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Last update: 06.08.2021

Software Architect / Jasper Report (GMT -04:00)

Company: Rhamos Consulting
Graduation: Computer Engineer
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


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JasperReports Server
Jasper Reports                                 Java                                       SQL

Software Project Management       Software Development        Programming Languages                                       Database Design                   Web Applications
CCTV                                                           SQL                                       PCI Standards
Eclipse                                               Hibernate 3.1                        Spring Integration
Progress 4GL                                   HSM Configuration and Administration
Project Management                       ISO 9001:2008                     
Variable Data Printing (VDP)        Fortigate Administration
Microsoft SQL Server                     MySQL                                 PostgresSQL
Agile Methodologies
Computer forensics                         MVC (Model–View–Controller) software
Architectural Pattern                      SVN Apache Subversion - Source Version Control
Visa Logical Security and Preperson - Master Card Logical Security and Preperson

Project history

Chief System at Thomas Greg & Sons de Venezuela CA EMA
July, 2009 – Currently (7 years 4 months)
Software Architect developing App with Java, Eclipse, Spring, Hibernate, Apache, Jasper Report, Postgres, MS SQL Server, MS Access. Management Planning and Control. Norma ISO 9000-2008. Visa and Master Card Chip Preperson (Java). Database Admin, HSM Admin. ERP Suit for Employee Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing/Production Management.
Software Architect, Consultant
September, 1999 - Currently (17 years 2 months)
Design and Implement Software Solutions to Customer in Costa Rica (Instituto Nacional de Seguros), Colombia (Fractal Colombia),  EEUU (MOPERM, KLC, CIRMA, MMA), SWITZERLAND (, Germany (, Greece (, Indonesia (, Venezuela.
Jasper Report Developer using several Datasources: MS SQL Server, MySql, PostgresSQL, MS Access, Excel, CSV, Javabeans. QR Codes, Bar Codes, Graphs.
Principal Consultant at Desarrollos Open Labs
June, 2007 – July, 2009 (2 years 2 months)
Design 4WD Framework (Java, MyEclipse, EchoStudio, Hibernate, Spring, Jasper Reports) to development SAMAN (Sistema de Administración y Manejo de Afiliados Nacional). Army - IPSFA (Instituto de Prevención Social de las Fuerzas Armadas Nacionales).
External Consultant at CSC
November, 1999 – July, 2008 (8 years 9 months)
CSC Insurance Industry Client/Server Software Systems.
Financial Services Group: Development and support to PABBLO (Policy Administration by Business Line Offering) & PACCASSO (Property and Casualty Claims Administration Support System). App developed with Progress 4GL (OpenEdge Advanced Business Language).
Latin America Solutions: - Development and support to First Point. Integration First Point to POINT IN. Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) Costa Rica. App developed with Progress 4GL (OpenEdge Advanced Business Language) and Visual Basic.

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