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Albert Barrios

Network and system Administrator

Profileimage by Albert Barrios Network and system Administrator from Valencia
  • 2003 Valencia Freelancer in
  • Graduation: FundaUC - Carobobo Venezuela.
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 16.11.2017
I have experience on TCP/IP networks and the following topics:
  1. DNS role management.
  2. Management of Terminal Server role.
  3. Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).
  4. Active Directory Domain role and Services.
  5. Retrieve Active Directory Objects.
  6. Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS).
  7. GPO.
  8. IIS role.
  9. Cisco configuration CCNA.
  10. NTP role.
  11. Network functions in Windows Server 2016.
  12. Backup planning and implementation.
  13. WSUS role.
  14. GentOS linux client in windows server 2016 and 2012 domain environments.
Technitian on PC computers and IT Support.
  1. Technitian on workstations and laptops repairing as well as some servers.
  2. Maintenance and updating of workstations hardware and software.
  3. Support to end users locally and remotely.
  4. Administration and remote assistance.
  5. Configuration of Cisco devices, both switches and routers.
  6. Wireless Networks Installing and configuration.
  7. Network printers.
  8. Structured cabling. 
  1. Python language.
  2. PHP language.
Server Hardware
  1. Technician expertise on the server components as well as  necessary technical details to assemble it.
  2. Hardware Management.
  3. RAID.
  4. Remote Management.
I have served at some international enterprises located in my country, accomplishing requirements I was assigned as a engineer at that moment when I worked for one of their local branches existenting in my native city, such as:
  1. Netsergroup: Pfizer, Venezuela. 
  2. Manpower: Kraft, Venezuela.
  3. Manpower: Zoetis, Venezuela.
  4. Manpower: SKF, Venezuela.
  5. Copex: Axalta, Venezuela.
Travel Availability: If necessary on future depending on working circunstances.
Time and spatial flexibility: Related to working urgencies or whether required by enterprise authorities, previous agreed.