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IBM WebSphere Infrastructure & Integration Engineer Mainframe (z/OS) + Midrange(AIX, Linux, Windows)

Profileimage by Jan Trahn IBM WebSphere Middleware Infrastructure & Integration Engineer z/OS + ( AIX , Linux , Windows ) from Kronshagen
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  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 120 €/hour
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Profileimage by Jan Trahn IBM WebSphere Middleware Infrastructure & Integration Engineer z/OS + ( AIX , Linux , Windows ) from Kronshagen
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would recommend myself as a freelance expert in IBM WebSphere for mainframe (z / OS) + Midrange (AIX, Linux, Windows) environment.

For 8 years I have been working consistently successful in challenging and complex projects with major customers.

Short profile:
z/OS, AIX, Linux e-Business: WebSphere Application Server, Websphere Process Server, CICS Transaction Gateway, LDAP Server, TCPIP, WLM, USS, Shared HFS, JAVA, Sysplex Distributors/CS, z/Linux, RACF, WebSphere MQ, PKI, SSL
-> additionally on Linux, AIX, Solaris, Windows!
- 8 years professional knowledge and rich experience in the above mentioned environment (IBM Reputation)
- Concepts + coordination
- Installation + Maintenance
- Migration from WebSphere 3.02 to 3.5 to 4.01 to 5.0.1/5.1.x to 6.0.2/ to to to 8.5
- Performance Tuning + measurement
- Workload management (WLM) / load balancing / reliability, failure safety / large-scale
- Troubleshooting (2nd-/3rd-level support)
- Monitoring concepts
- Deployment strategies
- Security Reviews/-Hardening
- Integration (\"highly-mixed\") decentral/central network-/ + applicationcomponents
- HTTP Server specialist (high scalable solutions, WAS Plugin tuning, SSL, HTTP 1.0 vs 1.1
- LDAP Specialist (e.g. RACF LDAP integration; low-cost single signon: Win -> LDAP RACF)
- TCPIP Specialist tTracing, troubleshooting, tuning)

- 18 years experience in the above environment (... \"from practice for practice\")
- Installation + maintenance + tuning
- Migration from MVS/XA to MVS/ESA to OS/390 to z/OS.
- Implementation of the above subsystems including the resulting integration services
- Porting Oracle / AIX to Oracle / MVS
- OS/390 Unix System Services (USS), IBM HTTP Server, -LANRES
- Implementation / integration OS/390 Print Server + Infoprint Server
- Dialogue generation in ISPF
07.2009-6.2013 : Engineering / design / coordination / Migration / scripting / Tuning / Monitoring
WebSphere 6.0.2/6.1/ for z/OS
Industry: public authority - Switzerland (Bern)

* WebSphere Administration z/OS :
- Engineering of Websphere environments in versions 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5 on z / OS
- Updates to the latest maintenance levels (WebSphere, Intoscope Wily)
- Provision of new application servers and integration into the ND Environment
- Migration of existing WebSphere z / OS server aif 6.1, 7.0 and 8.0
- 2nd Level Support
- Creating deployment scripts using JACL and Jython and deployment of existing and new applications
- Create documentation and guidelines
- Supporting developers
- Performance optimization, and implementation and evaluation of load tests
- Ensuring quality standards
- SSL certificate management / troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting SSL connections (HTTPS, SSL, Web Services, LDAP, IIOP)
- Maintenance and operation of the Java batch infrastructure
* Commissioning support / integration of a security proxy product in combination with WebSphere and SSO
- Setup WebSphere TAI (Trust Association Interceptor) + Dynamic Custom User Registry (JAAS)
- Setup SAML Token support
- WAS "Security Domains" design / implementation
* Lead in the technical project support in WebSphere V7 integrating Spring, Hibernate + Liferay Portal

05.2009-06.2009 : Troubleshooting / Consultation / 3rd level support WebSphere 6.1 for z/OS
Industry: IT service provider (EU)

01.2007-04.2009 : Design / Coordination / Migration / scripting / deployment / installation / tuning / monitoring
WebSphere 5.02/5.1/6.0/6.1 ND for AIX
Industry: banking south-germany (munich)

* Support the integration / product stewardship WebSphere Application Server:
- Support for WebSphere Application Server product stewardship
(ensuring production, lifecycle, security)
- Preparation of production acquisitions
- Support for load testing, analysis and troubleshooting
- Development of system concepts for J2EE-based applications
- Advise the teams in the implementation of technical processes with emphasis
WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere MQ
- Preparation of changes (planning, packing of SW installation on the managed servers
- Transfer to the quality assurance in accordance with the processes of the customer
- Support for the operation of systems in the integration environment
- 3rd level support for WebSphere / BEA Weblogic
- Creation + coordination of IBM PMR (problem manangement records)
- Preparation of documentation
- Knowledge building internal staff

* Installation of IBM WebSphere Process Server 6.1 on AIX with DB2 on z /OS (DB2 UDB also AIX, AIX, Oracle)
- Review + creation of "golden topology" (application, messaging, support cluster)
- Generation of the database artifacts for application messaging (SIB) + Common Event Infrastructure (CEI)
- Update to WPS
- Versioning of the SCA modules
- Integration Message-driven beans on message listener + ActivationSpec, WebService connection
- Tuning of the WPS (especially JDBC + JMS / SIB resources)
- Monitoring of WPS Resources
- Creating the User Manual + installation
- Production Launch WebSphere Process Server coordinator, planning and commissioning of
relevant sub-components such as LPARs, load balancer rules, IP addresses, certificates, DNS, etc.)

* Participation in the Websphere 7 CAP (Customer Acceleration Program)

* Support/advice operating staff of WebSphere for z / OS + staff training
* [Todo: installation, customizing WebSphere XD for z / OS]

* WebSphere MQ - Security Review
- Updating the security policy + concepts

03.2006-12.2006 : Architecture / coordination / implementation / customizing WebSphere 6.0.2/6.1 for Linux
(WebSphere/WAS MQ, SUSE Linux ES V9, JAVA, JDK, Apache, Tomcat, HTTP-Plugin, SAP,
e-Directory Novell, Sun One)
Industry: Wholesale - north-germany (hamburg)
* Description of the architecture blueprints of a fail-safe, distributed, persistent WebSphere 6.0.2
environment on Linux.
* Installation + Proof of Concepts WebSphere 6.0.2/6.1
* QA (quality assurance) the conceptual design of an IBM WebSphere Portal Implementation
- Review of functional and non-functional requirements
- Review of the portal architecture, security, operational model, test, and model components
Personalization concept
- Review portal management processes, WCM concept, content plan, screen design, taxonomy-concept
* Concept monitoring middleware (WebSphere MQ, portal, meta-directory)
- Recording Ist-/Soll-Stand
- Determination of measurement points / thresholds / conditions
- Conclusion and outlook
* ...

01.2006-03.2006 : Support for the implementation of a review of a current J2EE rollout and
Software implementation project
Industry: Consulting - germany (Düsseldorf)
* Review of the system landscape with a focus on Websphere App Server and MQ Series
* Review of the application architecture with focus (Java / IMS)
* Rate/evaluate the interfaces between newly created Java applications and existing legacy applications under IMS /
* Assisting in the analysis of the current situation with regard to vulnerabilities and
suggestions for improvement
* Assistance in the preparation of the project results

03.2005-11.2005 : Troubleshooting / tuning / coordination / architecture / implementation IBM WebSphere
5.0.x/5.1.x for z/OS (+AIX)
(WebSphere/WAS MQ, USS, JAVA, JDK, Shared HFS, Parallel Sysplex, CTG, LDAP, TCP/IP,
Sysplex Distributor)
Executive IT Specialist - Industry: banking - germany (Münster)
* 3rd level support (troubleshooting), to support the middleware team (WebSphere z / OS + AIX, TCPIP)
* WebSphere z / OS, AIX Administration daily business
* senior staff member in a large J2EE project tuning
- Inventory of system and application architecture
- Description of the desired and the actual throughput
- Description of the desired and the actual resource consumption
- Identification of the main consumers and causes of delays
- Collection and analysis of PMI + SMF120 Records
- Analysis RMF WLM (Workload Activity) Reports regarding Goals, bottlenecks and cluster topology
- Tuning virtual and real storage, in particular Java heap size via custom GC Spreadsheet
- Analysis and Tuning of logging and trace settings
- Analysis and Tuning of session sizes and durations
- Tuning threading behavior of WebSphere
- Tuning Data Sources and other parameters of WebSphere
- Analysis of the employed Cryptology (SSL, Java Cryptology) etc.
- HTTP protocol analysis regarding throughput optimization (1.0 vs. 1.1).
- Discussion of the possibility of the use of caches
- Analysis of system and WebSphere Limits
- Small application profiling using Java SDK Method Trace
* Coaching / training of employees -> Knowledge transfer

01.2004-02.2005 : Architecture / implementation / coordination IBM WebSphere 4.0.1 + 5.0.x/5.1.x for z/OS
(USS, JAVA, JDK, Shared HFS, Parallel Sysplex, CTG, LDAP, TCP/IP, Sysplex Distributor)
Chief IT Architect - Industry: banking - germany (Munich)
* Design and organization providing a fail-safe infrastructure for production
Internet banking application on WebSphere for OS/390 systems management and tuning of production
* Investigation and weighting of possible variants of operations WAS 3.5, 4.0, 5.0
* Coaching - ongoing proposals for reliability, stability, scalability, future security, compliance
to existing standards, security, ROI, in close cooperation with the Office of Architecture and operations.
* Integration JAVA, CICS, USS, DB2, RACF, TCP / IP, WebSphere MQ, LDAP
* Load Balancer - / failure safety concepts in Parallel Sysplex!
* Sysplex Distributor, session persistence using DB2/Cross-Memory, HTTP plugin, CISCO LB
* Security Concepts / Reviews / Hardening
* Preparing position papers
* Test-/Backup concepts, Proof of Concepts
* Creation operations manuals

04.2003-12.2003 : Architektur/Implementierung/Koordination IBM WebSphere 3.5 + 4.0.1 für z/OS
(USS, JAVA, JDK, Shared HFS, Parallel Sysplex, CTG, LDAP, TCP/IP, Sysplex Distributor)
Chief IT Architect - Banken (München)
* Konzeption und Organisation der Bereitstellung einer ausfallsicheren Produktionsinfrastruktur für eine
Internet-Banking-Anwendung unter WebSphere für OS/390, Systems-Management und Tuning der Produktion
* Untersuchung und Gewichtung möglicher Betriebsvarianten von WAS 3.5, 4.0, 5.0
* Coaching - lfd. Eingaben/Vorschläge zur Betriebssicherheit, Stabilität, Skalierbarkeit, Zukunftssicherheit, Konformität
zu bestehenden Standards, Sicherheit, ROI in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Stabsstelle Architektur + Betriebs OE.
* Integration JAVA, CICS, USS, DB2, RACF, TCP/IP, WebSphere MQ, LDAP
* Lastverteilungs-/Ausfallsicherheitskonzepte im Parallel Sysplex !!!
* Sysplex Distributor, Session Persistenz mittels DB2/Cross-Memory, HTTP Plugin, CISCO LB
* Security Konzepte/Reviews/Hardening
* Erstellung von Entscheidungsvorlagen
* Test-/Backupkonzepte, Proof of Concepts
* Erstellung Betriebs-/Betreungshandbücher

03.2003-12.2004 : Implementierung/Produkteinführung WilyTech Introscope - JAVA Application Monitor
* Evaluierung/Testinstallation WSAM (WebSphere Studio Application Monitor ) für z/OS
* Evaluierung/Installation/Konzeption/Betrieb WilyTech Introscope (Java Application Monitor)

06.2002-07.2002 : Implementierung/Migration IBM InfoPrint Server OS/390
Berater - Verlagswesen (Süddeutschland)

04.2001/05.2002/: Implementierung/Architektur IBM CICS Transaction Gateway 3.12; 4.0; 5.0
03.2003/01.2005 Consultant - Banken
* Installation/Customizing IBM CTG (CICS Transaction Gateway) 3.12, 4.0. 5.0
* Konzeption/Realisierung Ausfallsicherheit mittels Exits, Sysplex Distributor, TCPIP Shareport
* Erstellung Betriebs- und Betreuungshandbuch

02.2001-02.2003 : Architektur/Implementierung/Betriebsunterstützung IBM WebSphere 3.5 für OS/390
Senior IT Specialist - Banken

01.2001 : Vortragender - Workshop/Schulung "IBM e-Business im Mainframe Umfeld"
Executive Consultant

10.2000-11.2000 : Konzeption/Implementierung/Troubleshooting/Monitoring LDAP Server f. z/OS(OS/390)
und (Backends: DB2, RACF)
2002-12/2004 inkl. effektiver SSO (Single SignOn) Lösungen (RACF-Windows-Java-J2EE-C)
Technischer Architekt - IT-Dienstleister
* Installation u. Konzeption inkl. Aufbau des DIT (Directory Information Tree)
* Multi LPAR/IP-Stack Konzept inkl. SSL
* Erstellung der Betriebs und Betreuungshandbücher

08.2000-09.2000 : Produktwechsel CA-Spool/-Connect (ESF) -> IBM InfoPrint Server OS/390
Projektleiter - Energieversorger (Süddeutschland)

07.2000-08.2000 : Implementierung Linux für S/390
09.2002 Projektleiter - IT-Dienstleister

04.2000-06.2000 : Releasewechsel OS/390 2.8 -> 2.9
Projektleiter - IT-Dienstleister

1989-1999 : Systemprogrammierung "OS/390,VTAM,CICS,RACF,Unix System Service"
Mitarbeiter/Stellv. Leiter Systemtechnik - Energieversorger (Norddeutschland)
Available again from 07.01.2013!

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