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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 30 €/hour 240 €/day
  • Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 29.10.2017
Profileimage by FanQin Wang Senior Embedded System Developer from
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The download of this file requires a paid membership.
Adept at Hardware design for all type of Industrial circuitry.
  1.  Werable device, HealthCare kit, Home Automation kit, IOT, Power Supplier, RF circuit, High Speed Circuit, FPGA, Arm, DSP circuits, Industiral Control box, TvBox,,,
  2.  Specilizes in Altium Designer Pro & AutoDesk Eagle PCB designer, KiCAD.
  3.  Strong at SolidWorks 3 for 3D casing & 3D printing design.

Expert on Firmware programming.
  1. Creative firmware programmer building effective firmwares.
    • Native in C/C++/C#, ObjectC, Swift3.0, Java
    • Mastered in RTOS,FreeRTOS.
  2. Mastered in most popular MCUs,ARMs,FPGAs
    • MCUs
    • ATMEL: AT80C51/AT89C51,AT89C52,AT2051,AT8992
    • PIC:PIC16Fxxx,PIC18Fxxx,PIC12Cxxx,PIC30Fxxxx,PIC24Fxxx,PIC33Fxxx
    • ARDUINO: Arduino Uno/Arduino Mini/Arduino ProMini/Arduino Due/Arduino Mega/
    • Adafruit: Adafruit Feather, BlueFruit,,,
    • ARMs
      • ASPEED AST2400
      • Atmel AT91CAP9
      • CSR Quatro 4300
      • Cirrus Logic EP9315 ARM9 CPU, 200 MHz
      • Cypress Semiconductor EZ-USB FX3
      • Digi NS9215, NS9210[14]
      • HiSilicon Kirin K3V1
      • Infineon S-GOLDlite PMB 8875
      • Nintendo NTR-CPU (Nintendo DS CPU), TWL-CPU (Nintendo DSi CPU; same as the DS but clocked at 132 MHz instead of 66 MHz)
      • NXP Semiconductors LPC3200, LPC3100, LPC2900, LH7A, (former Freescale Semiconductor) i.MX1x
      • Nuvoton NUC900
      • Marvell Kirkwood
    • FPGAs
      • Altera,Xilinx,Actel
    • Bluetooth/BLE
      • Nordic:nRF51422,nRF51822,nRF52832,nRF52840
      • Dialog:DA14680,DA14583,DA14681,DA14680
      • CSR:CSR8670,CSR8645
      • TI:CC2540,CC2541,CC2640,CC2641
      • HM10,HM11,HC05,HC06
    • Tools
    • Altium Designer Pro, Eagle PCB designer, KiCAD
    • Keil, IAR,mBed,CrossComplier, Code Wariwer.
    • MicroChip, mPlab,
Multifunction Wideband Satellite Receiver
  •  Features
    • Wideband RF input frequency: 950 ~ 2150MHz
    • Baseband bandwidth: 6 ~ 43MHz with tunable LPF
    • Wide dynamic range: -100 ~ -10dB
    • Multiple demodulation algorithm: BPSK, QPSK, n-QAM, OFDM
    • Interface with PC using high speed USB
    • Interface with ARM core module with LCD
    • Other interfaces for debug and monitor: RS232, USB
    • Effective power control
  • Tech specs:
    • 3 boards in 1 device: FPGA mother board, RF receiver board, ARM breakout board.
    • Main controller: Altera CycloneIII FPGA
    • Zero-IF RF receiver structure using wideband RF tuner IC
    • High Speed A/D converter: AD9233
    • High speed USB controller: CY7C68013
    • ARM controller core board interface: FriendlyARM Tiny6410
    • Other interfaces: RS232, USB host, USB otg
  • Main Skills:
    • 6 layer PCB design for FPGA mother board
    • Designed in Altium Designer
    • Low power and effective power save system design.
    • Soldered and Assembled by my hand.
    • All demodulation and control algorithm implementation in VHDL code.
“LoRaOne” IoT Development Board
  •  Features:
    • 32 bit Arduino compatible platform
    • extremely small, measuring only 40 x 25 millimeters
    • Precise GPS location tracking
    • Movement sensing by a accelerometer
    • Magnetic fields detecting by a Magnetometer
    • External or solar power charging Tech specs:
    • Microcontroller: ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex, M0+
    • Compatibility:  Arduino M0 Compatible
    • LoRa® Microchip:  RN2483 or RN2903 Module (depending on your region)
    • GPS: u-blox EVA 7M
    • Accelerometer/Magneto: LSM303D
    • Size:  40 x 25 mm
    • I/O Pins:  14, All can be used for digital, 12 for analog and 8 for PWM, plus UART, SPI and TWI (I2C)
    • Analog Output Pin:  10-bit DAC
    • Flash Memory: 256 KB
    • SRAM:  32KB
    • EEPROM: Up to 16KB by emulation
    • Clock Speed: 48 MHz
    • Debug: Serial Wire Interface
    • Power: 5V USB power and/or (optional) 3.7 LiPo battery
    • Charging: Solar charge controller, up to 500mA charge current
    • LED: RGB LED
    • USB: MicroUSB Port  
  • Main Skills:
  • 4-layer PCB design in Eagle
  • Small size compact design
  • 50Ohm Impedance matching for RF signal traces
  • Develop ARM Microcontroller Firmware
I need remote job only so there no travel.
Can work upto 70 hours/ week, no holiday, no weekend

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