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Java Architect - Microservices Architect - Full Stack Dev

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  • Graduation: Bachelor of Information Systems - MBA in Software Project Management - Master of Computer Vision (MCV)
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  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Elementary)
  • Last update: 26.01.2017
Profileimage by Andr Mello Java Architect - Microservices Architect - Full Stack Dev from

Passionate Developer and Solutions Architect with 15+ years of experience in Software Architecture and Mission Critical Applications. 

Always attentive to Enterprise Web Applications Architecture, Design and Development, with focus in Java Enterprise, New Web Technologies and Open Source Frameworks, Cloud Computing, BigData, ECM, BPM and related technologies. Collaborate in requirements analysis and technical feasibility study, estimate level of efforts required for software projects, work with cross functional teams, build and mentor engineering team, provide overall projects status to senior management and work as liaison between business and IT organization. Research and build Proof of Concepts with the new technologies and share the knowledge with the team. 

Proficient in the design and development of massively scalable enterprise-level solution architectures. Mastery of design-patterns, performance troubleshooting, contract-first design, advanced service-oriented architectures (SOA), agile practices, security, application frameworks, multithreading, synchronization, locking, real-time systems, resource contention, fault-tolerance, transaction management, advanced setup & deployment scenarios, instrumentation & monitoring, dependency injection, inversion of control (Ioc), and more.

Deep knowledge and experience of Agile processes, including building Agile teams, crafting effective user stories, sprint retrospectives, coaching and working with product owners, devops, continuous integration, behavior and test-driven development (BDD/TDD) with mock objects and xUnit frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha, NUnit, SpecFlow, JUnit, Angular-Mocks, etc.

Extensive experience in development and management of innovative solutions in ECM, BPM, GIS, Portals and Imaging for large projects.

Participation in projects of international scale such as Canada, United States and France.



- Solutions Architect at Efficeon do Brasil
- Software Engineer  / Java Specialist / JEE Architect at SINAX
- Java Specialist / JEE Architect - META IT
- Software Engineer  / Java Specialist / JEE Architect - Geodev
- Java Specialist / JEE Architect / Development Coordinator at PUCPR
- Java Specialist / JEE Architect at Datasul Paranaense


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