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Profileimage by Oleg Lukianchuk Software engineer from
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Javascript, HTML, CSS, CORS, JSON, JSONP, XML, Gulp, Microsoft Azure, CDN, Git, Google Closure Compiler, JQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, MySQL, SQLlite, Redis.
Company: TrueMetrics (digital analytics)
Duration: 12.2017 – 02.2018  (urgent project)
Role: Javascript developer
Server side - Node JS
REST API Development and sql queries.
Development online service for making sites screenshot .
Development the service for batch making screenshots of sites and saving on file server.
Integrating with heroku, one endpoint for serving API and static frontend files.
created server side cache for REST API.
developed search, pagination, language switching.

client side
developed client side cache with "service workers"

Development the collector for grabbing data and saving into database.
Technology stack: nodeJS, React, sequelize, MySQL, cluster, PHP, Amazon, Heroku.

Company: Shadowsearch (Information Security)
Shadowsearch - IoT (Internet of things) search engine. It allow to search for devices and services by search string or IP address of host. (Like Shodan or Censys)
Duration: 03.2016 – 06.2017
Role: Full stack developer
I created API for getting data. Supported pagination, query filters and aggregations.
Created site for searching with Shadowsearch.
Created dashboard for users and administrators using webmin.
Created billing for counting search requests from users accounts.
Created collector for grabbing data and saving.

Technology stack: 
Elasticsearch, Redis, Node js, kue, Webmin, Big Data.

Developing monitoring system for servers. Monitoring of OS working parameters, and services parameters. Customizable triggers for alerting. Alerts sent to jabber. Update monitoring clients from server by command. Authorization clients.

Technology stack: 
Redis, Node js, php, Webmin, bash

Company: EventSoft
Duration: 01.2014 - 10.2015
Role: Web Developer
Optimalya ad network architecture and script codes development, JS, PHP – Wordpress plugin.
Code for getting banners, client-site banner presentation, obtaining and sending extended statistics to statistics server.
Client-server interaction architecture development.
Using Javascript for asynchronous events, profiling scripts execution time.
Various browsers versions support, support of several last CMS versions for Wordpress plugin.
Debugging and testing scripts in IE 7 +, Chrome 8 +, FF 4.0 +, Safari 4 +

Technology stack:

Javascript, HTML, CSS, CORS, JSON, JSONP, XML, Gulp, Microsoft Azure, CDN, Git, Google Closure Compiler, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, MySQL, SQLite, Redis.

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