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Last update: 23.05.2018

SAP ABAP Consultant

Company: LnT infotech
Graduation: B.E
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I have overall and relavant 6 years of experience in to SAP ABAP.
I have done 2 SAP Implementation, 1 SAP integration with Roll out, 1 EHP8 Upgrade and 2 support Projects.
I have worked accross Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Form i.e (RICEF objects)
I have worked On Projects based on IDOCs and BAPIs
I have worked on HANA using AMDPs and CDS views

Project history

Project#1 (Support)
Organization              : LTI
Client                          : L&T Power
Duration                     : Dec17 to till date
Role                             : SAP ABAP Consultant
  • New Module pool program implemented for pick list creation,change,display,delete,
  • Material issue and print pick list.
  • Smart form implemented for Picklist print.
  • Added BOM line item Position in existing ALV Report.
  • Changes have been done in existing Module Pool and smart form in existing custom Packlist for Revision number to be made optional.
  • Custom Program has been changed to upload the BOM from text delimited file on application server in Background
Project#2 (IFC & EHP8 Upgrade)
Organization              : LTI
Client                          : HD Supply(US)
Duration                     : Jun17 to Nov17
Role                             : SAP ABAP Consultant
  • Vendor Part Number added in ORDERS Idoc
  • Implemented User exit Userexit_Save_Document to trigger Custom Inbound IDoc
  • Implemented Function Module and configured it for the Custom Inbound IDoc
  • Created TVARVC entries
  • Implemented Implicit Enhancement to trigger the IDoc for STO befor it get release or while saving itself
  • Implemented Customer Exit to populate the Vendor SKU(Purchasing)
  • Used database index memory to save value at run time and used in other program
  • Worked on SAP ALM for ticket based defects
  • Defect Resolution for Maxicode Barcode in smartform
  • Defect Resolution for printing the inventory record in LI04
  • Defect Resolution for Catalog order Error
  • Defect Resolution for Export to excel sheet icon error
  • Defect Resolution for Dump in KP91
  • Defect Resolution for Sales deal uploading
  • Defect Resolution for Pop of Item category ZPAS
  • Defect Resolution for failure of UTF automation script in third party tool
  • Defect Resolution for the performance issue while reversing the delivery order
Project#3 (SAP HANA Migration)
Organization              : Jindal Poly Films Ltd
Duration                     : Feb 16 to Jun 17
Role                             : SAP ABAP on HANA consultant
  • Found out the Implicit DB specific behavior by running ATC and SCI and removed those by applying order by clause in select statement
  • Have searched for any Native SQL and any DB specific hint which was running for Oracle DB
  • Have checked for the secondary indices for all the tables one by one and their uses in existing code and adjust the code accordingly  
  • Implemented AMDP  in ADT and consumed in the ABAP Reports
  • Implemented CDS view and consumed in the ABAP Reports
Project #4 (SAP Integration with Legacy system+ Roll out)
Organization              : Jindal India/Jindal Europe/Jindal Usa                                                  
Duration                     : Oct 15 to  JAN 16
Role                             : SAP ABAPALE IDOC Consultant
  • Implemented BDC program for BOM upload for Finished Goods Products.
  • Implemented BDC program for uploading decoupled routing.
  • Implemented BDC program for uploading coupled routing.
  • LSMW too for uploading Checklist data for measuring point in IK34
  • Customized (Outbound) ALE settings for Stock IDOC.
  • Customized (Outbound) ALE settings for Production Order Status IDOC.
  • Customized (Outbound) ALE settings for Sales Order data.
  • Implement User Exit Save Document prepare to trigger the IDOC to OMP
  • Implemented Zsegment and Zidoc and Zmessage type and assigned segment to ZIDOC.
  • Implemented zprogram to trigger custom IDOC for raw material (resin) stock details and scheduled it for automatic trigger.
  • Implemented zprogram to trigger custom IDOC for transit stock quantity and detail and scheduled it for automatic trigger.
  • Implemented zprogram to trigger IDOC for Production Order Status.
  • Implemented zprogramto trigger IDOC for stock of Jumbo (Semi finished) and Slitted (Finished) Goods.
  • Implemented BAPI to create Production Order in SAP
  • Implemented BAPI to change work center(routing) in production order in SAP.
  • Implemented BAPI for Production order with respect of Sales order- tcode CO08.
  • Implemented BAPI and scheduled it to release the production order.
  • Developed Interactive ALV Report for Logbook using OOABAP.
  • Created Program for LC and ADV details modification in the ztable using docking container and alv (OOABAP).
  • Created program for truck inward and outward details modification in the ZTABLE using docking container and alv (OOABAP).
  • Designed Smart form for information of verified gross mass container.
  • Designed Smart form for vehicle inspection checklist.
  • Created Table for Logbook data storage.
  • Created Table for vehicle inspection data storage.
  • Created Table to store the information of execution of BAPI
  • Created Table to store return message of BAPI
  • Created Table to Store setup details
  • Created Search Help for groups
  • Created Check table for groups
  • Created table maintenance generator for entering the group name in check table group
  • Implemented Dialog Program for Logbook for maintenance using table control.
  • Implemented Dialog Program for Vehicle Inspection Checklist.
  • Implement User Exit Save Document prepare to trigger the IDOC to OMP
  • Implement User Exit Save Document prepare not to exceed billing amount to LC amount.
  • Implement User Exit Save Document prepare to validate the LC date in Delivery Creation
  • Implemented Enhancement point for MB51 in program RM07DOCS to restrict the user to see 1001(restricted slocation for r&d) storage location.
  • Implemented Enhancement Point in VF01 for Billing date, billing date should be system date for some Billing Document type.
  • Implemented cross class function module program to delete routing.
  • Developed a customized T-code for all reports and dialog programs which I have implemented.
  • Created Variant for Jumbo Stock Report and Slit Report and scheduled in SM36 to trigger mail in intended recipient.
Project #5 (Support)
Organization              : Sterlite Industries India Ltd
Duration                     : July’11 to Dec’12
Role                             : SAP ABAP Consultant
  • User Id creation
  • Password reset
  • Authorization Roll creation
  • Developed BDC program to transfer the data from Legacy system into SAP R/3 for Vendor master XK02 with bank details using call by transaction.
  • Developed BDC call by transaction the data from Legacy system into SAP R/3 for Customer master XD02 with their bank details.
  • Created BDC batch input session method to store the employee punch in/punch out data in custom table.
Project #6 (Support)
Organization             : MALCO and SIIL
Duration                    : May ‘10 to June’11
Role                             : SAP ABAP Consultant
  • Developed an ALV interactive report to list all sales orders details like sold to party, Sales Order date, material, qty Ordered, Net Price and net value with: Sales Order Document No, Sales Order Created date and material as selection criteria.
  • Implemented User Exits for MV45AFZZ form save document prepare to validate the material and plant combination entered by the user in VA01 is correct or not.
  • Implemented Customer Exits for MD01 to run MRP for some specific material only
  • Implemented BADI for Calculating VAT tax applicable for each state in India on the price of material.
  • Implemented BADI ME_HOLD_PO to deactivate the HOLD functionality under ME21N

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