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Professional Profile
Business Administrator and Electronic Engineer, has experience in the management of organizations with a move in companies of the public sector and the private sector. Experience in Strategic Management in public and private organizations. More than 30 years of experience, with broad Administrative-Financial, IT, business, quality and operational processes, aggregates with constantly updated knowledge.
Has ability to manage and manage multidisciplinary groups and complex projects involving organizational, technological, cultural, process and management changes.
Director, entrepreneur, good integrator and team leader, he has always been involved in coordinating efforts aimed at the synergy of actions, obtaining effectiveness and inducing the best decisions for the organizations in which he worked.
Good experience with strategic planning using Balanced Scorecard - BSC, as well as in the areas of information, statistics and research in the Federal Government's Transportation system.
In the projects in which he worked in the IT area, he was able to supply information needs, disseminate knowledge, model and implement information systems, and promoted organizational effectiveness, achieving productivity gains.
From 1979 to 2002, he worked in programming, analysis and conversion of systems in IBM / UNISYS mainframe platform (COBOL, CICS, Natural, Adabas, DB2, JCL, etc).

Main Qualifications and Achievements
• Senior Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Transport: Technical advisory services at the Secretariat of National Transportation Policy of the Ministry of Transport in the General Coordination of Information, Statistics and Research - worked on the Information Management Program (PGI), which aimed to develop a model of information management through actions that promote the improvement of the availability, quality and integration of information in order to contribute to the improvement of decision making and institutional planning, covering both the units of the Ministry of Transport and their related entities.
He also worked in the area of ??strategic management using Balanced Scorecard, as well as advising on modernization, organization and change projects within the Ministry of Transport. Analysis of processes and contracts of the extinct DNER.
• Consultant to FAPEU-UFSC: Worked at DNIT in Brasília.
Acted in the Project "Perception of Traffic Risk in Public Schools near Federal Roads", was responsible for the planning of the teams in the states, selection of schools and implementation of the project throughout the national territory in partnership with DNIT - Ministry of Transport.
He also worked on the elaboration of terms of reference, technical proposals and work plans for the development and execution of agreements and projects in the area of ??transport (education and reduction of traffic accidents and analysis and monitoring of speed control information.

• Director of Administration and Finance of the Data Processing Company of the State of Bahia (PRODEB), has worked in the planning, coordination, execution and control of Human Resources, Materials and Heritage, Purchasing, General Services, Billing, Accounting, Budget, Costs and Finances. Collaborated in the restructuring of the company, having planned its controlling area. Reduced costs and expenses and recovered credits. Participated in the strategic planning of the company (2008/2011), using BSC - Balanced Scorecard. It streamlined the HR area, reducing the level of outsourcing and valuing the staff. He managed, together with the presidency, and for the first time in the history of the company, to conclude collective bargaining agreement on the base date of the category. As an Integrated Security Advisor to the Presidency, he restructured the area and implemented the company's integrated security policy. Together with the business team, he developed an information security business plan (the company as a Security Provider).

• As a member of fiscal and administrative councils, he supervised the acts and management of directors and officers, verifying compliance with their legal and statutory duties, in determining the general orientation of the companies' business. As a member of CONTRAN, it established regulatory standards referred to in the CTB and the guidelines of the National Transit Policy, coordinated the organs of the National Transit System, aiming at the integration of its activities. He also served in the trial of traffic ticket appeals.
• Coordinator of Special Projects in the Ministry of Transport, worked in the planning, coordination, orientation and development of plans, programs, projects, campaigns and operations for the PARE program, having worked for the revitalization, reformulation and continuity of the same, the effective resumption partnerships at national level; support for initiatives and national integration of all partners and public and private entities that aims to reduce traffic accidents.
He participated, presented papers, was a speaker and chairman in several seminars related to traffic and transportation.
He was a full member of the GTE for Road Safety at the Secretariat of Public Security of the Ministry of Justice and member of the Follow-up Council of the Project on 'Social and Economic Impacts of Road Traffic Accidents on Brazilian Highways - IPEA.
He was a member of the Catarinense Forum for Preservation of Life in Traffic and prepared studies for the creation of state forums for the preservation of life in traffic, in order to support the work activities of the program and to integrate the whole community focused on the reduction of traffic accidents.
Promoted training in the areas of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Mobility, cooperation, exchange and integration of professionals, public and private agencies and companies in the area; disseminated in the states the actions in progress in the country.
Managed and executed numerous national educational campaigns: Tiredness Mata: Have Time for a Stop. Viaje Bien, Amigo da Vez, Summer Holidays, Carnival without accidents, among others.
It supported studies, research and projects, based on public policies, aiming at the application of new technologies in the areas of Traffic and Transport with focus on logistics and transport, infrastructure and urban mobility.
Elaborated a campaign, in partnership with the Ministry of the Navy, to reduce accidents on inland waterways and improve mobility in the Amazon region.
Developed projects including: national database with data and indicators on traffic accidents; Intranet for the integration between public and private agencies that deal with the problem; PARE portal and project for strategic and operational management of the program.

• As Deputy Secretary for Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Transport, he planned, coordinated and supervised the execution of activities related to the Federal Administrative Organization and Modernization Systems, Administration of Information and Information Resources, Human Resources, Logistics Resources, Execution Financial and Budgetary Affairs and General Services of the Ministry of Transport.
It modernized IT management by implementing solutions that allowed the quality and productivity of internal processes, service and accessibility to the public, as well as reducing their costs.
It implemented a computerized solution for the Pass Free Program, which now has the capacity to serve ten thousand users / month, when previously it was able to attend an average of only 200 users.
It left ready for development project for the deployment of work-flow and scanning throughout the Ministry of Transport, including the whole knowledge management part.
Its management was considered regular by the TCU.

• Has technical / administrative experience in IT, in projects and analysis of new systems and businesses, in projects to convert systems and operational environments, as well as those focused on quality and cost reduction. Qualified for the management of contracts and IT projects, organizational management and outsourcing, Production, Problems and Changes management, Data Centers and ASP Models for the Financial, Insurance, Transport and Helthcare (Hospitals and Health Operators) segments.

• Has experience in prospecting, implementation and management of new business, using pre-sales techniques and partnerships. With good knowledge in solution integration, elaboration and management of technical projects, commercial proposals and bids.

• Elaborated the winning technical proposal of the public competition related to the Application and Environment Conversion Project UNISYS 2200/423 for the IBM 9121/320 environment of the Department of Informatics of the Ministry of the Army, having managed and technically participated in the project.
• With deep knowledge in hospital administration and management, he managed the design and implementation of a Hospital Management System in 3 large public hospitals in São Paulo, on client-server platforms, with profound organizational, technological, cultural, process and management changes . Some modules of the system: Customer Registration, Hospital File, Medical Records, Inpatient and Control, Emergency Room, Care, Supplies (pharmacy, medicines and materials), Procurement (suppliers and suppliers), Laboratory, Blood Bank, Outpatient Care and Marking consultation, billing, human resources and control of agreements, medical management and prescription.

• Planned and coordinated the execution of public tenders in several states of Brazil, such as the execution of tenders for the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo.

• Joined the Banco Econômico as a Coordinator of the Loan Systems area, then held the Management of the Conversion Project from the VSE platform to MVS / ESA, then the National Production Planning and Control Management and then the Technical Support Management (IBM and UNISYS platforms).
As manager of the above areas and participant in the Project for Modernization and Restructuring of the Information Technology Directorate: the administration, support and operation of the company's technological infrastructure was evaluated, at the time by Origin, as the best performance among the 8 largest institutions.
Responsible for savings / reduction of costs in projects and areas under his direct responsibility.
Created solutions and adopted technologies obtaining the improvement of the productivity and quality of the works, as well as integrated productive processes of the systems, obtaining gains of performance and reduction in the costs of operation.

• In the company Construções e Comércio Camargo Correa SA, as System Analyst Sr. - Project Leader, developed and implemented, together with a team of system analysts, processors and programmers, material and equipment management systems, procurement, of import and of planning and control of the production of CPD. Participated in the beginning of the study to implement the SAP platform. Developed and coordinated a course for training system analysts and basic support.

• Prodesp participated in the development, implementation and maintenance of various hospital management systems and projects, including:
- Registry, protocol, hospitalization, outpatient clinic, appointment scheduling, laboratory, Materials and medicines and HR of Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP.
- Management of Materials and Drugs of INCOR and Hospital das Clínicas of Porto Alegre.
- Administration of Agreements, Hospital Accounts and Billing of the Heart Institute of SP and the Hospital dos Servidores Públicos de SP.
- Food, Nutrition and Materials of FEBEM-SP.
·  Templo Budista Hongwanji de Brasília   Gestão Estratégica – Consultoria         05/2016 – 08/2016                      
·  Empreza e Confere – (Ministério dos Transportes): Assistente Técnico Administrativo Sênior     12/2012 – 04/2016                 
·  FAPEU-UFSC:    Consultor: Especialista em Transportes, Segurança e Educação no Trânsito         01/2009 – 05/2012
·  Consultoria Independente:   Gestão Estratégica, Administração e Finanças, TI e Transportes                            04/2008 – 12/2008
·  Cia. de Processamento de Dados do Estado da Bahia:  Diretor Administrativo Financeiro / Assessor de Segurança Integrada       03/2007 - 03/2008
·  Ministério dos Transportes:     Coordenador Geral de Projetos Especiais        05/2004 - 02/2007
·  Companhia de Navegação do São Francisco - FRANAVE:     Conselheiro Fiscal     07/2004 - 07/2006
·  Conselho Nacional de Trânsito - CONTRAN:     Conselheiro            05/2004 - 08/2007
·  VALEC - Engenharia, Construções e Ferrovias S.A.:     Conselheiro Administrativo                      05/2003 - 07/2004
·  Ministério dos Transportes:     Subsecretário de Assuntos Administrativos              05/2003 - 05/2004
·  Request Informática S/C Ltda:     Executivo de Projetos e Negócios de TI          02/2001 - 02/2003
·  Empasial Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda.:     Gerente de Projetos de TI             06/1996 - 02/2001
·  Banco Econômico SA:     Gerente de Suporte Técnico Nacional – IBM e UNISYS                     11/1987 - 06/1996
·  Construções e Comércio Camargo Correa:     Analista de Sistemas Sênior - Líder de Projetos                  06/1985 - 10/1987
·  Prodesp - Cia. de Processamento de Dados do Estado de São Paulo:    Analista de Sistemas Sênior      01/1979 - 06/1985
·  Toga - Indústria de Papéis de Arte José Tcherkasky: Engenheiro Processos de Fabricação de Embalagens   06/1977 - 06/1978
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