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Michael Kriegs

Software & Fullstack Web Developer; Multi Media Designer

Profileimage by Michael Kriegs Software & Fullstack Web Developer; Multi Media Designer from SulzimWienerwald
  • 2392 Sulz im Wienerwald Freelancer in
  • Graduation: self-educated; 12 years experience as freelancer
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 19.03.2018
Web Development:
  • Fullstack Web Development - PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, JavaScript - 10+ years
  • Wordpress, WooCommerce, Theme-Anpassungen, Plugin-Anpassungen - 8 years
  • jQuery, jQuery UI - 6 years
  • Web Appplication Development - 5 years
  • Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0 - 3 years
  • SEO, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Adwords, Facebook Ads - 4 years
  • Node.js, OO PHP, - a few projects

Software Development:
  • C++, MFC - 8 years
  • Windows Desktop Applikationen (small scale) - 5 years
  • Linux, SSL, ShellScript - 3 years
  • Server-Client applications - 4 years
  • Embedded C++ Linux - 1,5 years
  • MS SQL, Java, C# - a few projects
  • Visual Studio 2008-2015, Netbeans, Eclipse

Multi-Media Design:
  • Picture Editing, Graphic Design - vektor und pixel - 12 years
  • 3D - Rendering, Animation & Virtual Reality - 6 years
  • Video Production, Editing und Filming - 3 years
  • Sound Editing - 10 years
  • Adobe Creative Suite (komplett), Unreal Engine, Blender, Terragen 4

Further applications:
  • Microsoft Office, Open Office, Android Studio, Inkscape, Substance
Hand-picked projects since 2010

Web Development - freelancer
  • Point-to-point timetable web application (Front & Backend)
    • real-time check of more than 50,000 routes for the caculation of the best connections
    • automated database update from the client´s traffic database
    • services and sights for each part of a connection
    • Javascript, jQuery UI, PHP, HTML, MySQL
    • http://bsb.de/de/fahrplan-online.html
  • GPS-Tracking of ships traffic
    • Windows desktop application for the ship´s main computer to process GPS data - C++, MFC
    • data buffering to bridge mobile network gaps
    • Javascript, PHP, HTML, MySQL
    • precise data storage (time, location, speed)
    • integrated administration web application to review ship tracks (only for the client) -  jQuery, OpenTopo Maps
    • real-time view: http://www.bsb-betrieb.de/bsbshipmap/ (Note: Most ships are offline during the winter season)
  • Digital Signage web application (no online example)
    • processing of the most common media formats, videos, links text
    • automated update of an unlimited amount of Signage screens via internet - including software updates
    • pasting content drag & drop into a timeline
    • calendar and time functionality for targeted marketing
    • online time-table display with direct connection to the client´s public transprt server
    • tiled screen functionality for displaying different content at once
    • carousel elements for repetitive display of content
    • complex user backend with different user-rights
    • PHP, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery UI, MySQL
  • complete web design, graphic and programming of 3 webpage for 1 client (Wordpress)
    • http://freespiritinfo.com
    • http://freespirit-tv.ch
    • http://brunowuertenberger.ch
  • webpage - healing practise:
    • http://qumara.ch
  • webpage - singe, artist:
    • http://singenundsein.de
  • multi-media presentation
    • vision-of-the-ages.com

Software Development - predominatly freelancer:
  • market exchange interfaces for Fidessa PLC in Belfast - 1/2 year
  • Text-To-Speech-Server for ib datentechnik, Constance/Germany
    • converting time-table data into spoken words (full sentences, correct grammar)
    • in place at many public bus and train stations in Switzerland
    • Embedded Angström Linux, Debian, C++, Bootstrap, TCP, UDP
    • still fully active, no bug reports since 2012
  • GPS-Tracking of ships traffic
    • Windows desktop application fpr processing der GPS data - C++, MFC
    • data buffering to bridge mobile network gaps
    • serverside solution with PHP und MySQL
    • additional administration software for the client in C# + MS SQL
    • real-time viewt: http://www.bsb-betrieb.de/bsbshipmap/ (Hinweis: Most ships are offline during the winter season)

Multi Media Design - freelancer:
  • complete development of an VR-Experience + webpage presentation
    • idea, graphics, 3D models, backgrounds, video production
    • http://vision-of.the-ages.com
  • produkt rendering & VR
    • http://visual-it-arts.co.uk/3d-multi-media/
  • graphic design
    • http://visual-it-arts.co.uk
  • video production, filming, editing, audio, special effects
    • business congress trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNQ4EKSI4Vg
    • tv station trailer: https://www.facebook.com/tvfreespirit/videos/747898578747208/?hc_ref=ARTpQ0MaxOPPvxQUTxcQ2QjKv12hLF-APz68rfc4DZ0hkxfTwSVtMnGPc11ZhXn42FY&pnref=story
    • interviews: filming, editing, audio, special effects- https://freespirit-tv.ch/authentisch-sein-bruno-wuertenberger/
    • workshop impressions 12min : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cUhwPRALUM

*** I´m happy to send you more details and projects on request ***
At the minute I´m located in Belfast / UK.
I work most efficiently from my home office.

For an introduction period of 1-2 weeks and occasional team meetings I´m happy to travel to your office.

Depending on the actual workload I´m available either full-time or part-time.

Please send a request with your rough overview of your project requirements. I call you back as soon as possible.

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