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Eugen Oetringer

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Senior Agile Coach / Analyst /Consultant | Innovator | Polymath

Company: ComDyS
Graduation: Bachelor in Mathematics | Focus on IT and what is now called Business Intelligence
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Full Professional)


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Business Analyst, Agile Leader and Coach, holding senior positions during design, implementation and operations of Guided Self-Organisation with 30,000 people, Agile Yet Reliable Decision-Making at the optimum levels, Book Author

Key Skills and Expertise
Self-assessment against the top 15 skills for 2025, ‘Future of Jobs Report 2020,’ World Economic Forum  (page 36)     
  • Analytical thinking and innovation --> Yes
  • Active learning and learning strategies  --> Yes
  • Complex problem-solving --> Yes
  • Critical thinking and analysis --> Yes
  • Creativity, originality and initiative --> Yes
  • Leadership and social influence --> Yes [1]
  • Service orientation --> Yes
  • Systems analysis and evaluation --> Yes
[1] Leadership by co-creating or providing effective solutions where the results of popular approaches continue to deliver insufficient results

  • An individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects; known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems (Wikipedia). Polymath member of Dr. Barbara Kleep’s Polymath community.

  • A coaching exercise leading to a simple yet game-changing policy: The policy tells when exact practices like mathematics, linear processes and precise instructions provide the better value and when open practices like patterns, natural workflows and the agility requirement of ‘freedom for decision-making within boundaries’ provide the better value.
  • Applying the ‘Flatten the Curve’ practices of the Tipping Point and Capacity Bottleneck Laws of Nature: Within data centre computers and with exponentially growing services issues, bureaucracy and complexity (with Corona, such practices led to high-speed decision-making in 2020).
  • Facilitating with the Enhanced Goal-Oriented Project Planning workshop method (eGOPP): An ‘old’ method to create executable solution frameworks and improve project success rates substantially, even with agile approaches.
  • Creating quick access to reliable and concise information for agile yet reliable decisions at all levels: Includes structures to keep documentation needs low and up to date, even when the environment changes quicker than the documentation can be updated (a feature of Guided Self-Organisation).

Project history

05/2021 - Present
Senior Analyst, Consultant, Agile Coach, Book Author
Law of Nature Manifesto Initiative (a global network initiative) (10-50 employees)
  • Many seemingly unsolvable problems have become solvable (webpage)
  • Giving interactive introductory webinars/workshops
  • Leading and doing the analysis, solution identification, roll-out, training and coaching

02/2009 - Present
Senior Analyst / Consultant / Agile Coach | Innovator | Owner
ComDyS (< 10 employees)
  • Development of the Law of Nature Manifesto, as well as add-on services (webpage)
  • Supporting the STIR/AiREAS project, Eindhoven
  • Further activities and results in the profile above and under other organisations during the same period

01/2000 - 05/2020
Senior Analyst/Consultant/Agile Coach | Innovator
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Internet and Information Technology

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Profileimage by Eugen Oetringer Senior Agile Coach / Analyst  /Consultant | Innovator | Polymath from Teltow Senior Agile Coach / Analyst /Consultant | Innovator | Polymath