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  • Last update: 12.05.2017
Profileimage by RONALDO PEREIRA C/C++ Java Delphi System Engineer from
  • Considerable experience (+16 years) on system development in C/C++ language.
  • Experience on using advanced resources and technics, like: Threads , Sockets, Queues, Shared Memories and Mutexes on high performance systems.
  • Experience on all phases of Software lifecycle: Analysis, Development, Testing, Performance optimization, Activation and Support.
  • Strong experience on systems of critical mission with high volume of traffic running on Unix/Linux and Windows Servers
  • And considerable experience on embedded systems with processors: ARM (Anaren) / MSP (TI) and Microchip
  • Experience (+7 years) on system development and maintenance in Java language. 
  • +8 years of experience on development in Delphi Language and Asterisk application

RDB Informática Ltda – 03/2009 – now
Positon: Senior Consultant
? Companies:
Porto Seguro Proteção e Monitoramento
DisCall Tecnologia
Quadrar Tecnologia


  1. Analysis, Development and Support of Computer & Telephony integration (CTI) systems : VoIP Softphone, URA, DAC and real time monitoring, using C/C++ and Delphi languages , in Linux and Windows environment and MS Sql Server and MySql databases and Asterisk application;
  2. Development, Maintenance, Testing and Support of system for reception and processing (through GPRS) of position (GPS) and Telemetry data signals from vehicle tracking devices, in Linux environment and C/C++, Java EE and Pro*C languages;
  3. Development and Testing of Firmwares ( embedded systems) in C language for vehicle tracking device, with technology MSP430 (Anaren AIR);
  4. Development of systems for pattern recognition using Neural Networks in C language and Java EE in Linux environment.

Atos Origin do Brasil – 03/2008 to 03/2009
Position: Senior Consultant
Activities: Development and Maintenance of billing system for telecomunications services, using C/C++ language in UNIX environment (TRU64, HP-UX and Solaris).

Ka Solution Tecnologia em Software Ltda – 02/2001 to 06/2007
Position: Senior Consultant and Project Coordinator
Activities: Analysis, Development, Testing and Support of CT&I and Home / Internet Banking systems, using C/C++, Java EE and Delphi language, in environment Unix, Linux and Windows.

Informix do Brasil – 02/2000 to 01/2001
Position: Consultant
Activities: Development of systems in 4GL, Java and C/C++ with Informix database.

7COMm / Banco América do Sul S/A – 01/1995 to 01/2000
Position: Consultant
Activities: Analysis, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Support of Home/Office Banking systems and Data Communication through Modem (EDI/EDS) in C/C++ and Visual Basic languages in Unix (AIX,SCO) and Windows environments and Informix database.

HP-Hewlett Packard / Banco Nacional S.A. – 06/1994 to 01/1995
Position: Consultant
Activities: Analysis and Development of system of banking automation in C/C++ language in HP-UX and Windows environment.

MC Sistemas Ltda – 05/1993 to 12/1994
Position: Support Analyst and C/C++ Developer
Activities: Software development in C/C++ and UNIX Solaris course manager.


I work preferably remotely