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Adrian Popa


Last update: 13.01.2017

Embedded Software Engineer

Graduation: MSC Computer Science
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Elementary) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)


C/C++, Assembly, Verilog, VHDL, System C, Perl, Bash
Programming Programming Tools
GNU GCC tools-chain for ARM, Synopsys ARC, Power PC, x86, Lauterbach, ARM Real-View, Cadence Tesilica Xtensa, Code Composer studio, Code Warrior, Eclipse, GNU Make, CMake
HDL Tools
Mentor Graphics ModelSim/Questa, Cadence NcSim, Synopsys VCS, Icarus Verilog, Verilator
Prototyping platforms
Cadence Palladium, Synopsys ZeBu, Mentor Graphics Veloce
IEEE802.3 (Ethernet), IEEE802.15.4g/e (LR-WPAN), 3GPP, XHCI-USB3, AHCI-SATA, ATA-ATAPI, SD MEMORY/IO Cards, Autosar
Version Control Software
ClearCase, GIT, DesignSync, SVN, CVS 

Project history

LTE System Integration
Intel Corporation
Ramanarao Kamma - Build & configuration mangement enginner at Intel

Adrian’s creative thinking,in-depth debugging, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a professional made him an absolute pleasure to work with. 
he continually delivered results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, 
and showed genuine integrity and respect. Adrian is enthusiastic, personable and a brilliant. 
him strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects 
of communications make him a valuable contributor to any situation or team.less
July 28, 2015, Ramanarao worked directly with Adrian at Intel Corporation

System Engineer
Texas Instruments
Francois Charlot - Technical staff, Industrial Applications at Texas Instruments
Adrian is a very skilled system engineer to whom we gave some of the most complex tasks in the OMAP5 silicon validation team. Whenever it was involving hardware, software, a protocol stack, a demonstration, everything together, we would put Adrian at work on it. He would ramp up quickly on the topic and would deliver seamlessly a job well done.
November 29, 2012, Francois was Adrian's client

Gerald Seiler
Quality Manager chez SAP & CEO

I've been working with Adrian over complex topics such as USB3 drivers. I was impressed by his ability to develop quickly SW suite only by looking at the standard. 
He was also here to support me and the team regarding USB SW architecture, always trying to find solution and new ideas for debug. I would be pleased to work with him again.
November 29, 2012, Gerald worked directly with Adrian at Texas Instruments

Vincent Gillet
Manager SoC Design Verification and Silicon Validation
Since the first day I’m working with Adrian, I am impressed by his extended technical skills. 
He can perform from HW, with high knowledge in complex protocol/IPs/System, to SW, with OS/Linux skills for example. 
He is able to mix all these skills and innovate like the work he did using Linux to wake-up and validate OMAP5 SATA, gaining months of effort versus baremetal tests. 
His depth technical expertise, his very fast learning capabilities, his motivation, his dedication to the tasks he is working on, make him a top engineer, able to answer to any needs and delivering in time and with very high quality.less
November 23, 2012, Vincent was Adrian's client

Adrian Dumitrascu
System Integration & Verification & Validation; Mixed Signal IC flow development at Gridbee Communications
Awesome job. This is how i would qualify the entire work Adrian Popa done for the teams I've managed in the past. I did not even hire Adrian Popa for a specific job but for the toughest challenges. I was not wrong.... 
Basically whenever I had something extremelly challenging to address (conception / execution / timeframe / support) Adrian was the key guy. His ramp up speed is outstanding on new challenges.On things that he already had experience, some of the toughest jobs look like kids puzzles. 
In fewer words if one employer is looking for : 
- extremelly strong technical background 
- speed & quality of the execution 
- out of the box thinking & problem solving 
- small management effort 
then Adrian is the right guy ... There's simply nothing this guy can't tackle. 
Adrian D.
November 22, 2012, Adrian was Adrian's client

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