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Frederico Augusto Marques

Delphi, FreePascal, PHP (Scriptcase), SQL, C/C++ Developer

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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 15 €/hour 60 €/day
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 13.06.2017
Profileimage by FredericoAugusto Marques Delphi, FreePascal, PHP (Scriptcase), SQL, C/C++ Developer from

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Summary of qualifications :

Wide experience in developing systems for the public and private sector. Cobol programming languages ??ANSI / CICS, NATURAL, xBase (Clipper and dialects), Object / Pascal (Delphi / Kylix / Lazarus / FreePascal) and C / C ++. Operating systems S / 390 MVS, SCO-Unix, Novell, GNU-Linux, Windows / Mobile and Android. SGDB Interbase, MySql, PL / SQL and GNU-FireBird. ScriptCase 5/6/7/8. ERP - TOTVS Protheus, development and optimization in ADVPL in software factory. Software development for WindowsCE, Android and iOS mobile, Raspberry Pi, with FreePascal / Lazarus.



Professional experience :

Hydromet Rio
Currently :
CRM / WEB system development, using PHP (Scriptcase) and FreePascal Lazarus (web services and CGI), for micro reading company of water individualization, with more than 150000 points of reading, besides the system of management and collection by RFID through Of the application developed for Android / Lazarus / FreePascal.

Brastux Sistemas Ltda
Três Rios - RJ

(JAN) 2012 - (OUT) 2012
Position: IT Analyst
Development of systems for industrial automation with Motorola Mobile and Windows CE technology, with RAD Lazarus / FreePascal tool.
Link: CLT.

Ferreira International Ltda (Jack links)
Três Rios - RJ

(JAN) 2011 - (DEC) 2011
Position: IT Analyst
Development of the SIP system (Control of Production in automated industrial plant) in language FreePascal and IDE Lazarus, with Firebird and data collectors Motorola MC9090 with Windows Mobile.
Link: CLT.

TOTVS Sistemas S / A
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

(FEB) 2009 - (APR) 2010
Position: Senior Analyst II
Analysis and programming in the Protheus ERP system, using the ADVPL language and DB2 database. Migration project from COBOL MF applications to ERP (PCP, CRM, NFe and BI).
Link: CLT.

Isquare Software Ltda
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

(ABR) 2008 - (NOV) 2008
Development of the ezCast system for content transmission in corporate networks managed by Embratel. The software uses Multicasting technology through the UDP protocol to transmit any type of file to the client machines (Windows and Linux). System written in Delphi 7.0 / FreePascal / Lazarus and Indy sockets library for programming the protocols. The main purpose of the system is to upgrade the client and desktop applications of ECT computers using a low bandwidth of the company's VPN network. Project completed, currently being approved by ECT-Brasilia.
Link: Legal entity.

Pontual and Ribeiro Consulting
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

(JAN) 2007 - (FEV) 2008
Development of systems in Windows Mobile, using FreePascal / Lazarus (wince) for the engineering sector. Development of WEB / CRM systems in PHP / Oracle for ECT franchises.
Link: Legal entity.

City Hall of Paraíba do Sul
Paraíba do Sul - RJ

(JAN) 2000 - (ABR) 2006
Position: Municipal Secretary of Planning and Finance.
Development of the entire Tax System of the Municipality (IPTU-ISS and Fees), using for such Delphi 5.0 and FireBird Relational Database;
System awarded by Ulysses Guimarães Foundation in 2003;

Other job functions:

Accounting, financial and fiscal management. Elaboration of PPA, LDO and LOA
Accountability with the TCE-RJ: Financial Administration
Expense Computer and SIGFIS (All accounts approved 2001,2002,2003,2004 and 2005)
CGU accounts: All approved inspections (2003 and 2005)

Link: Trust (appointment)

CAP Sistemas S / A
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

(MAR) 1991 - (AUG) 1999
Position: Full Programmer
Development of software for companies in the insurance, real estate, transportation and hospital sectors. Languages ??Delphi 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 and Interbase, CA-Clipper and Joiner on Novell NetWare OS, SCO Unix and Windows NT. Development of software for federal public administration. COBOL CICS, NATURAL / ADABAS languages ??and IBM MVS-390 OS (Large architecture).

Link: CLT.


I'm Portuguese citizen (EU), and I can to travel to worldwide.