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  • Graduation: Diploma in Post Graduate Dipoma
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I am an expert in Geospatial services which includes the below mentioned expertise,

GIS and Remote Sensing Services

Services offered are Geo-referencing, Spatial data creation, Spatial modeling, Spatial Geodatabase creation, database structure and attribute creation, Raster to Vector and Vector to Raster conversion, network analysis, Pan Sharpening and cartographic services. Satellite Image analysis and interpretation is another expert service offered of this domain. 

Photogrammetry Services

Service offered in this sector are Aerial Triangulation, bundle block adjustments, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), hydro-enforced DTM, Orthophoto generation, , mosaic creation, Color Balancing, tile generation, Contour generation, Slope generation, 2D and 3D feature extraction etc. Creation of 3D City models is an expert service of this domain. 

UAV Data Processing Services:

Services offered in this sector are image acquisition and post processing of UAV images which include DEM, DSM, DTM, Orthophoto creation, interpretation of orthophotos for Landuse and Landcover studies and 3D feature extraction. 

LiDAR Services:

Service offers in this sector are automated pre-processing, Classification, Bare earth model creation, 3D building models, vegetation models, and intensity image creation. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Web GIS Applications


Please findbelow the Testimonial we got from ou clients,

Steven, Republic of Ireland
"I have had a look at the various files. Overall it looks good and the different types of information is captured correctly!"

Francesca Newton, UK
"Your team have produced quality maps within the promised time frame. Much thanks for this and keep up the good work!"

Scott Madry, USA
"I have finally been able to review the data. You have done excellent work again, thank you very much indeed."

Florian - UAV Company
"We would like to congratulate SBL Geospatial team for the effort on the most recent project and mainly for the accuracy of the delivered files. Indeed our client made more than 150 survey control points on the area and they are all accurate."

Kevin - UAV data processing, United Kingdom
"SBL have provided high quality work on all our projects . I am very pleased with the level of co operation they provide and the extra efforts they make to meet specifications and schedules. "

Karim Sadr – Archaeological Department , University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
"I would like to comment the speed, efficiency and accuracy with which SBL identified the historic ruins. The work completed much more quickly than my expectation that too with a high level of accuracy. SBL technical team has identified the very difficult ruins also which exhibit their professionalism."

Steve - GIS Vectorisation Project, United Kingdom
"The quality from SBL's GIS engineers has been consistently excellent. The projects have been delivered on time and within budget."

Helena - Mining Organisation, United Kingdom
"For both projects SBL have produced a range of products, demonstrating their multi­disciplinary and wide-ranging skills.
These include:
1. High resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
2. Ortho-rectification of hundreds of aerial images
3. Topographic base mapping in vector format
4. Land uses photo interpretation"

Dr. Jeena – Research and Development Organisation, India
"This is to certify that SBL Geomatics has successfully completed the project "Change Detection in Landuse and Landcover using remote Sensing data and GIS for Kole Lands of Kerala, India". During the execution of the project SBL has shown utmost sincerity and professional approach through their dedicated staff. I wish to work with them in future opportunities also."

Jay.S. Damodaran – Infrastructure Company, India
"This is to certify that SBL Geomatics was entrusted with a project entitled "GIS Data Creation for Master Planning of Gwalior area" by us. During the course of this work SBL team has shown utmost dedication and completed the project well within the budget and schedule. We wish them success in all their future endeavors and wish to work with them in our future GIS requirements as well."

Joao Beckel Netto – Mining Organisation, Indonesia
"I am glad to be partnering you and your team, and SBL on this initiative to help us to complete our project well within the schedule and budget."

Roma – Land Information and Taxation Organisation, Spain
"Sai BPO Services Ltd. (SBL) has provided us remarkable services in the CAD and GIS domain and we are very pleased with their level of service. SBL has repeatedly provided us outstanding results under high pressure circumstances and allowed our company to grow without the liability and operation expense of hiring employees. SBL has been helpful, knowledgeable and responsive in all aspects of its service and commitment. I would like to take this oppertunity to express our deep satisfaction in our association with SBL and would look forward to continued success working with them in the future."

Phil Henley – Mining Organisation, Australia
"It's been worthwhile going through this though as we'll come to you when we have similar work in the future. I'm sure we'll get another opportunity in the future."

Andy Welch – Forest and Environment Organisation, Canada
"We recently utilized SBL services for assignments in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Newfoundland Labrador, as well as one for the City of Calgary, Alberta. The work was completed on time, on budget and to a high level of quality."

Brian Harvey – Photogrametry Organisation, Australia
"I am glad to be partnering you and your team, and SBL on this initiative to help us to complete our project well within the schedule and budget."

Benoit Neveu, Canada - UAV image processing
"I am very satisfied with the results. I will continue to do business with you."


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