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Steven Hill

PHP Web Application Developer / Data Modeler

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  • 30557 Martin, GA Freelancer in USA
  • Graduation: 2 degrees and 20+ years experience
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  • Languages: English (first language)
  • Last update: 24.10.2017
Profileimage by Steven Hill PHP Web Application Developer / Data Modeler from MartinGA

Some of my experiences that I think would benefit your project:

# enterprise level web application development (PHP, Perl and Java)
# strong advocate of refactoring, coding standards and source control (SVN and GIT)
# team lead/player capable of working independently
# full life cycle of software development
# data modeling and sql experience throughout my career
# architecting application solutions in many business areas
# remote worker for more than 15 years (complete home office)
# built, installed and managed several in-house LAMP/LEMP servers
# AWS (VPC, EC2, RDS, S3, EFS…)
# devops with respect to build and deployment automation

I am a self learner that aspires to keep informed about new techniques in development as well as complementary fields such as context marketing and general business practices.

On the server side, I have installed and configured many LAMP/LEMP stack web servers and I have been working with *nix platforms of one flavor or another, at the command line level, for most of my career. For the past few years I have been using Vagrant to set up local developer environments and AWS for other environments and now looking at Docker.

I have been working with PHP for many years, progressing from PHP3 to PHP7 making the move from procedural to OOP while gaining an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of both. I have, since 2006, worked with PHP frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Yii as well as Silex and Lumen micro frameworks. I have developed many applications using the Model / View / Controller pattern with these frameworks as well as a few built with other language frameworks. I have also written modules for Drupal 6 & 7 applications to integrate with a ReST server to manage data outside the Drupal ecosystem.

My experiences have provided me the opportunity to work with a number of development methodologies and for the past several years I have worked with modified versions of various agile methodologies.

I have extensive experience with data modeling and have worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL. I have experience utilizing ORM tools and query expression objects allowing for maximum portability.

On the client technology front, I have many years of experience with HTML, Javascript (plain, Jquery, AJAX) and CSS (plain, Bootstrap, 960-grid, Blueprint) for improving the user experience and cross browser compatibility. I am currently following the mobile first responsive design development practices and leaning toward the use of OOCSS and BEM naming principles as well as the use of the Laravel web pack mix sass preprocessor when possible.



HealthponsAlpharetta, GA (startup)
Application Architect:

Gratis Technologies – Chattanooga, TN (startup)
Proect: AutoWall
The Cargo Agency – Greenville, SC
Contract Developer (PHP/Zend Framework)


Available 40+ hours per week. Will drive up to a couple of hours for occasional on site meetings at your expense. Not opposed to air travel, but limited to short periods of time, and again, at your expense. I do have a valid US passport.


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