassian)
    • Promotion of continuous exchange between departments, development, UX, etc.
    • Continuous development of agile methods
    • Performance increase of the team
    • JSON-LD / Microdata / / SEO / SEM
    • Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Enhanced Ecommerce / Data Layer

Europe, USA, Canada,
My results are based on interdisciplinary thinking and acting, continuous exchange of expertise and the close integration between my expertise in Consulting, Creation, Technologies. According to my Philosophy, I support you in all projects in all phases, every day. I provide strategic advice, innovate design and support you effectively in all aspects: Project management, Marketing, User experience, User Interface, Communication Concepts and Technology implementation.