Software engineer - Java, Python, Elasticsearch, Docker, Jenkins, Machine learning, Vue, React... available

Software engineer - Java, Python, Elasticsearch, Docker, Jenkins, Machine learning, Vue, React...

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Profileimage by Anonymous profile, Software engineer - Java, Python, Elasticsearch, Docker, Jenkins, Machine learning, Vue, React...
Java, Spring, Python, Django, React, Vue, oop, docker, plsql, sql, Oracle, MySQL, jquery, JavaScript, html, CSS, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, Elastic stack
Project: Automated Pentesting Toolset
Short description: System for managing automatic pentesting procedures over network and all parts of system
Clients: ERGO Group AG

Project: Know Your Network / e2netwatch
Short description: Network traffic analysis and real-time anomaly detection system

Project: Invest2
Short description: It's a system covering different aspects of business in financial institutions – it is primarily implemented as the IT solution for deposit banks but also as the technological solutions for treasury. As a deposit bank solution, INvest2 makes it possible to comprehensively monitor clients' personal accounts and asset valuation for a number of portfolios – from private portfolios to different types of funds managed by different management companies. It also has the abilities of accounting monitoring and financial reporting. As a solution in commercial banks' treasuries, INvest2 is used for the evaluation of securities portfolios, accounting monitoring, and financial reporting together with the connection to other systems in the bank like the common client database, general ledger, and so on. INvest2 is implemented in many financial institutions in Southeast Europe.
Clients: NLB Skladi, Ljubljana, Raiffeisen Invest, KBMInfond, ZBInvest, Modra Zavarovalnica

Project: Performance Attribution Manager - PAM
Short description: PAM is a module which provides much powerful functionalities of an alalitic tool, mostly for analyzing the results of investment decisions, describing reasons and investment decisions by which absolute and relative returns are made.
Clients: NLB Skladi, Ljubljana, ZBInvest, Zagreb

Project: Election monitoring information system
Short description: Information system for detailed monitoring of elections on every level, from local to national level

Project: Fruits and vegetables store data warehouse
Short description: Design and development of a fruits and vegetables store data warehouse

Project: Basketball competitions supporting system
Short description: Developed information system allows users to monitor every segment of a basketball competition

Project: Tourist agency information system
Short description: Tourist agency information system which uses object and object-relational database

Project: E-invoicing System
Short description: The result of the the project was complete information system which provides services for electronic
invoices exchange process

Project: Registry of E-invoice System Users
Short description: Independently made information system, as part of the project E-invoicing System, which records
information about users who participate in e-invoicing exchange process

Project: Hrvatski Telekom d.d. MAXtv Livescore
Short description: Interactive information system dedicated to Hrvatski Telekom’s service MAXtv which is produced on
STB (Set-Top Box) devices. The system provides informational support in the form of sports livescore,
review of sports statistics and personalized forms of information.
Clients: Hrvatski Telekom d.d.

Project: Project Bible
Short description: Private web application project which provides users with innovative way to enter biblical texts. System includes script which reads and shapes biblical texts. App offers reading Bible, optimized search of biblical texts, quiz, personalized and interactive part of the app, rosemary, prayers etc.

Project: Golmanija
Short description: Web application which presents fun game of predicting outcomes of the sports competitions. Produced for FIFA World Cup 2014, UEFA Chamions League and UEFA EURO 2016 for sports portal
Clients: NOVA TV

Project: Legendarnih 11
Short description: Web application for selecting best first team in the history of the Croatian football national team and sharing the team with friends on social network. Designed and developed for
Clients: NOVA TV
Prefer remote work with occasional traveling. If job and project offer are alluring, ready to think about complete on-site work.
Ready for 8-hour (or more) work time. 40-hour work week.