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ReactJs + Redux + Saga, Angular, Jquery, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Python, Scala, Playframework, MSSQL, MySQL
Airbnb Press

Olea Restaurant, Noir Bar 

Develop two websites for introducing some services from their restaurant and bar system using Umbraco Web Content Management. And using some services of Amazon such as: Amazon S3, RDS, Cloudfront. 

Car Dealer 
The architecture built for CarDealer system follows a SOA design. There are 4 components: ImageApi, InventoryApi, Employee Website and Customer Website. 
All these components are hosted in Windows Azure as websites. 
  1. ImageApi: This is a service for uploading images of cars and also serves as an image repository. When users upload car images from Employee website, the images will be saved to this service. All images in Customer website are stored here. In the future, we can use multiple ImageApi for scalable. 
In the test environment, the ImageApi is located at 
  1. InventoryApi: All information of the CarDealer system is stored in a database. InventoryApi is a service that exposes this database to other client components (Employee Website, Customer Website). Employee Webiste and Customer Website communicate with the InventoryApi to get, create, update or delete data in the database. The InventoryApi is protected by Azure ACS. To consume InventoryApi, the client components must have a service identity and authenticate against Azure ACS to get a token. Then this token is sent to InventoryApi in every request. 
In the test environment, the InventoryApi is located at 
  1. Employee Website: This is a portal for employees to manage the inventory. Employees can add, update and delete data here. This website is protected by Azure ACS and supports multi tenant login. Before employees can login, we have to add client’s WAAD as an identity provider to Azure ACS. 
In the test environment, the Employee Website is located at 
  1. Customer Website: This is a public facing website for customers to look at cars in the inventory. Each client will have a different Customer Website. 
In the test environment, the Customer Website is located at