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Trainer, Instructional Designer, Project Implementation, Mentor, Seminar Speaker

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  • Last update: 03.09.2017
Profileimage by Sheri Tingle Trainer, Instructional Designer, Project Implementation, Mentor, Seminar Speaker from
A seasoned trainer and a fresh idea creator, Sheri Tingle is truly one of a kind. She uniquely excels at both computer and soft skill training as well as instructional design and project consulting and implementation.

She is an award-winning speaker and expert facilitator with vast experience having facilitated over 4,000 events in 49 US States and 26 countries with event evaluations consistently scoring over 97%! Participants include professionals from top executives to the newest hire in private, nonprofit and government entities. Sheri has worked in almost every industry sector from small, local businesses to some of the world’s largest companies including from a recent Fortune 100 list, 6 of the top 10; 35 of the top 50; and 65 of the top 100 companies listed.
Sheri has a gift of sharing information in a way that involves her audience and transforms every event into an avenue of active participation for each attendee whether a computer course or a soft skills training. Sheri is a storyteller and example giver who actively engages participants while offering real-life scenarios tailored to industry and professional needs. She will always find a way to connect with each participant by interweaving her diverse, broad based professional background, wide array of curiosities, travel experiences from 36 different countries and multicultural studies.

Microsoft Certifications validate her wide knowledge of Microsoft products. Sheri is a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Expert and Microsoft Office Master (MCP ID 5380177, MCT, MOS, MOM, and MOE). She is certified at the highest levels in all versions and all levels including Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Visio, and Word. Sheri quickly and easily learns new software and teaches at the expert level.
With extensive and eclectic experience behind her, Sheri is also a brilliant presenter and trainer on soft skills topics. Her professional training career began with designing and delivering leadership training, a topic she continues to excel at. Since those early years, Sheri has honed her skills by facilitating thousands of training events and has expanded to include an immense catalog of topics.

Along with her personal presentation skills, she holds a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Diversity and Curriculum Development. Sheri’s sincere desire to help people achieve at higher levels, the numerous hours as a trainer, and her educational background, all interweave when she delves into instructional design. Sheri creates courses for classroom and internet based delivery which is 100% tailored to specifications.

Most recently Sheri worked with a large company in the Caribbean performing many roles. She was a consultant, trainer, instructional designer and project implementation specialist in 5 different implementations. She was fully immersed in these projects as a Subject Matter Expert, project designer, resource, trainer, instructional designer, project lead and key problem-solver throughout the project life cycle from identification through go-live phases. Throughout these projects her roles varied greatly as the projects evolved. She reported directly to the CEO and Senior Vice Presidents. She also developed the Human Resources Department training process and built a training database to track competencies including facilitator and course guides for future trainers. She also established an online training website and created numerous self-paced interactive courses to support employees during the implementation of multiple new systems and processes.

Sheri’s personal approach to life is to perform at her highest achievement level while continually expanding her horizons. She attributes this philosophy to her ability to provide clients with the diversity and wide range of topics she expertly designs, develops and delivers in both soft skills and computer training, as well and project implementation.
With any task she is assigned, Sheri will approach it with sincerity, enthusiasm, precision and the desire to exceed expectations. Sheri sustains a dynamic, flexible and vibrant personality with solid interpersonal and communication skills. She is flexible and quickly orients to environments and procedures while professionally adapting to the pace and the changing circumstances as required. She is especially skilled at blending into new cultures.

Sheri welcomes positions that include travel, especially international travel. She is energized by every new opportunity because there is always much to learn and much to share.

This recent client endorsement is a great indicator of what Sheri will bring to every event:
“Sheri Tingle is one of the most outstanding, high energy and kind people I have ever known. She has so many talents it is hard to list them. What stands out most for me is her very sharp social astuteness coupled with keen professionalism and integrity. Every year I run into her she is, well, even better than before! Her events and team activities are closely planned, well prepared and she has a lovely style that allows inclusiveness and emancipates people to share and listen even handedly. She always has that "extra" that no-one expects. This is a big, but true statement - I've never known anyone to not get along with her or be unhappy with her leadership, style or deliverables. I give her my unqualified endorsement.”
Marc McKenzie, Global Director of Corporate Warranty, Hewlett-Packard Company
Independent Contractor, Owner of PowerNow Training, September 1999 – present
Corporate Training (computer and soft skills), Instructional Design, Keynotes, Project Implementation, Retreats and Seminar Speaking
  • Steers development, implementation and documentation of requirements throughout successful project launches, project lifecycles and production roll outs
  • Utilizes active learning and effective strategies for participants and company growth via real-life, relevant curriculum design and application of adult learning principles—frequently using the ADDIE Model
  • Applies extensive experience in computer, soft skills, online, remote, DVD, video and self-guided training utilizing numerous proprietary methods and software as well as Camtasia, Captivate, Storyline and Articulate
  • Uniquely qualified to train numerous soft skills topics with extreme experience in productivity topics such as leadership, team building, communication and management skills while also holding the highest Microsoft Training Certifications for Microsoft Office—trained and written curriculum for every version of Microsoft Office since the software’s introduction on personal computers
  • Presented over 600 public and onsite seminars ranging in size from 2 to 350 people while working as a contractor with SkillPath Seminars
  • Saved numerous accounts for a large, international speaking company by visiting the client site and redoing the event when a client was upset with a training for any reason including presentation, delivery, content or any other malady—100% retention rate
  • Pinpoints specific areas for company and employee development via data and process analysis followed by company and employee programs or process changes to propel the company’s goals
  • Consistently earns yearly participant satisfaction scores of 98% since 1999
  • Respects participant skill level and ensures individual goals are met while utilizing multiple teaching styles to reach all learners in their desired learning style
  • Expertly leads diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive business and government settings, cutting edge markets and fast-paced environments
  • Customizes every training event and curriculum project to the client requirements, always meeting and more often exceeding expectations
  • Understands and utilizes LMS technology
  • Travels throughout the world for engagements, energized by international travel opportunities, prepares for potential cultural differences
  • Available for contract assignments

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