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Deiner Jamith Mejia Mercado


Last update: 15.11.2017

WEB Developer

Graduation: System Engineer
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


* Design and implement application programs to optimize the management of information.
* Provide support in hardware architectures and software development companies requiring computer.
* Designing and implementing computer training models to achieve alternative and business development strategies.
* Designing and implementing management information systems for decision-making.
* Evaluate and select software packages that meet business needs.
* Organize, manage and implement software microenterprises in the country.
* Design and implement databases through the use of database managers.
* Evaluate information systems already in place, propose and / or make the necessary changes in order to optimize or adapt to new requirements

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Web & Mobile Design
Solutions empower companies big and small to communicate more efficiently with their customers by seamlessly integrating all channels of customer communication directly into the company’s customer relationship management system.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Colombia
Profileimage by DeinerJamith MejiaMercado WEB Developer from Cartagena WEB Developer