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JAVA J2ee ,spring boot, micro service, DevOps AWS Consultant

Profileimage by Amit Shukla JAVA  J2ee ,spring boot, micro service, DevOps AWS Consultant from Pune
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Profileimage by Amit Shukla JAVA  J2ee ,spring boot, micro service, DevOps AWS Consultant from Pune
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I have 13.0 year exp (Mule/struts/SOAP/JMS/REST/AWS/java/j2ee/UML/create design specification (Functional / Technical)).
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Technical Skills                                                                                                                                                                                 

Skills                                          : Java 8 , Multithreading, concurrent API, Java Crypto library JSP, JSF2.0, Servlet, EJB2.0/3.0, WS-Transaction, Web Service, REST, JMS, XML, XSD, JSTL, SAX, DOM, Struts 1.2/2.0, Hibernate3.2, Spring4.0, Spring-Batch, Spring Boot, Spring-Cloud,  JPA 2.0
Cloud Computing                   : Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 Clustering and Load Balancing, SQS, SNS, RDS
Integration Tool                       : Mule, WSO2, Apache Camel, drool
Open Source                           : Life Ray, Alfresco         
Internet Technology               : HTML, Java Script, Ajax, Json, JQuery, CSS, Angular JS 2.0
Tools                                          : Rational Rose Product Suite, Visual Source Safe, Toad, Erwin, Visio, Staffware, putty, Giga Space, JIRA, Tuxedo Server, Crystal Reports, Jenkins, Find Bug, PMD, GATE
Database                                  : Oracle 8/9i/10g, DB2, Mainframe, MongoDB, postgresql
Job Functions                         : Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Create design specification (Functional/Technical/Architectural)
Application Server                 : Web logic 7.0/8.1, JBOSS 7.1, IBM WebSphere7.5, BEA-Tuxedo, BEA-Jolt
Web Server                              : Tomcat6.0/7.0/8.0
IDE                                             : Net Bean 6.5, Jbuilder 9.0, Eclipse3.4, Edit Plus, RAD 7.5
OS                                              : Win2k3 Server, Linux
Version Control                      : Microsoft Visual Source Safe, CVS, Gits, SVN
Continuous Integration         : Jenkins, Sonar
Project                                  : Content Enrichment (Integration)
Type                                       : Development
Platform                                : Windows, UNIX, Cloud
Technologies                      : Java 1.8, REST, JSON, springs Boot 4.0, spring-batch, JPA 2.0, NLP, Jenkins, Docker
Database                              : Mongo Database, Oracle
IDE                                         : Eclipse 3.4
Server                                   : Tomcat 8.0
Integration                            : GATE
Cloud                                     : Amazon EC2, S3 and RDS, SNS, SQS
Duration                                : March 2017 – Till Date
This project divides following module.
1) Orchestration    Orchestration is a spring boot spring batch application and consists of the following Job. Each of the Jobs have a dedicate documentation page. Orchestration uses AWS SQS to decouple interactions. 
  •    Ongoing Enrich (Workflow processing on SEQ table driven by PROCESS_IND column)
  •    Remove (Rest Controller triggered Tasklet to mark a document processing as FAILED , and delete SEQ entry for not holding off packages)
  •    Pull Spec (Development only Job to enrich all applicable document in DSU , throttled 50 at a time)
2) Data service 
     Data service is Rest based Micro Services that abstracts Tag dB (MongoDB) Enrichment Collection interactions for saving enrichments and fetching enrichments. All Data interactions to TagDB should be via the data service. The data service exposes a /enrichment/spec end point that is the major integration between content enrichment and content ingestion team.   
            Data service Rest Documentation: 
3) Gate
     In this module we pass file for extract content using spec job.
4) Normalization
  •  Involved in design of HLD (High Level Design) and LLD (Low Level Design) Documents.
  •  Involved in client interaction for requirement gathering/analysis
  •  Worked as individual Contribute
  •  Involved in Development of Various applications.
Yes - But I need Visa. I belong India.

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