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Eduard van Kleef

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Artificial Intelligenz | Machine Learning Engineer | Data Scientist | Management Consultant

Graduation: Physics Ph.D.
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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Limited professional)


XML Reinforcement Learning Web API and Scraping Research Methods Convolutional neural network  Trend Analysis Convolutional Neural Networks Tensorflow Python VBA SQL Analysis MatPlotLib Json OpenCV Tableau Computer Vision Data Cleansing Data visualization scikit-learn Statistics deep learning  Microsoft Office (incl. VBA)  Keras  Machine learning HOG (Histogram of oriented gradients)  Unsupervised machine learning SVM (Support Vector Machine) Simulation Visualization Data verification


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Languages and Libraries: Python, MatPlotLib, SciKit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow,

Applications: Tableau, Microsoft Office (incl. VBA)

Techniques: Predictive maintenance, Computer vision, OpenCV, Machine learning, Deep learning, JSON, XML, HOG (Histogram of oriented gradients), SVM (Support Vector Machine), Convolutional neural networks, Unsupervised machine learning,Reinforcement Learning, Simulation Visualization, Web API and Scraping, Data verification, Data cleansing, Research Methods, Data Visualization, Statistics, Trend Analysis, Convolutional neural network

Management Consultancy: (international) PMO, Interviews, Hypothesis-based Analysis, Strategy-Development, Strategy-Implementation, Reporting, Presentations, Procurement

Project history

Predictive Maintenance Feasibility Study (2017)
Analyzed historic inspection database; Evaluated  > 2 million data records for predictability of inspection results.Excel, Python, MatPlotLib, Machine learning, JSON, Tableau

Highway Vehicle Detection and Tracking (2017)
Created a vehicle detection and tracking pipeline. Optimized and evaluated the model using video data from an automotive camera taken during highway driving.Computer vision, OpenCV, Machine learning, Histogram of oriented gradients, SVM (Support Vector Machine)

Advanced Lane Finding (2017)
Built an advanced lane-finding algorithm using distortion correction, image rectification, color transforms, and gradient thresholding. Identified lane curvature and vehicle displacement. Corrected for environmental influences such as shadows and pavement changes.Computer vision, OpenCV

Clone Driving Behavior in Deep Learning systems (2017)
Built and trained a convolutional neural network for end-to-end driving in a simulator using TensorFlow and Keras. Used optimization techniques such as regularization and dropout to generalize the network for driving on multiple tracks.Deep learning, Keras, TensorFlow, Convolutional neural networks

Traffic Sign Classification (2017)
Built and trained a deep neural network to classify traffic signs using TensorFlow. Experimented with different network architectures. Performed image pre-processing and validation to guard against overfitting.Deep learning, TensorFlow,
Computer vision

Automated Identification of Customer Segments (2016)
Used unsupervised learning techniques to determine similarities between customers, and how to best segment customers into distinct categories in a wholesale distributor settingUnsupervised machine learning

Smartcab Drive Training and Demonstrator (2016)
Constructed a demonstration of a smartcab operating in real-time  to prove that both safety and efficiency can be achieved.Reinforcement Learning, Simulation Visualization

Stock Market Prediction Demonstrator (2016)
Constructed a simulator that analyzed historic stock market data in order to predict stock exchange quotes up to 14 days in advance.Machine Learning, Web API and Scraping

OpenStreetMap Data Cleansing (2016)
Used data munging techniques to assess the quality of the Frankfurt/Main area OpenStreetMap data for validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency and uniformity.Python, XML, JSON, Web APIs, SQL, Data verification, Data cleansing

Stroop Effect Test (2016)
Used descriptive statistics and a statistical test to analyze Stroop effect test subject data.Research Methods, Data Visualization, Statistics

Bike Share Data Analysis (2016)
Analyzed data from a bike share company in order to identify usage trends Statistics, Data Visualization, Trend Analysis
CIFAR-10 Dataset Image Classification (2016)
Classified images from the CIFAR-10 dataset using a convolutional neural network.Convolutional neural network

Addressable spend incl. purchase-orders' and contracts' analysis (2015)
Used Excel/PowerPoint VBA to analyze 100,000 P.Os and several hundred contractsVBA, Data verification, Data cleansing

Time and spatial flexibility

In principle available worldwide, full-time


Mahrfach zertifiziert in Künstliche Intelligenz / Machine Learning / Business Intelligence.

20 Jahre Erfahrung als Manager und Management-Berater in der Telekommunikation. Zuletzt daneben Branchenerfahrung in Banking.

Abschlüsse in Physik, Chemie und Informatik. Weiterbildungen in Management (ESSEC Paris, Universität Gießen) sowie Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Fernuniversität).

In den letzten 25 Jahren in 7 Ländern (NL, UK, IT, DE, AR, RO, CH) gelebt und gearbeitet. 

Verheiratet mit vier Kindern.

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