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Last update: 13.04.2017

Senior SAP ABAP Developer

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I have an experience of more than 17 years in SAP with specialization in implementation, system migration and system maintenance. Thanks to my experience, I can advise the client about the best solution to implement. I’m able to design the solution, to implement it, test it, and write the documentation. I can also give training on the ABAP subject in general.  My experience covers usual coding but also specific tools like  LSMW for migration, EMIGALL for IS-U migration, SCREENPAINTER, BAPI’S, User-Exits, SmartForms, SapScripts, BADI’S, ABAP OO, ADOBE Forms, PI 7.1, etc...
I’m always volunteer, give always the best of myself and help any colleague who needs me. I gave trainings to client and I’ve participated to proposals redaction on the technical aspect of them.
Development in PSCD, FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, WM, IS-U, IS-Media, Duet Enterprise.

Package Experience:  4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 6.0

Certification Agile Scrum Foundation.

Project history

06/2016 – present                Alterdomus Luxembourg
At Alterdomus, I’m working for IT service and in charge of maintaining the SAP system. I’m fixing bugs, and I’m also supporting Application Management team, giving them advises on how to solve problems level 1 and 2. Supervising my colleague who came from BI world into SAP technical domain. She wants to become SAP developer. I’m making the system continuously evolving with new requests from the business. I was supervising the transfer of the servers to external service provider (E-Kenz). In contact with external consulting firms, for Inextra project (SAP Concur).
12/2015 – 06/2016             Deloitte Luxembourg                       HVL
In this project, I’m participating to the SAP Implementation for the logistic. HVL already uses SAP for Finance. I’m developing different interfaces for their LABO software (finished product and components). I’m also developing interfaces for their IT service to be able to foresee the different production to launch following results from previous periods in terms of selling. All those interfaces will be used with PI to transfer files.
12/2013 – 06/2016             Deloitte Luxembourg                       GALAXY
In this project, Deloitte was installing the SAP system for the daily business work (timesheet, service selling, finance, invoicing, resource planning). I was taking care of all the technology aspect in terms of development and migration. I was in relation with IT team to prepare the data for the migration and also in charge of the different interfaces. Today I’m in charge of the maintenance with the help of external technical consultants and preparing the next phase to optimize the different processes.
10/2013 – 03/2014             Deloitte Luxembourg                       NSPA ( NATO Agency )
I was participating to the POC for SAP Process Orchestration product. For this POC I had to model (Business Process Modeler) some processes to be executed automatically by the system. In addition, it was allowing monitoring the execution of the whole process and checking the different steps. This product allowed completing different fields by executing rules within Business Rules Manager.
02/2013 – 09/2013             Deloitte Luxembourg                       CRATE ( Forensic Mission part II )
I participed to the next phase of the CRATE mission to help lawyers gathering information for negotiation with OFAC. NUIX was used as review tool to gather all important information from the different custodians into 1 global compound case. The data from the custodians had to be filtered based on criteria given by lawyers. Then I helped the lawyers in the production and the redaction of the documents to be presented at the OFAC. I was in contact with the NUIX company regarding the issues that appeared during the mission, I was also in contact with other companies (Onstream) concerning the issues for the redaction tool ( RapidRedact ).
09/2010 – 02/2013             Deloitte Luxembourg                       NAMSA ( NATO Agency )
I’ve developed some WebServices for the NAMSA’s customers to be able to consult material list and material details. I created also other WebServices to consult the requisitions list and requisition details. I worked for the UID 2010 project to consult all available materials for the NATO nations. Some WebServices create Idocs to create requisitions, or update them. I’m coaching the internal developers when they have to use new technologies. I gave training on the SAP ADOBE PDF Forms (pure Printing Scenarios). Since July 2011, I’m involved in a new project, developing new WebServices using the Duet tool. Thanks to this tool, we can access SAP data from SharePoint 2010. Sharepoint becomes the User Interface to manage SAP.
12/2010 – 04/2011 Deloitte Luxembourg            E-Discovery mission for a major financial sector client
            I’ve participated to the CRATE mission regarding the investigation on different custodians mailboxes. First I was involved in the deduplication of the mailboxes using the TRIDENT software. Rapidly we saw we would be stucked if nobody was taking care of the NUIX part. I oriented myself to this part and took all the processing and indexing part under my responsibility. The job was done on time, and I also helped the lawyers regarding the review (scripts creation to facilitate the work, network problem, hardware problems, etc…)..
07/2009 – 08/2010 Deloitte Luxembourg                       Customs Administration of Luxembourg
                                    I developed the new interface between the Customs Administration and the SNCT for the vehicles that are no more in circulation. I’ve completely developed the new interface for the “80eur refunding” concerning the families including more than 5 persons. I was in charge of the analysis and developing part. After that, I was in charge of the maintenance of the system.
03/2009 – 06/2009 Deloitte Luxembourg                       EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency
                                    I took part in the finalization of the SAP Implementation project. I wrote programs to create automatically Service Entry sheets. I created some outputs for Workflows in MM ( Projects creation, assignation and closure ). I wrote some User-exits in FI and FM to extend the checks between documents. I had to develop some outputs in ADOBE Forms for Funds Management.
01/2008 – 04/2009 Deloitte Luxembourg                       Customs Administration of Luxembourg
                                    I took part in the finalization of the project “ Taxe Auto “  in PSCD system for the Customs Administration. I finalized the programs which are used for creation of the label’s cars and the developments which are used for refunding of the labels. Programs were created to use as much as possible the standard BAPIs ( Business Partner creation, Contract account, Business Facts, … )

10/2006 – 12/2007 GamConsult                          Sibelga ( Gas and Electricity in Brussels )
                                    I created the majority of the programs for the integration of the data in the new SAP IS-U system.  The data came from 4 source systems. Thanks to the developments carried out, we could check the coherence of the data between the different sources and then integrate them in the target system.
01/2006 – 09/2006 GamConsult                          Jansen-Cilag (Pharmaceutical)
                        I had to update all programs and batch-inputs to be compliant with Unicode.
04/2005 – 12/2005 GamConsult                          Electrabel
                                    I took part in the maintenance of the IS-U system for Electrabel and also took part in the EUROCCS 5 project of which the goal was the liberalization of the energy market in Wallonia at dawn 2007.
01/2005 – 03/2005 CapGemini France                EDF
                                    Analysis of programs with problems and specification delivery to Toulouse to develop the solution. Intermediate between client EDF and developers in Toulouse. Team management.
12/2004                    CapGemini France                Steelcase
                                    Program for the materials upload (LSMW was not implemented) to create a file compliant with standard program RMDATIND. Correction of User-exit for the direct delivery. Correction of User-exit for the goods movements.
09/2004 – 11/2004 CapGemini France                Cegetel
                                    ALV Grid  in ABAO OO for the status of the Shopping Caddy, orders and deliveries.
05/2004 – 08/2004 CapGemini France                Thomson
                                    Output Type creation with CATT. Material Master extension to new plants with LSMW. Program to correct the Product Hierarchy
10/2003 – 12/2003 Freelance                               Industrial Services of Geneva (IS-U)
                                    Program for costs schemas
                                    Program for the manual invoice calculation.
                                    Statistic program for the security deposits
                                    Statistic program for the “move in” and “move out”
                                    Statistic program for the installations
                                    Statistic program for the creation and modification of partners
                                    Statistic program for the contentious service
11/2002 – 08/2003 GamConsult                          Solvay
                                    Data recovery and Data collection, module PM.
04/2002 – 10/2002 CR Europe                              Usinor Packaging (Paris)
                                    Specific developments in the SD module (development of routines for payment conditions), development to retrieve data of the freight cost
10/2001 – 03/2002 CR Europe                              SECA ConocoPhilips
                                    Module FI : Euro Conversion
                                    Program adaptation for the bank statement
                                    Program adaptation of the dealer’s commission.
                                    Program adaptation for the credit cards
                                    Program development for the “Stock situation in shop by station”
                                    Program for documents conversion from Belgian francs to EURO
09/2001                    CR Europe                              AGFA Gevaert
                                    Program development and sapscript development for label’s printing
                        Program development for the "Reverse" of the pulling list ("Reverse" of transaction  MF60 ).
                        Program development to calculate the Bar Code value for the Microfilms of Agfa Leverkusen.
04/2001 – 08/2001 CR Europe                              SECA ConocoPhilips
                                    Module FI : migration and batch-inputs from system 3.1h  to system 4.6B
                                    Module CO-PA : correction of the programs for calculating the sales, cost and expenses for a month
02/2001 – 03/2001 CR Europe                              Tessenderlo Chemie
                                    Development in the MM module :
                                               Central visualization interface for the materials (from a screen, access to the most current information of a material: description, material text, sales text, stock statement in the different plants, last order for a material, last stock movement. Possibility to have access to all the standard transactions for a material: visualization, stock movement, booking, order, order requisition.
                                               Batch-Input for the reprinting of an order.
                                    Development in the PP module :
                                               Program to update the stock of all products made by Tessenderlo Chemie following formulas and parameters
                                               Creation of an interface to insert data in 5 specific tables at the same time (parameters, product group, daily parameters, screen parameters, formulas) with checking the integrity of the data before insertion.
                                               Correction of the program for updating the stocks, the new fields in the specific tables (product version…).
02/2001                    CR Europe                              ADB (Zaventem)
                                    Development in the MM module :
                                               Report concerning all the products sold by a chosen supplier with, from a selected date, the statement of the needs, the potential orders, the fixed orders for a material for the next 10 weeks. We can check the quantity not yet delivered at the selected date.
                                               Report concerning the entries ( per hierarchy ) of the different products used by ADB. We can have the result in value or in quantity.
                                               Update of current reports over the orders (query by country, printing of sub-total)
01/2001                    CR Europe                              Miel (Ternat)
                                    Development in the FI module :
                                               Modification on the standard  FI transaction for the “Incoming Payments “ F-28 to include many discount  accounts per document (in standard SAP, only 1 discount account ).
                                               Modification of the standard  FI transaction F-32 with the same goal as for the F-28.
10/2000 – 01/2001 CR Europe                              Nissan Belgium (BOOM)
                                    Form development in the SD module (Invoice) with the SMARTFORMS tool.
                                    SAPSCRIPT development in the FI module (Dunning letters, Account statement, creation of FI invoice, payment document,… )
06/2000 – 09/2000 SEMA Group                         BP Solvay
                                    Specific development in the module “FACTORING” in collaboration with SAP Belgium 
                                    Management of authorizations, creation of authorization groups.
09/1999 – 05/2000 HIS
Batch-input, Reporting, Sapscript, for all the clients of HIS.

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Mobile for any location.
Profileimage by Said Bouzinab Senior SAP ABAP Developer from Windhof Senior SAP ABAP Developer