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Last update: 14.03.2019

Design of Aluminium / Steel structures and Machine parts - CAD & software development

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I'm leader of group 5 freelancers, we provide design work in field of mechanical engineering (in CAD softwares Inventor, SolidWorks, Autocad) as wells as Aluminium and Steel structures (in sw Advance Steel sometimes Inventor), including stress analysis.

We provide complete services of design work. Starting with proposals of the concept, continued with detailed 3D model including stress analysis and manufacturing drawings at the end. Or just any of these phases.

We have experiences of more than 20 years, especially in field of Access platforms and equipment for rail vehicles, buses and Aviation (maintenance stairs, docking systems, etc.), made of Aluminium or Steel. Access equipmenty in option of variable height with height adjustment systems driven mechanically, hydraulic or electric. Including solutions for drive and guide systems.
We also designing usual Steel constructions like factory halls, roofs, supporting structures, etc.

Second branch of our activities is development of CAD applications and standalone software applications.
As the first we have released in year 1996 Autocad application GoSteel, for designing of steel constructions in 2D. Next we have participated on development of 3D application for steel constructions Advance Steel for German company DSC / Graitec, including special solutions for individual customers.
Since using Inventor we do also applications and tools for this software and SolidWorks as well, individually according to specific customer’s requirements and needs. We have also realized projects in Configurator speedmaxx from Acatec.
Standalone software applications we do for specific customer’s requirements as well, usually related to production management, sales, pricing tools, nesting, etc. 
For software development we use VisualStudio, VBA, Lisp.

Important value and benefit of our services is combination of both branches we do - designing and software development. Detailed knowledge of design work and production procedures makes our software applications perfectly focused to be used by designers or people in production chain and to raise the productivity of work. 
On other hand, development of software brings to our design work added value of knowledge from many others designers and companies, and high productivity of our design work.

Project history

Design work:
  • Access equipment for Rail and Aviation industry (comp. Zacher GmbH, Zarges GmbH)
  • Maintenance stairs, platforms, refueling ladders, etc. (comp. Semmco Ltd.)
  • Steel constructions (comp. Tesas s.r.o., Kasto)
  • Mechanical parts at the Melting furnaces for glass (comp. Teplotechna-Prima)
  • ...
Software development:
  • Application of AutoCAD for designing of steel constructions - GoSteel
  • Participation on development of 3D application for steel constructions Advance Steel (for German company DSC / Graitec)
  • Development of Advance Steel custom applications, which are intended either for atypical constructions (e.g. new building of Town hall in London, fair ground roof in Milan, ...) or concrete manufacturing programme of customer (e.g. Siemens Dematic in mechanical part, Reynaers - standardization and automation of aluminium-constructions design, ...).
  • Inventor AddIn application for Standard access equipment for comp. Zacher GmbH.
  • Inventor Tools to increase productivity of design work and sorted BOM lists for comp. Semmco Ltd.
  • Automatization of design process of Roof access platforms and standard products in Configurator speedmaxx from Acatec, for comp. Zarges GmbH.
  • Inventor AddIn application for 3D design of chimney systems for comp. ROKA s.r.o., including links to production and ERP system.
  • Projects management application Cockpit and Costs-Price product's calculation application for comp. Zacher GmbH.
  • Standalone application for reporting of production and capacity planning for comp. Merisant.
  • CAM application in area of cutting (nesting) plans for plates and bars for Belgian firm SCIA.
  • ...

Time and spatial flexibility

Germany, Austria, UK, Czech, or other EU countries on demand.

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