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Last update: 05.03.2017

Java technologies (JavaSE and Java EE, Spring, Hibernate , Junit, XML, MySQL ,MongoDB, NoSQL, JQuery

Graduation: Master in Computer Appliances
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I am a software  & website developer with 4 years of experience in the field, working in several projects in a wide range of solutions in Web Applications, mostly using Java technologies (JavaSE and Java EE, Spring, Hibernate , Junit, XML, MySQL ,MongoDB, NoSQL, JQuery, AngularJS, JSF ,JSP,HTML, JavaScript, Jquery , Ajax,). 

I have also good knowledge about Android.

I like to do programming so much. I am very enthusiastic at my work. I am the person who is fully dedicated towards the deadline of the work.
i am passionate to developed Java Software Developing & Java Websites .I have more than +3 years working experiences in Software and websites development. 
For more on my skill please have a look on my Profile, Portfolio. I am highly experienced in:
1, J2SE, 2. J2EE & J2ME, 3. Ajax, 4. JavaScript, 5. JSON, 6. MySQL , 7. Oracle Database 8. Android Development 9.  XML 10. PHP5  11. HTML 12. Jquery 13. MongoDB  14. NoSQl etc.

Project history

Expertise in Java , JSP,HTML,PHP.
Expertise in J2EE architecture like XML, MVC, Web Methods, Tomcat.
Expertise in Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Junit.
Expertise in web/application servers like Apache (Apache HTTP Server), Tomcat (Apache Tomcat Server).
Expertise in MySQL,MongoDB , Oracle Database
Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Jquery, Ajax.
Expertise in Node.js and Angular.js.
Expertise in Android.

Time and spatial flexibility

100% remote or local by arrangement.


+ basic knowledge
++ good knowledge
+++ very good knowledge

Apache +++
Amazon Web Services (AWS) + API +++
Android ++
Ansible ++
Bash +++
CVS ++
Debian +++
Djbdns ++
Dovecot ++
Eclipse ++
Elasticsearch ++
Exim +++
Firewall (BIG-IP, iptables) +++
Git ++
Graphite ++
HA environment +++
Hadoop +
Hardware +++
Java ++
Jboss +
Joomla ++
Lighttpd ++
Linux +++
Mongodb ++
Mysql ++
Nagios +++
Nginx +++
Openldap ++
Openvpn ++
Opscode Chef +++
Postgresql ++
Rabbitmq +++
Ruby +++
Ruby on Rails ++
Solr ++
Squid +++
Storage ++
SVN ++
TCP/IP networks ++
Tomcat +++
Ubuntu +++
Vmware +
Wordpress ++
XEN ++

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