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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 20 €/hour 150 €/day
  • Languages: English (Elementary) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 15.11.2017
Profileimage by Nikita Volkov Golang developer from Novosibirsk

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PHP, Golang, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Tarantool, ClickHouse
02.2016 – Binary options. Senior PHP and Golang developer.
Development and support CRM and risk system. Golang 1.6 and PHP 7
Laravel 4.2.
Introduction of CD – Openstack, Rancher, Docker, TeamCity.

05.2014 -02.2016 Rusinterfinance MFI (

Senior PHP and Golang developer (from September, 2015). Project
refactoring. Transferring the project from CakePHP 2 to Symfony3, project
integration testing based on casperjs + mocha. Infrastructure solutions
development in Go: backup system for MariaDB + backup cloud storage
and versioning, developing the analog to Supervisor.
Persistent usage of the technology stack. Puppet, Docker, PHP 5.6,
Golang 1.5, Redis, MariaDB, GIT
Beauty fabric - Malaysia ( )
August - November, 2015 – Team leader. Engineering, tasks evaluation,
technical documentation writer, teacher. Designing and developing project
API. Designing frontend architecture. System administration.
Backend (API RESTfull) ( - PHP 5.6, Laravel
5.1, PostgreSQL 9.4, Redis, BDD (Codeception).
Frontend (SPA) - Angular + mdl, Nodejs + express.
DevOps - CentOS 7, Docker, Teamcity

Sensornye technologii”, LLC (Russia)
March – September, 2015 – Team Leader. Engineering, tasks evaluation,
setting the terms of reference, scrum master, technical documentation
writer, teacher, recruiter. Team management (3-4 members).
CRM and ERP system + mini RTB system (CPA).
Backend - Engineering, PHP 5.6, Laravel, Codeception, PostgreSQL 9.4 (jsonb, jsquery), Redis.
Go1.4 (statistics, oneone pixel gif, multi-landings), gorilla (mux, context),
sqlx, Redis, gvm, gb.
Front-end - Engineering (Backbone, React js, Nodejs (,
express), Gulp, Jasmin).
Project management - Bitbucket(GIT), Jira, Bamboo
From June, 2014 – PHP Senior and Python developer. Engineering, task
evaluation, software development.
SMS gate ( - (Mongo, Yii 1.15)
Auction ( – Python 2.7, Flask, RESTfull, SQLAlchemy, TDD,
CPA system, statistcs (NDA) – PHP 5.6, Laravel, EmberJs, TDD,
PHPUnit, PostgreSQL 9.3 (hstore), Redis, GIT.
4 000 000 unique visitors per month.
Python developer. - Frontik (Python 2.7), Docker, RabbitMQ,
SQLAlchemy, Redis.

05.2013 — 05.2014 Deputy commander of the platoon. Served my motherland while developing sales accounting system (Yii 2 Beta) and supporting the website (Bitrix)

05.2012 — 04.2013 Developer. “Albatros communicos”, LLC (Russia)

Main business product development and support
(Front Server – CMS TYPO3, RequireJs, Jquery, MySQL.
Backend Server– Yii 1.12, XSLT standartization, WSDL(SOAP),
Jquery, KnockoutJs, RabbitMQ, MySQL)), developing an affiliate
program for the key partners
(WSDL, Jquery, RequeryJs)). I have an experience in integrating TDD and
Scrum into the project.
Payment system development
(Django, Python 2.7, Sellery, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL)

06.2011 — 05.2012 Developer. Media Master JSC, Russia. Developing and supporting the
company website (, general authorization system
(SSO(RESTfull)), CRM. Server-side: Apache(gateway nginx), PHP 5.2,
MySQL(650 tables), Sphinx(search), Zend Framework, Yii, memcache.
Client-side: JQuery, Prototype.

07.2010 – 12.2010.

Developer. Cosmos-Web. Website development: SOLOS, ???, stop-,, “Sibirskiye Seti”. (1C Bitrix, PHP 5, MySQL,

04.2007 — 12.2009 System administrator, “Avantel” JSC, Russia. Company infrastructure
planning, development and support. Ensuring information security,
technical equipment maintenance and modernization. Commutation testing.
User and server software setup. Business processes automatization.
CRM development (PHP, Zend Framework 1.8).

01.2006 — 04.2007 Developer, Online store development and support (PHP,
Java Script). Search engine optimization. Web Money API integration.
Additional skills Project development, engineering and refactoring in PHP 5.* and Python

2.7 using relational DBMS (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and NoSQL storages.
In my work I use OOP patterns and all of the SOLID development
principles. PHP Unit, Codecept (BDD), Symfony2, Laravel, Yii 1.* , Django,
Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Python, Virtual Env, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL
and some uWSGI setup and customization.
Using Scrum methodology in my working process.
I have knowledge in telecommunications (VoIP, TCP/IP, OSPF, vLAN,
BGP, Wi-Fi, DNS). I have an experience in working with authorization
protocols in Windows networks (Kerberos, LDAP, NTML) and a strong
knowledge in Linux-based operation systems.
I’m able to recognize performance issues, to use my perfectionist skills
wisely; I’m aware when I don’t need to rebuild the whole project from
scratch, I know when TDD will work and so on.