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Last update: 21.03.2018

Golang developer

Graduation: MSc in radiophysics
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


Golang - 2 years experience
C/C++ - 2 year experience
Java - 1 year experience
C# - 1 year experience

Project history

January 2018 — until now
Golang programmer
The area of work of the company is IP telephony. My responsibility is writing microservices for processing data from SIP protocol calls.
We use gokit framework, kubernetes.
May 2017 — January 2018
8 months
Golang programmer
Working as back-end developer for site
This site is a platform of card and board games.
My responsibility is to write the site infrastructure as well as the development and implementation of the logic of various games.
One of the projects was open source:
it was completion of the library implementing the protocol The library originally used only websockets, I added a long polling and an upgrade from long polling to websockets.

May 2017 — October 2017
6 months
Programming on Raspberry Pi.
Creating a TCP server, working with serial port and low level graphics. Raspbian Lite was installed on device. The task was to imitate the aircraft device for the cockpit simulator. Raspberry had to receive signals by TCP protocol and from keyboard through serial port and display graphics according to them. Software was written on C language.
Working as a frontend developer for site:
My responsibilitiies were: converting graphics mockups into HTML using Twitter Bootstrap 3, CSS, jQuery and Razor, creating adaptive mark up.

November 2016 — April 2017
6 months
Sputnik Ltd
Golang/C programmer
Implementing SIP stack on golang using the existing libraries on C. The PJSIP library was used . The task was setted in the course of building a system of modern intercoms. This system allows people to make calls from the intercom to the mobile application using the SIP protocol. The architecture of the system was chosen as follows: audio data from the microcontroller of the intercom in the form of RTP packets through web sockets arrives to intermediate server that makes a SIP call through a proxy to a SIP client (mobile application) and, after establishing communication, provides duplex transmission of audio.
I solved the following tasks.
- Implementation of an intermediate asynchronous and multithreaded server between the microcontrollers of intercoms and SIP clients, providing the possibility of multiple parallel calls. The server architecture was built taking into account the requirement of minimum resource utilization. Reception and transmission of RTP packets between the server and the SIP client was conducted over a direct UDP channel without recoding and timing using low-level PJSIP library constructs based on the implementation of the proactor pattern. In general, the SIP part of the server was written on the C, the web part, work with websockets was written on go.
- Writing a web interface for this server for testing and managing the state of the program
- Development on go intercom emulator (web socket client) for server testing with the ability to realize various contingencies
- Implementation of automatic testing

September 2015 — October 2016
1 year 2 months
Simonov Experimental Design Bureau
Heavy Engineering... Show more
Engineer/programmer c/c++
Programming microcontrollers for general aircraft hardware of unmanned aerial vehicles on C. Design and implementation of interaction logic of aircraft control systems. Programming connection of various system of autopilot via interfaces: Ethernet, MIL, CAN, RS. Implementation of the protocols UDP, TCP at a low level.
Writing desktop software to interact with the on-board equipment. Create a graphical interface for interconnection with devices.

January 2013 — January 2016
3 years 1 month
My own projects
Backend for mobile apps in golang inspirated by, based on a gocraft/web framework
Application counts requests, provides rest api for checking trial time, checking sessions and storing some text information. Also through web interface it provide information about installed devices, stored text information and api request count by day represented as graph. Web interface is SPA on a base angularjs. elesh uses mongodb for storing devices information and influxdb for api requests statistics.

Very simple example of react flux application.
Backend is written on golang. Simplicity of project allows to understand the basic structural components of flux without blurring the focus on not necessary features.

Windows phone applications
apps allow to watch live broadcasts of sport events

October 2014 — June 2015
9 months
Avintek Ltd.
IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more
Java programmer
Web-programming on java.
Participation in the development of site
The site provides information about doctors and hospitals in Russia and the CIS, allows you to leave feedback and counts rating. The main functionality of the site is the providing online consultations with doctors.The work was based on framework Grails. My responsibilities were:
  -developing business logic of the site
  -developing rest api for web and administrative part of the site
-developing server-side code for online consultations via websockets
  -developing user interface on extjs

April 2013 — October 2014
1 year 7 months
Deltaincom Ltd.
IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more
C# programmer
Developing parsers
Design databases
IE, MS Office automation

September 2009 — September 2012
3 years 1 month
Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Educational Institutions... Show more
PhD student, junior researcher
Performing neurobiological experiments
Composing of mathematical models of biological processes
Writing programs for researching:
-construction a computing cluster for the numerical solution of differential equations
-development software for the management of the quartz pulse generator


Acetylcholine-Induced Inhibition of Presynaptic Calcium Signals and Transmitter Release in the Frog Neuromuscular Junction
Front. Physiol 
12 December 2016

Estimation of presynaptic calcium currents and endogenous calcium buffers at the frog neuromuscular junction with two different calcium fluorescent dyes.
Front Synaptic Neurosci.
7 January 2015 ?.

Decreased entry of calcium into motor nerve endings upon activation of presynaptic cholinergic receptors
Dokl Biol Sci.
6 November 2012 ?.

Calcium modulation of the release kinetics of the acetylcholine quanta generating multiquantal postsynaptic response
Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova.
October 2011

September 2008 — August 2009
1 year
Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Educational Institutions... Show more
Junior researcher
Installation and setup of equipment for electrophysiological studies. Performing experiments

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Russian Federation
I'm not willing to relocate, not prepared for occasional business trips
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