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Last update: 21.02.2023

Senior Frontend Engineer

Company: Renato Development
Graduation: Computer Science / Analysis and development of systems
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)




Full Stack developer with more than 9 years of experience, mainly with javascript technologies. I have a large experience by building web/mobile applications. Since 2015 I have been working with React/Redux and since 3 years ago, with React native. These skills also extend to backend with  NodeJS (and others) by building Rest apis, GraphQL apis, managing deployments, CI/CD and improving the QA by implementing unit/end-to-end/integration tests. I also do have a few soft skills, such as:  nice communication, critical thinking, leadership, positive attitude, teamwork.

Project history

06/2022 - 12/2022
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Hoomie (10-50 employees)
Hoomie is a company based in the Netherlands that has the mission of helping people to have more sustainable houses with technologies that can improve the energy quality to the environment and also economically. My main responsibilities consist in developing new features to help installers and call center teams collect users' needs and support them in the process of making the right choices when improving their houses' energy systems. I can list HTML5, CSS3/stylus, Lit-elements/html-elements, Javascript(es6+), git, NodeJS, Firebase (storage, firestore, auth), and unit tests with (Mocha, chai), and GitHub.

12/2021 - 12/2022
Senior Frontend engineer
Success Factory (10-50 employees)

Success factory is a network marketing company based in Amsterdam. As a Senior frontend engineer, I integrated a scrum team that creates and maintains web and mobile applications based on React, React Native, NextJS, NodeJS, Typescript, Styled-components, SCSS, Tailwind css, unit tests with Jest and React Testing library, e2e with cypress, GitLab, etc.

As a Senior Frontend developer, my main responsibilities were:

  • Focus on developing and maintaining applications with React, Typescript, and NextJs;

  • Lead the development and deployment of web and mobile applications;

  • Manage and support mid and junior developers;

  • Make architectural decisions and setup projects infrastructure;

  • Code review;

  • Organize workshops and tech sessions to share knowledge;

  • Support and collaborate with backend, QA, product managers, and designers;

  • Interview candidates for new opportunities;

  • Maintain and develop new features into legacy projects;

  • Achievements:

  • Built Forex application to connect traders experts to users interested in knowing more about day trade based on trade insides;

  • Helped to integrate better scrum methodology processes into a team that was growing fast;

  • Introduced new development technologies and created specialist teams for different development segments;

  • Development of code standards;

  • Create a component library to improve the project's branding;

01/2022 - 05/2022
Senior Frontend Engineer
Eat my Ride (10-50 employees)
EatMyRide is an application that aims to help athletes with different capabilities and behaviors to create a nutrition plan based on their own needs. As a front-end developer, my main responsibilities were to implement new components based on React Native, extend already existing functionalities, improve cross-platform compatibility, and maintain the current codebase by migrating them to typescript and into functional components. Among the technologies I have used for this project, I can list: React, React Native, Typescript, styled-components, git, IOS, Android building, deployment, and Github.

05/2021 - 04/2022
Senior Full-stack engineer
QARWASH.COM (10-50 employees)

As a full-stack developer at Qarwash, I had the opportunity to lead the development and deployment of a mobile application to connect car wash companies to end users.

Among the activities I performed were:

  •  Create and maintain React Native application;

  •  Create and maintain NextJs application;

  •  Design and create a Graphql API with NodeJs and typescript;

  •  Design, create, and maintain Postgres database;

  •  Configure the digitalocean server and deploy applications with docker;

  •  Create and maintain the main website;

Main technologies: React, NextJs, React Native, styled-components, Tailwind css, Typescript, NodeJs, GraphQL, Gatsby, Postgres, Digitalocean, Unit tests with react testing library, e2d with cypress,  Docker, and Github.

08/2021 - 11/2021
Senior Frontend engineer
Ambient (10-50 employees)
PoolBook is a logistic application to manage the delivery of meat pools on demand for different supermarkets in Germany. As part of a multicultural team, my main responsibilities included the development of new features for its web dashboard that connects the companies to the carriers, the development of new features for the mobile app developed with React Native, and support for python (with Jango) API. Among these activities, I also helped to manage the junior developers and pass to them the knowledge of the application and features development. I was integrated into an agile team that used SCRUM as an agile methodology. By summarizing, these were the main technologies I used for this project: React, React Native, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, styled-components, python, Jango, GitHub, etc.

01/2020 - 01/2021
Senior Frontend engineer
SoConnect (10-50 employees)

As a senior frontend engineer at So Connect, I had the opportunity to collaborate in a small, but proficient tech team to achieve the goal of helping companies to connect their businesses online and integrate their information among different applications and also track their clients' reviews about the services that they provide.

Among the activities I performed were:

  • Migrate functionalities into a legacy PHP application into a React project;

  • Create and maintain a component of the main platform to manage all products subscribed by the clients;

  • Be responsible for connecting UI/UX decisions with a designer, product owners, marketing and development team;

  • Mentor junior developers in the process of learning and integrating new features into the project;

  • Help to build and improve the scrum methodologies in order to help the team to be more productive and work better.

  • Improve test coverage into the application;

  • Manage and deploy applications with amazon amplify;

Main technologies: React, Javascript/Typescript, HTML, SCSS, Carbon design, react testing library, formIk, Figma, and Github.

07/2020 - 12/2020
Senior Frontend engineer
Gracious (10-50 employees)
Gracious is a dutch digital agency that develops web applications for many important companies in the Netherlands. As a front-end developer, I contributed to many different projects based on web technologies such as React, Redux, NextJs, Typescript, styled-components, webpack, React Testing library, Cypress, HTML5, CSS3, Githib, etc. My main activities involved the development of new components for a core library and building responsive design websites and e-commerce.

02/2018 - 11/2020
Senior Full-stack Engineer
Laudite (10-50 employees)
Laudite is a project related to the creation of medical reports using the speech recognition API from google and artificial intelligence. The project consists of accelerating the generation of medical information in the radiology sector. My primary responsibilities in this project consist of creating new features, migrating legacy code, checking the codes of other freelancers, etc. The main technologies used in this project are Vue, Vuex, Vuetify, NodeJS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, HTML5, CSS3, jest, ES6 +, etc.: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Vue, VueX, NodeJS, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Github.

07/2019 - 07/2020
Senior Frontend Engineer
VONQ (10-50 employees)

VONQ is a company based in Rotterdam whose product is a platform that helps recruiters to create campaigns for jobs in a centralized way and buy integrated channels to publish job opportunities. My main responsibilities were: to maintain the Job Market Platform which was initially developed in AngulaJs and I helped to migrate to React + Redux by adding new functionalities, integrating new technologies, and working closely with the design team, backend team, and the Marketing department. The backend was implemented with PHP and Symphony framework. The main technologies we used were: React, AngularJS, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3,   ES6+, Jest, PHP, Github, and Symphony. We are an agile team and we use the SCRUM Methodology for it.

04/2018 - 07/2019
Senior Frontend Engineer
Thales Group (10-50 employees)
Thales Group is a multinational company whose main products are systems related to security, military, and transportation. As a front-end developer at the Thales Group Portugal, I was responsible for creating core components based on the Javascript and Web Components concepts. The goal of building these web Components was to share functional modules of the software with other developers of Thales around the world and help them to maintain consistency between different applications. I was also responsible for leading a small team of junior developers. The main technologies I used in this experience were: Polymer, Typescript, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJs, and Selenium. We were also using SCRUM as an agile methodology and TDD programming practice.

07/2017 - 03/2018
Senior Frontend Engineer
SpotQA (10-50 employees)

SpotQA is a startup based in London whose main products are related to quality assurance. In the period that I was working there as a Frontend engineer, my main responsibilities were: to maintain the website that was made with WordPress, maintain React projects, and implement one of the main applications by using VueJS + VueX. The main technologies I used in this experience were: HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS + Redux, VueJS + VueX, D3.js, unit tests with Jest and Enzyme, webpack, GitHub, and  WordPress. We were also using SCRUM as an agile methodology and TDD programming practice.

11/2016 - 06/2017
Lead Frontend developer
Alocado (< 10 employees)

Alocado was a startup based in São Paulo whose product was an application for renting places (e.g. offices) for hours. As a front-end developer, I was responsible for creating and maintaining the platform by using the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, VueJS, VueX, Jest, webpack,  ES6+, and git with Github. The backend was implemented with PHP and Laravel. We were also using SCRUM as an agile methodology and TDD programming practice.

10/2015 - 11/2016
Frontend developer
Planedia (< 10 employees)
Planedia was a startup based in Portugal whose product was an application for planning trips. As a front-end developer, my main responsibilities were to migrate the application from AngularJS to React + Redux. With a small team of three people, I was one of the main frontends, and I used to use the following stack: AngularJS, React + Redux, HTML, CSS3, Karma, Jasmine, and Chai. We were using SCRUM as an agile methodology and TDD programming practice.

06/2013 - 09/2015
Full-stack developer
Legislative Assembly (50-250 employees)
Public service
As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for building and maintaining an internal system for the government of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, and also their web applications. The applications were based on AngularJs and the main technologies used included: AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, C#, unit testing, and SQLServer. We were using SCRUM as an agile methodology and TDD programming practice.

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