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Last update: 31.01.2018

Datastage Consultant

Company: SNA2
Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Limited professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual) | Turkish (Native or Bilingual)


  • Operating Systems: UNIX (AIX) OS 5.3, Windows 8 and SUN SOLARIS.
  • ETL Tools: IBM Info Sphere Data Stage (11) PX, Informatica 9,Talend 6 .
  • Big Data Technologies: Hadoop (PIG, Hive, Hbase) .
  • Scheduling tools: Control-M v7 .
  • Online tools: Workload control management tool.
  • Languages: C , C++, JAVA ,SQL ,PL/SQL.
  • Data Bases: Oracle 11g , IBM DB2 8 , Teradata 13.1 ,Micro Soft SQL server 2003.
  • Real Time applications: IBM Info sphere CDC,MQ .
  • Database tools:. AQT, command line editor/processor, Sqldbx, Toad, SQL developer.
  • Data Modelling: Erwin data model 7 .
  • Code Versioning and maintenance tools : MSTFS , SSD process and Blade Logic techniques.
  • Change Management Tools : Service Now and HP service desk.

Project history

  1. Project Name – Mainframe Sun setting and VIN.
Client – Amica
Duration – June 2015 to  Till Date
Team  - 8
Amica Mutual Insurance is an American mutual insurance company which sells automobile, homeowners, marine, personal umbrella liability, and life insurance, founded in 1907. It employs more than 3,200 people in 40 offices across the United States, and is headquartered in Lincoln .
Amica is a direct writer of personal insurance with auto, homeowners, personal excess liability and marine coverage’s. The company is known in the insurance industry for its financial strength and exceptional customer service.
              Amica Mainframe sunset project is about removing the mainframe dependencies and Rebuilding the   
              Application on  SQL server there by Aligning Technology with Employee’s Skills and also optimizing the
              cost .
             Role                     - Senior Software developer
             Responsibilities –
  • My responsibility includes rebuilding the mainframe logic into the new database SQL server and also migrating the mainframe data to new SQL server.
  • Coordinating with the Business analysts in identifying the existing the logic and code in SSIS and COBOL.
  • Developing the jobs using Data stage 11 PX .
  • Developed various database objects both in Mainframe database and SQL server database
  • Effectively coordinated with the Data modeler to meet the business requirements.
  • Closely worked with Senior database administrator to incorporate the database changes and fix the database discrepancies
  • Involved in project architecture design and high level business discussions.
Project modules involves
1. Audit Log
2. HR views
3. VIN incremental and VIN history
4. VRG
5. SSIS conversion
  • Decommissioning and rebuilding the logic involves below sub tasks
1. Mainframe files and tables
2. Stored procedures
3. Mainframe jobs and associated JCL
4. Reports
  1. Data extracts
  2. Downstream feeds to other application
  3. Any other system dependencies
  • Developed various Data stage jobs to bring the data from Mainframe different schemas to SQL server.
  • Written and Executed the Unit test cases for all the modules of the project.
  • Solving all the QA and Business queries and concerns on different modules of the project.
Technical Environments   :   ETL Tool: - IBM info sphere ( Data-Stage 11 Px  ), SSIS .
                                           Database:- IBM Mainframe systems , SQL server 2012
                                           Scheduling Tool :-Control-M .
                                           Reporting Tool :- Microstategy ,SSRS
                                           Modeling :Erwin Tool for data modeling,
                                          OS: - Windows 10
  1. Project Name  -  EGDGRS /ADWGR
Duration              - March 2015 to May 2016
Team Size            - 4
Enterprise guest program gift registry and Analytical data ware house gift registry are two separate projects on gift registry programs . Guests registry information , event information and item information bringing to business analytics .
Gift Registry System (GRS) is application that tracks Gift Recipients and their wish list of gifts. The current Gift Registry program will make a paradigm shift from being “Event Centric” (Club Wedd, baby registry) to “Guest Centric” approach where guests can create Multiple Occasion Lists (MOL).
Role                     - Software developer
              Responsibilities –
  • My Responsibility is to build end to end GR system which will bring transactional guest data to
  • EDW and ADW data ware houses.
  • Gathering required transactional data with coordinating with different third party teams.
  • Gathering Business requirements from onsite BDQ partners.
  • Developed various Unix script jobs  which will bring transactional data from third party servers to our EDW and ADW servers
  • Developed various landing data stage parallel jobs which will extracts, cleans and transforms transactional GR xml files into to the Landing tables.
  • Developed Various Foundation jobs which will extract data from landing tables and perform business rules and load data into the Foundation tables.
  • Developed Unit Test case and performed Unit Testing.
  • SPOC for all BDQ concerns and queries on code level functionality.
  • Prepared high level design documentation of ADWGR project and given knowledge to the team.
  • Prepared scheduling criteria and scheduling documentation to give knowledge to Control-M scheduling team.
  • Played key role in testing , CIT , SIT and UAT phases and till implementation .
  • I have taken end to end ownership of deployment activities and Implementation plan activities.
             Environments   : ETL Tool: - IBM info sphere ( Data-Stage 8.5 Px  ) .
                                           Database:- IBM DB2 8 , Oracle 11g,Tera Data 13
                                           Scheduling Tool :-Control-M .
                                           Reporting Tool :- Microstategy ,
                                           Modeling :Erwin Tool for data modeling,
                                           OS: - Unix OS 5.3
  1. Project Name  -  Enterprise Guest Program ( EGP ) , ADW Upgrade and Sync
             Duration           -  July 2013 to November 2013 , November 2013 to February 2015
             Team Size:       -  5 (EGP) ,7(Sync and upgrade)
             Description:     - Enterprise Guest Program is agile migration cum development program  where Analytical  
             data warehouse from IBM DB2 and IBM info sphere (Data stage-7.5) are migrating together to Teradata         
             13 and IBM info sphere (Data stage 8.5 ) with new added  functionalities and requirements. 
             ADW Sync and Upgrade projects are falling EGP program but instead of agile methodology these are  
             planned projects . It is also migration cum development program while upgrading the   data stage  
             environment to 8.5 with remaining projects .
             Role:               - Software  Developer
             Responsibilities -            
  • Responsibility includes coordinating in setting up the mft jobs to the newer environment to fetch the source files from the third party vendors to ADW / EDW unix environments .
  • Synchronized upgrading DS packages to 8.5 and developing ETL /ELT jobs to meet  the new business rules.
  • Setting up the Unix environment like directories, path set up  files and parameter files for execution of ETL / ELT jobs .
  • Synchronized upgrading the old control-m Flow to newer Application which will point to newer Unix environment along with the necessary scheduling and execution criteria .
  • Resolving the in and out conditions of the older flows to the newer flows and vice versa.
  • Building the complex in and out conditions between different Applications and projects over and across the different environments.
  • Developed jobs using various stages to extract ,cleans and transforms data from Source System to load into Landing zone.
  • Developed jobs using various stages to load data to Staging zone.
  • Developed jobs using various stages to load data to Data Warehouse.
  • Developed Unit Test cases and performed Unit Testing.
  • Did Performance tuning of the data stage jobs for critical projects.
  • I have taken sole responsibility of creating and maintaining 21 projects inventory in code versioning tool Microsoft visual studio 2010  .
  • I have taken sole responsibility of setting up the control-m test , stage and prod environment by coordinating with scheduling team.
  • I am the SPOC for all SSD and blade logic deployment issues and concerns which I have resolved by coordinating with two different teams.
  • Supported projects in CIT , SIT and UAT  phases .
             Environments   : ETL Tool: - IBM info sphere ( Data-Stage 8.5 Px  ) ,
                                          Database:- IBM DB2 8 , Oracle 11g,Tera Data 13
                                          Scheduling Tool :-Control-M .
                                          Reporting Tool :- Microstategy ,
                                          Erwin Tool for data modeling,
                                          OS: - Unix OS 5.3
  1. Project Name    -  PROMO-2  
             Duration            - April 2013 to July 2013
             Team Size:         - 5
             Description:     - This is Promotions part II of target sales . Products and categories  and annual sale made  
             out of promotions of products . analysis on promotion campaigns and impact on sales.
             Extracting promotion data from various source systems and loading into Target promotion database  .
The CDC (Change-Data-Capture) tool monitors and captures the insert/update operations on DB2 store tables in Promo database and processes the necessary stores information to the different output files. Output files created by CDC will be the source for this project .
             Role:                    - ETL Developer
  • Our vision in this project to design and develop guest centric promotion databases in IBM DB2 database and Teradata Database .
  • Generating different CDC output files for development and testing purpose using
  •  IBM Info sphere CDC tool .
  • Developed the generalized one time job which will load multiple files using schema file logic and multi instance job to DB2 databases .
  • Created more than 40 schema files for more than 40 source files including for PROD ,BRAND,DEPT ,OFR,PROMO,STR etc.
  • Developed different UNIX scripts which will run required ETL jobs by extracting the specific source files .
  • Developed generalized one time multi instance jobs  to  extract data from  third party vendor oracle systems to load into Teradata Landing zone /data ware house .
  • Developed Unit Test case and performed Unit Testing.
  • Developed Visio’s for all  jobs to implement in control-m according to scheduling criteria . 
  • Did Performance tuning of the ETL and jobs.
  • Supported project in testing , CIT and SIT phases and till implementation .
              Environments   :        ETL Tool: - IBM info sphere ( Data-Stage 8.5 Px  ) ,
                                          Database:- IBM DB2 8 , Oracle 11g,Tera Data 13 and Microsoft SQL server .
                                          Scheduling Tool :-Control-M .
                                          Real Time applications: IBM Infosphere CDC .
                                          Reporting Tool :- Microstategy ,
                                          Erwin Tool for data modeling,
                                          OS: - Unix OS 5.3
  1. Project Name      -  Vendor Rollout  ( SR00946 )
              Duration              - February 2013 to April 2013
              Team Size:            - 3
              Description:       -  This is service request as part of this small project vendor applications have to rollout .    
              Target have subscribed to third party applications , we used to get xml messages for that
              particular application. Primary responsible of this project is to catch those xml messages   
              and  load into our application systems.
               Role:                    - ETL Developer
  • My responsibility is to co-ordinate with Message Queue team for proper populating the messages in the respective queues .
  •  It also includes in co-ordinates with MQ team to  build channel for receiving proper subscriptions in vendor and user Queues .
  • Developed jobs using various stages (mainly  MQ connector and xml input stage ) to extract data from various third party vendor systems to load into Landing zone .
  • Developed Unit Test case and performed Unit Testing.
  • Developed Visio’s for all jobs to implement in control-m according to scheduling criteria . 
  • Did Performance tuning of the ETL and jobs.
  • Supported project in testing , CIT and SIT phases and till implementation .
               Environments   : ETL Tool: - IBM info sphere ( Data-Stage 8.5 Px  ) .
                                             Database:- Tera Data 13 .
                                             Scheduling Tool :-Control-M .
                                             Reporting Tool :- Microstategy ,
                                             Erwin Tool for data modeling,
                                             OS: - Unix OS 5.3
  1. Project Name - ADW Small Business Enhancements (SBE’s)
                     Duration - July 2011 to February 2013 .
                     Team Size: - 9
                     Description: - ADW SBE is support and enhancement team which will take care of all ADW small   
                     business needs and performance enhancement process for existing jobs for various applications. I
                     have worked on various SBE’s which are business critical and important. Some of them are listed
                     SBE 1460 – Creating Gift registry view for inventory and Guest response.
                     SBE 1579 – ADWGIGIFSP195 Spider Connection.
                     SBE1620 – Lifestyle segmentation Enhancements
                     SBE 1640 – Stable Guest Table Creation.
                     SBE 1756 – Rx Fix for Units and Dollars.
                     SBE 1842 – Stopping Affiliated Guests from being opt out from RedX program.
                     SBE 1753 – Cspam Tran errored data Reprocessing

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