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My background includes system development and analysis for the last seventeen years in Brazil. I have strong skills working with PHP and MySQL (under Linux and Windows environments) and front-end web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
- 5 years working with PHP under Linux and Windows environments
- 12 years with ASP (classic) and 3 years with ASP.NET, most on Internet Information Services 6
- 7 years with vanilla JavaScript, 2 years working with jQuery
- 12 years working with HTML and CSS (including HTML5 / CSS 3 and previous versions), good knowledge of responsive design
- 14 years working as an Oracle database advanced user, including coding functions, triggers and procedures
- 11 years with SQL Server as an advanced user, including coding functions, triggers and procedures
- 5 years with MySQL as an intermediate user, including coding functions, triggers and procedures
-  17 years working with Visual Basic including both classic (Visual Studio 6) and .NET versions (VS 2010 – VS 2017)
- 5 years with Delphi, working with versions from 3 to 7, but not recently projects
- 2 years working with C#; good knowledge of C and C++ syntax and structure
Professional High School Teacher at Centro Estadual de Educação Tecnológica Paula Souza
STATE-OWNED EDUCATION CENTRE, March/1999 - currently (career break due to foreign study), São Paulo area, Brasil

Classes for Internet Computing (Web site development), subjects approached include:
- Developing web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP languages
- Structured and object-oriented programming (user interface with JavaScript, backend with PHP)
- Programming structures (sequential, conditional and loop structures, JavaScript-based examples)
- Using data structures (basic data types, arrays, records, databases and tables, classes, objects)
- Using and creating simple web-based services (consuming data with Ajax in vanilla JavaScript; manipulating data with XML and JSON objects); familiar with MVC concept
- Manipulating FORM methods (GET or POST), pre and post validation of data entry, data persistence mechanisms (session variables and cookies), generating XML or JSON formatted data
- Coding database routines (developing procedures, functions and triggers in MySQL databases)
- Configuring a basic server environment on Apache (under Windows and Linux [Ubuntu 16.04])

Senior systems analyst at Odontoprev S/A
DENTAL CARE INSURANCE COMPANY, February/2012 - July/2017, São Paulo area, Brasil

- Monitoring development and implementation of company projects and post-production settings
- Requiring gatherings from users to improve existent processes or propose new projects
- Developing and maintaining existing corporate software, previously written in Visual Basic 6
- Developing routines to comply with Controller, Finances, Clinical Review and other departments
- Developing and optimizing SQL queries and database routines (procedures, functions and triggers), along with performance analysis of SQL code in an Oracle database environment

System development and analysis at Braslo Produtos de Carne Ltda (OSI Group)
FOOD INDUSTRY COMPANY, March/2003 - December/2011, São Paulo area, Brasil

- Development of a Balanced Score Card system, in ASP and VB.NET, completely from scratch
- Developing and maintaining existing modules and applications in Visual Basic 6 and classic ASP
- Developing and maintaining database procedures, functions and triggers in a SQL Server database
- Analysing and optimizing SQL code and queries in SQL Server procedures and functions
- Migrating a few systems from Visual Basic 6 to .Net platform (Visual Basic 2010)
- Maintaining a proprietary integrated system for stock control, administrative and factory tasks
Can relocate worldwide.
Actually living in Ireland.